SPECIAL NOTE for this Age of the Falling Away and false prophets ('itching ears teachers"--they have to
be here somewhere, overcomers must find them, and they will be right among you where they can do the
most harm)

Hopefully from the Bible of this website, you have understood that one way to discern between true and false
prophets and prophetess is the extent of which they are in it for personal gain, status, or a personal following.  This
abuse and misuse of the Bible for personal gain is sad, and an affront to the Bible as the Word of God freely given
to all mankind.  Most of them confuse the "profitable" in II Timothy 3:16,17 with profitable for them instead of
profitable to humanity for "doctrine, correction, reproof, and instruction in righteousness.

You know how most Bible on this website is free, freely received and freely given; and only fewer than 1% has a
nominal charge to help meet the expenses of the site.

Perhaps you have gained a little insight into the Bible history of God's people, in that it takes more than thinking
they are God's people and being told by their religious leaders that they are God's own people, in order to remain
among the real, non-fallen away and backsliding people of God, like in Jeremiah.  Not only was the whole nations
of Israel, Judah and with Jerusalem in jeopardy, but Jeremiah was the only true prophet remaining.  Imagine, a
nation claiming to be the people of God and a city claiming to be the city of God, almost as bad as Sodom and
Gomorrah, which God also destroyed; and once you have done that you are closer to appreciate the status in the
sight of God of America and the world today, and the reality of those false prophets and prophetess that daily
comfort what they label as God's people as retaining peace, security, and comfort with the blessings of God.  In
short, those prophets and prophetess of today that appear so lovely, so right, and that tickle our itching ears for
comfort with itching ears and wolf like teachings, are the famous false prophets that Jesus said would grow into
the MANY that encourage "as sin abounds, the love of many will wax cold."  Those involved, which is the whole
nation and world, just like God's people in the wilderness, in Jerusalem before destruction, could not and can not
see it objectively because they are so subjectively involved in our rationalizations of less than sound doctrine.

In spite of our "ALL Scripture approach" and the "Balanced Life of Bread and Bible" approach, these wolves of the
itching ears prophets and prophetess types, seem to find a gap in our Bible, taking the book of James and running
everywhere teaching and preaching according to the secularism of the world just as previously has been done on
subjects like the rapture and Bible prophesy and Messianic Judaism.  In short, we that practice the ASPI method
of interpretation are being out flanked by the flood of false teachers and preachers.

The present falling away condition in Christianity demands that SunGrist with the
ASPI approach get into those little
epistles like from James, Peter, and John.  It is not that they have been neglected as they have been an essentially
part of the big commentaries and hundreds of messages online; but the demand of the present dictates that these
Bible materials on James, Peter, John, and Jude be collected and presented on one web page in order to counter
the present rush to what may seem like a gap of going into all the world to preach, teach, win, and develop.  The
nature of the relationships between Jesus and these 3 Apostles is such that we must call the web page,
Apostles_James, Peter, and John", little epistles, big impacts!

Most Bible studies in our churches and denominations, especially those credentialed with degrees which Peter,
James, and John never had, nor Jesus, are wasted time, and only busy work, or to brag about; because not based
on the ASPI interpretation and understanding of the Bible.  If it were not so, we would not now be deep into the
Falling Away!  But you overcomers can correct that; first of all by
shunning the popular.


February 22, 2013