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email =
comments = Hello Fellow Worker in the Vineyard. My
attention was drawn to the write up below in which i was
described in by you as back to Nigeria,this is not
true.I have been asking your ministry to remove this
write-up from google and the public as it is not true.I only
came to Nigeria temporarily. Please help me to remove this
statement immediately  from google. Thanks for your


Brother Ogunmola Oluwafemi is back to Nigeria -
Listen to his messages of the Christian Gospel, go to that
website, and learn about how God is a work through this
ministry. Also an email address in available.

Reply from SunGrist

Corrected, and sorry for the miscommuication.  Blessings on
your work in Norway and Nigeria. With correction, we will
continue to run the notice of your
Everlasting Life Gospel
Ministries on our front page  Also an introduction to living
and Bible in Lagos, Nigeria in case you care to give our
constitutents insights into the Bread and Bible there?
NOTE:  The 2 Blogs of SunGrist_Bible2013


Former blog1 is now blog1new2013

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