session 7b:  Demonic Veil of the “Rapture”.

Finally after fundamentalists {the Bible Baptists now in control of the SBC} have
political, and to a certain extent doctrinal control of the SBC, they are showing
their true colors with such fictitious, demonic, and non-biblical words as “rapture”,
“millennium”, and “Scoffield Notes”.  Surely some of you pastors, teachers, and
evangelists must see the demand of the present age we are in for some novel,
popular, and “itching ears” (II Timothy 4:4,5) teachings and preachings; and what
better candidates than “rapture” and “millennium”.  No where in the Bible will you
find those 2 literal words, yet under the disguise of a false literalism,
fundamentalists have invented and propagated these two fictitous words and
philosophies to the extent that now in the popular mind there are hardly any other
teachings on eschatology {last things}.  For example “left behind”, often ignored
as fiction, hides the fact that the simultaneous gathering of the dead in Christ and
the live in Christ, occurs with certainly at the end time, at the great Day of the
LORD and the Lord, ushering in a new earth where God’s own people will forever
live with God and Christ.  The obvious success of these Bible baptists controllers
is seen in the realities of the present great apostasy of the 5 stages of the Falling
Away as:  (1) southern baptists are now the primary “they” of “they will not
endure sound doctrine”; (2) “but out of their own desires” have they replaced spirit
driven and Christ driven in church membership in favor of PURPOSE DRIVEN
WANTS, for example not only wanting pastors and other Bible teachers that will
feed their wants on escape from the reality of the Falling Away and the blood,
smoke, and fire just before that Great and Notable Day of the LORD and Lord but
also on prosperity, health, and a salvation without a personal cross to bear {just a
plain, outright substitution of self for Christ, and comfort for the cross}; (3) “they”--
and don’t lose sight of who the they is, the Bible baptists and fundamentalists that
have pulled over themselves the large churches of the SBC with the self-righteous
robes of respectable southern baptist heritage and history {of course, the “they”
is largely the church members themselves who have sold out their SBC heritage
for a morsel of temporal comfort}--continue to “heap up to themselves teachers
with itching ears” with all these novel, new teachings on rapture, left behind, and
millennium; (4) every day in this century we see this “they” of Christians and
Christianity more and more “turn away from the truth” of the Day of the LORD
and Lord, the Second Coming, the gathering of the saints at the end of time, and
the new earth; (5) fundamentalists are dragging southern baptists blindly into they
“shall be turned into fables”.
7b-1:  “Rapture” is a newcomer on the scene, clearly falling into the category of
novel and new, “itching ears” Bible teachings.
When I grew up in Houston in Southern Baptist work, you heard about the Second
Coming of Christ, nothing about a fictitious rapture; when I took Bible courses at
Baylor, Ouachita Baptist, and Seminary, you heard about the Second Coming as
the big, end event of last things, called eschatology.  When during graduate work
in physics and Bible, taking the book of Revelation under Dr. Ray Summers, we
read, studied and heard much about Christ and the Second Coming, and I can not
recall once hearing about this novel, itching ears doctrine that has come on the
scene of American Christianity called a “rapture”, which by the way is a word that
you will not even find in the whole Bible.  And doesn’t it seem somewhat strange
to you that such a non-biblical word as “rapture” has come simultaneously from
those who are so adamant on a literal Bible, the fundamentalists or before they
took over the SBC were known as Bible baptist.  {It is not quite as bad as the
unsound doctrine of a few remaining church of christ denominational members
holding on to a decaying false doctrine that all is required to be the only Christians
or THE only body of Christ is to put a sign out in the front of the church building
which says “church of Christ, established in Jerusalem in 1 A.D.}
7b-2:  This present demonic veil of a fictional “rapture” blinds Christians and
church members from seeing the reality of the dominance of “itching ears” Bible
teachings and preachings in the once biblical conservative SBC.
Some church members now read II Timothy 4:4,5 about the time we are in as
part of worldwide Christianity called the great apostasy, or the obvious Falling
away, and because of this demonic veil of the rapture can not see any of the 5
stages of the falling away into which the church is obviously now in the fourth
stage, “they will turn away from the truth.”  (II Timothy 4:5)  
1.  The demonic veil of a fictitious rapture prevents gullible church members from
seeing the first stage of the Falling Away:  what with the past history of their
church, what with their famous, and popular preacher, with the number of
members on their church roll and even in attendance to hear these unsound
doctrines of eschatology, church members can not even buy into the sound
doctrine of stage 1 of the Falling Away:  “the time will come when they will not
endure sound doctrine”  (II Timothy 4:4)  
a.  You know it is sort like a community where they recognize world wide
problems in schools, but not their own, in politicians but not their own, in drugs
among youth but have ingenious ways to deny that for their own communities.  {It
is really quite amazing as to how the boomers because of their majority were able
to deceive American society, for example on all the improvements they were
making in education, when we now know America was actually falling further and
further behind most of the world.}
b.  Of course, part of an intolerance {a lack of endurance of sound doctrine}
toward sound doctrine is the inability and/or reluctance to know the difference
between sound and unsound doctrine.  A good for instance is Falwell’s, the great
founding father of Bible baptist, statement shortly before his demise that there
were 3 great signs of revival in the United States:  (1) Tim LeHay’s fictional “Left
Behind” books and the movies; (2) the work of Ted Haggart as head of a national
evangelistic association and community church organized in Colorado; and (3) the
purpose driven books of Rick Warren.  Now just imagine a denomination and
fundamentalists movement so hidden from spiritual realities as to call signs of
revival what in reality is signs of DEMONIC work, or at best if you are trying to be
tolerant and kind hearted, half-truth.
