Introduction to
Christain Fables


{Christian Fables and the Balaam Doctrine}

NOTE:  The following is many of the notes, research, and comments in
preparation for "Christian Fables", and remained such as a scratch pad--in Matlab
data analysis we called it the litter box.

During previous Bible Studies like on the epistles of Peter and Paul, on joy, peace,
and the filling of The Spirit, "knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ", etc. it became
evident that more time and effort would have to be provided on sound doctrines
from the Bible, on Christian Fables, and in particular the PP (Pentecostal Problem),
although actually in the Bible Study series below, you will find 5 major Christian
Fables dealt with:  (1) The PP; (2) the "secret rapture" of the Bible Baptist
Fundamentalists, initiated, spread and organized as schools of thought out of the
SRB and DTS {one of the real meanings of the singular of "doctrine" in the Bible};
(3) Messianic Judaism; (4)  the Religion of the Seared Conscience, easily
recognizable as from those who forbid to marry and command to abstain from
meats good to eat, obviously Roman Catholic leadership,but also vegetarians, and
youth who live together without marriage; and (5) the false Gospel of Prosperity
and success.

Keep in touch on progressive additions here as Bible study on Christian Fables
grows like you are accustomed to on Jeremiah.  Goodness, the problem of
Christian fables is already grown beyond control, it is called the Falling Away. One
of intellectual honesty would have to compare the falling away today with that of
Jeremiah,  official prophets were defunct, the National House of God was a "Den
of Thieves", and God's people lost both the Temple, Jerusalem, and the nation.

This Bible study, like the subject itself of the Christian Fables that have created
the present Falling Away, has gotten almost out of control.  It in all Bible and
intellectual honesty, also thoroughness on Bible research and presentation,
demands at least a five prong Bible study.

The 5 Major Christian Fables of Today.

II.  Fables of the World.

o what extent has the sins of the world invaded Christianity today in all our
churches and denominations, so bad that the name of God Himself is often taken
in vain in church meetings, so bad that the Sabbath day is ignored, and so bad that
there is a repeat today of the fall of God's people of Jeremiah--"they have forsake
me, the fountain of living waters, and they have hewn out cisterns, broken
cisterns, that will hold no water"  

a.  Stuart Little versus Balaam's Donkey.
b.  Gospel of Wealth and the corollary of Success
of American Studies.

III.  The Book of Romans, Gospel Pride, and Sound Christian Doctrine.

At some point one must like Martin Luther take a Stand, saying "Here I stand" with
the Bible as the standard and ultimate authority for faith and practice; that "the
just shall live by faith"; and state positive convictions on the "faith once for all
delivered to the saints" (Jude 6); and stick to the "priesthood of all believers".  It
is not without historical significance in the history of denominations and
Christianity that the same failure on the Bible doctrine of priesthood of believers
by the SBC {largest of Protestant denominations} of 1980 benchmarked the Falling
Away among Protestants {II Timothy 4:1-4} ; and although noted only in the Bible
of I Timothy 4:1-5 of the  in 1014 Catholic Falling Away, it took until 1506 to come
to the forefront as in the Ninety Thesis of Luther, that the priesthood of believers
of the Bible was being subverted.  "What saith the LORD" in the Bible should and
must always be at the foundation of all Christian beliefs.  We should pay little
attention to those who take the stance that the Christian faith has developed or
evolved from that originally delivered by Jesus and the Apostles in the first
century, and recorded in the Bible.  God does not change, and He is never

a.  The Book of Romans.
Gospel Pride.
c.  Doctrines of God, Christ, and Godliness.
d.  Priesthood of Believers.
e.  Some Sounds of Sound Doctrine.

The Balaam Doctrine (Revelation 2:14).

Preliminary Outline and Progress Chart.

Introduction to the "Doctrine of Balaam".

c.  Baal, Balak, Balaam, and Blessings.

V.  Israel and Last Things (eschatology).

NOTE:  Since so many of the Christian fables of today have roots in fictions on
Israel and Last Things or Eschatology, it is necessary to supplement the study of
"Christian Fables and the Balaam Doctrine" with
"Israel and Last Things
The 5 major Christian fables dealt with in these Bible studies sessions are only those
that arose as initial distortions of first century Christianity and the solutions were
given in the Bible; unfortunately they did not stay dead, rather raising up their ugly
and unsound  heads in these last days, or 40 years of the last days, the Falling Away,
and the turning away from truth and turned aside to fables of II Timothy 4:1-4.  The
only exception is the Vatican autocratic authority , marriage and sexual abuse, but
that was predicted in I Timothy 4:1-4.
The Christian Fable  of the Gospel of Prosperity has foundations in:  (1) the old
fashion Bible word of wordliness; and (2) a lack of godliness; and of course good old
fashion GREED which is no respector of persons.  Also in the "pride of life", the
most overlooked lust among Christians and Christian leaders.
You will find in this series of Bible studies, that the fable of  the gospel prosperity is,
like Satan, in all 5 major fables of Christianity today.