Condensed Doctrinal History of Christianity.

Beginning NOTE:  Please do not forget that even as “Sound Doctrine of the
Second Coming” is among the sound doctrine of the Bible and to a certain
extent reflected in Christians and Christianity, so
“Sound Living is Sound
Doctrine” is also a very large part of that sound doctrine of the “faith once for all
delivered to the saints”.  In that sound doctrine one must also consider the
examples in the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ--The Prophet that
was also Messiah--and the examples of his own life from II Timothy that Paul
admonished his own son in the faith, Timothy the evangelist, to follow (II
Timothy 3:10-13)

II Timothy combined with the letters to the 7 churches of Asia Minor of Revelation 1-3
provide us with a condensed history of Christianity right up to the present time of the
great apostasy called in the Bible the Falling Away.  More precisely, II Timothy with
Revelation 1-3 and Jude, provide Christians with a condensed outline of where
Christianity has come from the origin with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Prophet Messiah,
to where churches and denominations are today.  
Of course the whole Bible is required to explain the details of the Outline of Christian
History, and will be so used.  For example when Paul writes about the resisting of truth
as exemplified by the rebellion of Jannes and Jambres to assume unauthorized spiritual
authority that God had approved for only Moses, the orginal historical incident as
recorded in Deuteronomy is required as background for understanding; and when Jude,
the brother of James, writes in defence of “the faith once for all delivered to the saints”
offers many OT examples of what Paul in II Timothy 3:8 previously called “men of
corrupt minds” and “disapproved concerning the faith”, Jude starts such a discussion
with “certain men” which can be recognized by the same “that sort” of men like Philetus
and Hymenaeus as in the
“What Sort” or “That Sort” outline of II Timothy.  

For insights into what happened and when in the history of Christianty which led the
present churches and denominations into the mess they are in now, we can find in
primarily the three previously mentioned sources--II Timothy, Jude, and Revelation,
details about the “that sort” of men from Paul in II Timothy and the “certain men” group
of Jude.  For more details we must add what Jesus, the Prophet Messiah taught in
Matthew 24 that would happen near
THE END to the majority of Christians, “because
sin will abound the love of many will wax cold”.  Even as “many” is the majority of
Christians that will fall away near the
END from the faith once for all delivered to the
saints in the first century, primarily through the NT, so as the rising tide of sin and
lawlessness of II Thessalonians 2:7 is a primary, according to Jesus, cause of the
grassroots in Christianity falling away.

NOTE:  What you will find in this condensed history of Christianity, culminating
in the Falling away and immediately thereafter the Second Coming, is that it
happens simultaneously with two groups in Christianity:  (1) the leaders of “that
sort” who wormed their ways into leadership by the stealing of unauthorized
spiritual authority {one case in point being the takeover by the Bible Baptists
fundamentalists of the SBC by political means starting in 1980, and with their
destruction of lesser brethren they called moderates}; and (2) at the grassroots
it was Mr. Average Christian and church member whose “first love” of Christ,
God, and the Bible was dying, or waxing away--almost undetected, those same
“many” or majority of Christians and churches who under the leadership of
“that sort” at the top became the power house of the 5 stages of the Falling
Away:  intolerance toward sound doctrine, heaping up as church and
denominational leaders that sort of itching ears preachers and teachers,
“purpose driven” by wants and desires over Christ and the Spiirt, turning away
from truth while their leaders were resisting truth and becoming academically
corrupted in mind, finally then historicly--more for some like the Mormons,
Masons, and secret rapture believers, and sooner for some more than others--”
turning aside into fables.” (II Timothy 4:3,4)  We will look in Bible detail at both
the cancer of that sort like Philetus which got its initial start with a false doctrine
of a “secret rapture”, amplified with the “certain men” of Jude; and also in Bible
detail from the 7 churches of first century Asia Minor to illustrate how the
grassroots movements of destruction among church members had already
started that eventually led to the falling away; and something about how.

I.  When the follies were no longer apparent, leading to the fables of 1909 and
until today.  The Watershed of American thought, of which Henry Steele
Commager writes in the American Mind, had a greater watershed about 1909 in
Christian Doctrine.

