"That Sort" Outline of II Timothy

Even like a description of Baptist history
because of the diversity {there are 22
distinct and major Baptist denominations},
it is hard to explain where Baptists are
today.  A more comprehensive look is
obtained by looking at the not long ago
largest Protestant Denomination in the
world, the Southern Baptist Convention
{SBC}, and by simultaneously observing
the contributions that they made to the
present great apostasy of the Falling
Away.  A shock and a clue came in
1991-1998 when the SBC split into 3
denominations, and for the first time many
innocent members started to become
aware of a well planned and engineered
fundamentalists takeover of the SBC
between 1970 and 1980.  The infamous
10 year takeover plan of Bible Baptists
and other fundamentalists to gain political
control by first electing the President, and
then replacing all dissenters.
Like everything else in life, religion and
politics, the Bible stands ready with a
sufficient explanation of what is and was
really happening.  We will find that even
from first century days in Christianity
there was the beginning of a certain "that
sort" group, as Paul calls it in II Timothy
with a secret message of a secret
rapture that spread like a cancer.

The Outline of II Timothy.
2.  Itching Ears Theology.
The real Second Coming versus the
Lie of "that sort".
5.  Loose Lips Sink Ships.
6.  Wood and Clay in the House of God.
7.  Wood and Clay of "that sort" have
created "perilous times" in Christianity.
8.  "That sort" have led in the current
great apostasy called the Falling Away.

Having obtained political control by
1980 and consolidations of gains
between 1980 to 2013, and now feeling
secure in their largest pulpits, BBFers
are striving for doctrinal control.

It is obvious that these
fundamentalists are not saintly
enough to be tampering with the once
for all delivered Word of God, nor do
they have the right to sit on a throne
and divide up the Bible as to what
applies to who!
"Contend for the faith
earnestly, which was
once for all delivered to
the saints" (Jude  3b)
with Bible exegesis.
"...diligent to write to
you concerning the
common salvation...
once for all delivered to
the saints" (Jude  3a)
with Bible exegesis.
Christian View of Life and Living


1.  Psalm 37 Part I.  In His Own
Mind and Heart God Separates
the Minority Righteous from the
Majority Wicked.
Psalm 37 Part II.  Introduction
to a Christian Philosophy of Life
and Living.
A Bible Based Philosophy of
Life and Living Based on the
Wicked versus the Righteous.
Messages for the Masses.

5.  Needs versus Wants. "O You
of little faith"  (Matthew 6:30)  
and "For your Heavenly Father
knows that you have the need of
all these things."  (Matthew

How can you tell the difference
between the "of the world" and
"of the Father"?  Or the
difference for a Christian in
being in the world without being
of the world.  One key to
understanding the difference is
by way of the Bible subjects of
needs versus wants.

Psalm 23:  "The LORD is my
Shepherd; I shall not want."

7.  GNC for Guidance,
Navigation, and Control, a short
on God's Special Guidance for
the serious Christian.

8.  Moore City: Have you Seen
Anything Like It?

"Has anything like this happened
in your days, or even in the days
of your fathers?"  (Joel 1:2b)

9.  "...And the Called According
to His Purpose."  
Christ's Appearance News Net  (CANN)

Looking for the SIGNS in the news that are already in the Bible, NEWS SIGNS
on TV, online, and what we see revealed in our own environments--

NEWS NOW SIGNS.  Headline News from this last month.

SIGNS FROM THE BIBLE to look for.  Some Bible and News signs already
presented during the past 7 years of SunGrist_Bible on

FALLING AWAY SIGNS.  Current in churches and the lives of Christians,
signs of the Falling Away.

"Let no one deceive you by an means, for that Day will not come unless
the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of
perdition...."  (II Thessalonians 2:3)

4.  MAN OF SIN SIGNS.  Possible signs in the news of the "man of sin, the son
of perdition"

ISRAEL SIGNS OF ATTACK.  The END will come suddenly as Israel is
attacked by those who seek its destruction, the famous battle of Armagaddeon,
and which will trigger the intervention of God and Christ.

Mystery of the Rising Tide of Sin and Lawlessness.
Remembering the simplicity of the recorded Word on "the coming of our
Lord Jesus Christ" as in the Bible "once for all delivered to the saints."

Now, brethren  concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ  
and our gathering together with him , WE ASK YOU...”either by
spirit, or word or by letter as if from us, as though the Day of Christ
had come.  Let no one {no matter how large the pulpit or
denominational position} deceive you by any means, for that Day
will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin
is revealed...”  (II Thessalonians 2:1-2)
November 2013 Newsletter