c.  The present condition of the Christian church, especially,  among the once
conservation SBC, is like in Plato where the people lived underground not knowing
that their light was reflected and subdued light and thinking it was the real thing;
now churches are not only blind to sound doctrine but blind to the fact that they
are blind.
d.  Pastors, teachers, and members, you recall how Paul said that the whole
generation of Jews during his days had a veil over their eyes in order that they
might see the truth in Christ and in the cross of Christ; and just now in our present
history and current condition, we as southern baptists under the control and
influence of this fundamentalistic bible baptists, like Criswell, Adrian Rogers,
Charles Stanley, and Tim LeHay, and Falwell have a veil over our eyes called the
rapture that is second only to the veil of the Jews on the cross of Christ.
7b-3:  Christian pilgrim, if you have trouble facing up to a present spiritual
understanding of “itching ears” Bible teachers and teachings, as clearly stated in
II Timothy 4:4,5 then think of them as new and novel, difference from the
traditional teachings of the Bible; like for example this invention by LeHaye of a
word to replace the gathering up of Christian dead and living at the Second
Coming.  {In the first place, don’t you think it a little strange that attempts would
be made to communicate Bible half truth and doctrine in fictional writings.  You
know how you tell truth by the company, so why should fiction be used to
communiate the greatest event of the future for Christians, the second coming of
(1)  That is what Paul said in II Timothy 4:4,5 would happen near the end of the
Last Days, the whole Christian motivation in church membership would be
dominated by personal desires.  In the words of Paul and of the Word of God, the
real Bible, “out of their own desires, they will heap up teachers with itching ears.”
a.  The reason Christians lie to themselves about the present falling away
condition of their churches is because THEY WANT IT THAT WAY.  Who really
wants to be present as the condition of the churches, denominations, and their
own church gets worse and worse, especially since they can not see it.
b.  Christians falsely want to believe that they will not still be here on earth when
times really get bad on earth with the release of Satan from bondage.  :{And that
brings up another interesting point, do you think Satan, the ruler of this world, is
not heavily at work covering up the realities of this world after he is released from
bondage.}  Even as the current author of “Bad Religion” recognizes a primary
cause in the influence of “narcism”, so we must see in Bible as old as II Timothy 4:
4,5 how Christians have in this generation become more motivated by their own
“desires” than by Christ and the Holy Spirit.  {Sometimes we can easily think that
the Holy Spirit has actually been withdrawn from earth now, since we see or feel
so little of real spirituel movement and revival in our churches.}
7b-4:  As “Satan has gone about as a lion seek whom he may devour”, we will
have to admit that he has used very worldly Christians to indoctrinate the church
and the world with half-truth and lies like a fictitious rapture.
1.  Way back in Irish Roman Catholic history, Satan used a priest named Darby
to postulate a wild total perspective of history, based on a misunderstand that the
only 7 times the word “thousand” in used in one chapter of Revelation 20, that is
said “one thousand” instead of the literal interpretation of “a thousand” and “the
thousand”.  A sound theology on eschatology can be no better than its original
foundation so that when Darby started all this malarkey now called
millinneumism”, he stuck Bible baptists in a mental mode, so that they can not see
the reality that Satan was bound at the Coming of the Holy Spirit to earth and
released when the Spirit is withdrawn.
NOTE:  The first step of Bible baptists to take the place of conservative
theologians was to propagate half-truth and lies, as Rogers, Criswell, and Stanley
did, that any pastor, teacher, or seminary professor, who did not accept this false
basis of millinneumism was a liberal, and now that they are in control of the SBC
their second big step is to convince you that the fictitious rapture takes the place
of the gathering of Christians at the Second Coming.  Already as part of the 5
stages of the Falling Away, you will have to admit that in your churches you hear
a lot more about the fictitious rapture than the real gathering of Christians at the
Second Coming.  Goodness, you hardly hear about the Second Coming at all.  
You could mark as the history of the last times in your church, a time of
intolerance toward sound doctrine, that you no longer hear about 2 major
doctrines:  (1) the second coming of Christ, and (2) Gods plan for marriage.
