Away Signs
1.  You must read Yahoo news on "Scandal puts spotlight
on rich Singapore churches" while some megachurches in
the US have not gone to the illegal extremes of this
Singapore churches, we do see in it the seeds of the cancer
of the rising tide of sin and lawlessness that will culminate
the 40-80 year Falling Away.

(1).  Mega churches, like the the 20,000-strong City Harvest
Church of Singapore and we know others in Houston,
Dallas, and all over that suffer from the Texas malady that
big and bigger is always better, while the very core of the
Bible message on faith is the majority go the wrong way of
eternal death.
(2).  They become entrapped in Satan's subtle traps of big
money, ($19 million) at Harvest Church and $129 million at
another mega church promiment in the News of PR
(3).  Like so many previous fundamentalists churches and
movements they use success in the world to influence
others toward what is presented as Christianity, and half of
which is true sort of like the wood and clay in II Timothy.  As
the article tells about the wife of the pastor with his and the
support of the church, "In another video, the reggae-tinged
"Mr Bill", she plays a skimpily-clad Asian wife who calls
herself a geisha and sings about killing her African-American
husband, played by the male supermodel Tyson Beckford."
(4).  In the name of change and keeping up with youth they
use pop culture like the appeal of super heroes--

"Jeaney Yip, an Australia-based academic who has studied
the marketing methods of fast-growing churches, said they
make Christian teachings attractive by drawing on pop

"Whatever’s in fashion, whatever’s stylish, whatever looks
cool is used and infused in megachurch practice," Yip said.

NOTE:  To think that such an academic from Australia has
to make the objective observation for us of what mega
churches look like even to the secular world.

(5).  Mega churches consciously or unwillingly promote the
Gospel of Prosperity.

Terence Chong, a sociologist at the Institute of Southeast
Asian Studies in Singapore, said some independent
churches like City Harvest preach the "prosperity gospels"
which seek to convince followers that offerings made to
God through donations and voluntarism will be rewarded
with spiritual and material blessings.

(6).  The old gospel of wealth and corrollary of success is
disguised in many new itching ears words and concepts, but
it bottom line comes down to money, worldliness, and
"Pride of life".

"In essence, the prosperity gospels appeal to the culture of
self-improvement and upward social mobility in capitalist
societies," Chong said, adding that the followers tend to
come mostly from the "emergent middle class".

2.  Consider one mega church that recently spent $130
million on "an academic campus" while the Union Mission in
FW was striving to raise 1 million to house more homeless.

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