The origin of the world--
by chance or design? / Frank Allen --

"Frank Allen, Ph.D., Cornell University, Professor of biophysics, University of Manitoba, recipient
of the Tory Gold Medal, Royal Society of Canada, commented on the ponderous protein
molecule, the basic building block of all life, and noted that it has about 40,000 atoms arranged
in an exceedingly complicated pattern. Regarding the possibility that even a single molecule,
such as that, could have been produced by chance, he said..."  
The amount of matter to be
shaken together to produce a single molecule of protein would be millions of times greater
than that in the whole universe. For it to occur on earth alone would require almost endless
billions of years (10 to the power of 243). But proteins as chemicals are without life. It is only
when the mysterious life comes into them that they live. Only Infinite Mind, that is, God, could
have foreseen that such a molecule could be the abode of life, could have constructed, and
made it
live."  (

A conclusive test / Robert Morris Page --

A devout Christian and creationist, Page lectured on the relationship of science and Biblical scripture
throughout his career...Robert Morris Page (2 June 1903 – 15 May 1992) was an American physicist who
was a leading figure in the development of radar technology. Later, Page served as the Director of
Research for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory."  (

The lesson of the rosebush / Merritt Stanley Congdon --
There are no facts yet wrested from the intriguing mysteries of this strange onrushing cosmos which can
in any degree disprove the existence and intelligent activities of an unconditioned, personal God. On the
contrary, when we as careful scientists analyze and synthesize the data of the natural world, we are
observing only the phenomena of the operations of that unseen Being who cannot be found by mere
scientific seeking, but who can and did manifest himself in human form. For science is indeed "watching
God at work."

The inescapable conclusion / John Cleveland Cothran --
"Lord Kelvin, one of the world's greatest physicists, has made the following significant statement: "If you
think strongly enough, you will be forced by science to believe in God." I must declare myself in full
agreement with this statement .... Now the material realm, not being able to create itself and its governing
laws, the act of creation must have been performed by some non-material agent .... That is to say, we
unhesitatingly accept the fact of the existence of the supreme spiritual being, God, the Creator and
Director of the universe."

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Andrew Conway Ivy.