2.  Just two solid and real and sound doctrines of the Bible could quickly dissipate
all this fiction on fiction of a so-called rapture one thousand years before the
Second Coming:  (1) the last days of the world and the NT started with the life
and ministry of Christ and the establishment of the kingdom of God and Christ and
runs up through the Falling Away and the release of Satan for a little while, the
great battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming which ends the history of this
old earth and ushers in the history of a new earth; and (2) the Ascended Christ
sent the Holy Spirit to take His place on earth, “restraining” Satan to use the
words of II Thessalonians by convicting the world of sin, righteousness, and
judgment; and when the Holy Spirit no longer does that because He has been
withdrawn from earth, you can see how this in turn releases Satan to do his
worse on sin, unrighteousness, and a lack of judgment awareness.  {This makes
so much overall Bible sense and consistency, that fundamentalists refuse to
accept the simplicity of it!  After all, what would be do without all those charts,
complicated time lines, messages and class outlines based on the Scoff il ed
7b-5:  The famous literalism in the Bible of the Day of the LORD and the Lord
with the Second Coming and gathering of God’s people to “ever be with the Lord”
has been replaced in the sermons of the fundamentalists with a fictitious “rapture”
that feeds the desire of backslidden church members to be absent from the
Falling Away, the release of Satan from bondage, and the blood, fire, and smoke
events as the destruction of the old earth ushers in the new earth.
1.  Bible reality, alias sound doctrine on last things, starts with the understanding
that the “last days” of the Bible started with the first day of Pentecost after the
Ascension of Christ and ends with the Day of the LORD and Lord.  (Acts 2:xx)
2.  Bible reality continues with a recognition that what bound Satan for “a” or “the”
thousand years was the Holy Spirit coming to earth after Ascension to “restrain”
(II Thessalonians 2:6) Satan for that long period of time called 7 times in
Revelation chapter 20 right up to the end of this long, undefined, and unrevealed
long period of time when the Holy Spirit is withdrawn from earth.
3.  Since Jesus said no one knows the time of the Day of the LORD and the
Second Coming, how in the world do you fiction spreaders of “one” thousand
years, where never in the 7 instances is it one, only a or the, think the risen Christ
on the isle of Patmos would have told the Apostle John of the end time in any
other words but an very long X marker period of time.
4.  There is a rapture like event at the end of this old earth, which the Bible calls
the “gathering of the live and dead saints”’; however never with the use of the
word “rapture” or “left behind” or millennium as in the fiction books and movies.
5.  In the manner of Dr. R. G. Lee, scripture after scripture on this gathering of
the saints, the end, and the Second Coming could be amassed to show a prima
facie case; however you have your Bibles in hand, and anytime you desire
doctrine and beliefs based on something other than your personal wants, you can
run those references!  Yet most of you will not because we are presently deep
into the blindness in Christianity called the Falling Away, the 5 stages of II Timothy
4:4,5, with all signs in the churches and in the world indicating that the church is
head over heels into the fifth stage of “the turning away from truth”!
Of course, we are deep into the book of I Corinthians with this completion of 7a
and 7b and an introduction to 7c.  It is in 7c that it will be illustrated how
continuous in the Bible is this One Day of the LORD and Lord, both casual
assumptions of sound eschatological (last things) doctrine and more detailed
passages.  In the 7c to follow in July, you will find the more casual assumptions
as examples of a reading of the whole book of I Corinthians according to the
principle of hermeneutics called “comparing scripture with scripture”.
Already you have been challenged to both find:  (1) just one place in the Bible
where “rapture” and “millennium” are mentioned; and in contrast (2) to look at the
any scriptures, OT and NT, on Bible words and teachings such as that day, one
day of the LORD, day of the Lord Jesus Christ, and often coupled with that the
End and the Second Coming.
However, how could we complete this session 7b on the Veil without at least one
positive reading from I Corinthians on the truth of last things.
“Behold, I tell you a mystery:  We shall not all sleep, but we will all be changed in
a moment, in the twinkling of an eye AT THE LAST TRUMP {friends and
neighbors this is your proper time sequencing from the Bible itself--that is we will
all be caught up in the air to meet the Lord in the air at His Second Coming,
when?, at the sounding of the last trump}.  For the trumpet will sound, and the
dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”  (I Corinthians 15:
1.  What is the Bible’s own time sequencing of rapture events such as the Second
Coming and the gathering up in the air of dead and live Christians?  The answer in
the Bible is simple if you read the Bible just this one place instead of reading all
that malarkey in the Scoffield Notes on time sequencing.  The answer is “AT THE
LAST TRUMP”; and comparing scripture with scripture we all know the last
trumpet to be sounded is the seventh trumpet of Revelation 10 and 11!
2.  The sounding of the seventh trumpet completes time, kingdoms, and the start
of the rule of God and Christ’s full kingdom rule on the new earth.
“Then the seventh angel sounded; and there were loud voices in heaven, saying,
‘The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and His
Christ; and He shall reign forever and ever!’”  (Revelation 11:15)
3.  Notice some of the things stated by the 24 elders in the following verses of
Revelation 11:16-18).
a.  God’s wrath with the sounding of the seventh trumpet has come on all the
nations of the old earth.
b.  It is the time of the judging of the dead.
c.  It is the time of the rewarding of the saints and the prophets, all the saved
both small and great.
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