The real challenge in a condensed history outline from II Timothy is not to tell how the
cancer got started, for that is simple, it started with “that sort” like Philetus who taught
and preached a
“secret rapture” (II Timothy 2:17,18); but rather how to expain the
historical events in Christianity which led from II Timothy 3:9, where the follies of that
sort were temporarily revealed in the history of Christianity, from approximately 150 AD
to approximately 1909 AD with publication of the
Scofield Reference Bible {SRB} to the
present Falling away with its 5 stages of II Timothy 4:3,4.  All of the historical events of II
Timothy 3:10-17 are significantly, the most prominent being the period in Christianity
when church members and leaders still practiced the ALL SCRIPTURE approach and
movement of II Timothy 3:16,17, before the dividing up of Bible into parts by
fundamentalists and the divisions of God the great unchanging, non-variable Rock of
character, deeds, and Word.

NOTE:  What you will find below under this section is a condensed sub-outline
of the total outline of the history of Christianity with an effort to explain what
happened in the approximate period of time between 150 AD and 1909 AD.

1.  The follies of that sort publicly revealed in II Timothy 2-14-39, as Christ--the
Prophet Messiah--provided messages to the 7 churches of Asia Minor, and
as Christians took seriously, for a while, the message of Jude about “certain men”.  
Really a work of the spread and influence of the Bible.
2.  Period of the
ALL Scripture Movement.  During the approximately two  thousand
years of Christian doctrinal history as Christians and churches took seriously the ALL
Scripture movement and approach, say from 150  to 1909; that period in which,
relatively speaking, the majority of Christians and Bible readers took seriously the
example of the Apostle Paul in (1) doctrine, (2) manner of life, (3) purpose, (4) faith, (5)
longsuffering, (6) love, (7) perserverance, (8) persecutions, and (9) afflictions.

“But you have carefully followed my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith,
longsuffering, love, perseverance, persecutions, afflictions, which happened to
me at Antioch, at Iconium, at Lystra--what persecutions I endured.  And out of
them all the Lord delivered me.”  (II Timothy 3:10-11)

NOTE:  Of the 9 examples Paul left here for church leaders, the one most often
neglected by fundamentalists was "love" of fellow Christian brothers in arms,
those whose reputations and careers they slaughtered in route to taking control
of the SBC.  It was an unauthorized stealing of spiritual authority by political
means, much like Jannes and Jambres; however due to the falling away of the
times this sort was successful in a
takeover of the once largest Protestant
denomination in the world, the SBC.

3.  Christianity’s revival of the Follies.  Period during which church leaders ignored the
ALL Scripture approach and movement in favor of a divided, dispensational, and hunt
and peek isolated to about 300 oft quoted verses, say from about 1909 until now.  In
short, the follies of “that sort” of Philetus and of the “perilous times” began a revival of
subverted hermeneutics and Bible study academics. These leaders were respected and
prosperous in the world, no doubt like Philetus and Hymenaeus, but of whom Paul wrote
in II Timothy 3:8 of "corrupted minds" and "disapproved concerning their total body of

II.  Shunning the ALL Scripture Approach and Movement in the watershed of
1909, what are the Scriptures fundamentalists most often ignored.

III.  Time is History.  If you have trouble reading II Timothy as the doctrinal
history of Christianity, tray a focus on the "time will come" of 4:3 and on the
"perilous times" of 3:1.

From Follies to Fables.

V.  A History of Christian Fables.

Itching Ears Theology.

VII.  What did the Prophet Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, have to say and
predict about all this doctrinal history of Christianity.

Changes in the SBC and in Protestantism started with lack of respect for
and participation in the "Priesthood of Believers".

 Demonic Veil of a False and Secret Rapture.

                                SORT OUT "THIS SORT"

Note:  If you do not sort out such leaders as "this sort" of II Timothy, then you,
your church, and your denomination must pay the results of intolerance toward
sound doctrine, eventually a turning aside to fables.

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