In many ways, the United States has taken the place of
the nation of Israel as the people of God, "God's
chosen people" or "God's people" using the words of
the Bible; and will be such until shortly when the
Fulness of Gentiles is complete, the time provided by
God for the preaching of the Gospel to every nation.  
So that in many ways when we talk about the whole
congregation of the nation of Israel assembled before
God on Mount Sinai, we are talking about the citizens
of the United States in similar manner standing before
the Great God of the Universe, many are unbelievers
and fewer are believers.  In this introductory message
of REPORTS FOR UNBELIEVERS, it does not seem
important to try to separate therefore the unbelievers
in churches {the tares, if you would} from the
unbelievers in the world at large.  And almost every
unbeliever at some point or the other has stood in
some congregation somewhere, large or small, to hear
some preliminary reports from the Word of God that
have stuck through the years in his mind.

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Confusion in the