The Everlasting Life Gospel Ministries is presently operating as a
House of Fellowship, opened to any interested children of God who
have accepted or who want to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and
Personal Savior.  The House of Fellowship originated in Sogndal,
Norway in May 2003, when Brother Ogunmola Oluwafemi came from
Nigeria to the city and saw a need for a Fellowship aimed at bringing
together the interested children of God who were thirsty for His
Word.  The ministry relocated to Rjukan, Norway in 2004.  No
offerings, tithes or monetary donations are collected.

Our primarily mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all
Nations. Luke 4:43.  Equipping the children of God through sound
Biblical teachings and prayers.  We therefore solicit for Christian
Materials in the form of Sermons, Audio CDS/MP3, DVDS, Bibles,
etc. from other brethren and make them available to the interested
children of God at NO CHARGE.  "Freely we receive, free we must
give."  Matthew 10:7-10

Brother Ogunmola Oluwafem back in Nigeria from Norway, stating, "I  
live in Nigeria now and I want people to hear the Gospel here."

{Comment from Sungrist:  when BrotherOgunmola Oluwafem
original wrote that, he was only in Nigeria temporarily, and went
back soon to Norway.}

You can read more about this ministry at the same website of:

Among other things on that website you can listen to Christian Gospel
Messages.  Particularly since often we hear about so many bad
things out of and in Nigeria, You should be encouraged with the way
God is worked through him a while temporarily in Nigeria, a native of
Nigeria; and continuing his ministry in Norway.

Above all, pray for the ministry of Christ:  it can not be easy to be
Christian and to minister in Nigeria.
Everlasting Life Gospel Ministries