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The Philosophy of Religion
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Correction above, Dr. Trueblood was Chaplain at Stanford
and Harvard.
1.  On Love and Omnipotence.  {from PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION}

“He {A.C. Turner in “Faith, Prayer, and the World Order”} was trying to
envisage a mature conception of omnipotence and saw it best in the power
of love,  “Love,” he wrote, “is omnipotent because it can always in any
circustance give a perfect expression of itself.  The activity of love is self-
giving; it can afford to give itself away, and no reception which it may meet
can be either a limitation or defeat.  If divine love is the author of all,
existence, it follows that nothing can exist wherein love cannot find

NOTE:  Please see "Self-Love" and "The Christian View of Life and