Notes, Research, Background for
Christain Fables

1.  Pentecostal Problem (PP) Introduction:  Bible Problem and Solution in a
Nutshell from I Corinthians 14.

2.  The PP,
available online and by way of a free download in PDF.

3.  Christian Fables, the Opposite of Sound Doctrine.  {"What is sound
doctrine?" among other things it is "the faith once for all delivered to the
saints" (Jude 3). }

4.  Lessons from the Lesser Falling Away.
{or Lessons from the 1014 A.D.
Falling Away for the 2014 Falling Away}

NOTE:  The present Pope of the Roman Vatican city/state/religion said that "forbidding
to marry" was not a dogma, but that it started approximately one thousand years ago
as a principle.  Surely this must remind the Bible truth pursuer, wherein resides the
known for certainly Word and authority of God, what Jesus taught about the big
shortcoming of Judaism of His day, "they were teaching for doctrines, the
commandments of men"  (Matthew 15:9)  This is always the source of Christian fables,
a few aggressive men at the top of some religious organization, demand substitute
doctrines based on their own teachings, that would replace what came from Jesus and
the Apostles.  This Christian Fable of the "Religion of the Seared Conscience", started by
a few at the top in the city-state-religion of Rome, and almost as a recoil from the loss
the great city-state of the Roman Empire, offers valuable Bible based lessons for larger
Christian fables today creating the Great Falling Away to end all Falling Aways and the

5.  How Many Falling Aways are in the Bible?

{For previous Bible studies on the Falling Away, see "False Prophets are Itching
Ears Teachers", "Follies to Fables", "Forsaken the Fountain of Living Water",
"Falling Away Signs", "Turning Away from Truth Finalizes the Falling Away".}

4.  The Christian Fable of the PP, in the Bible what the evidences of the inward
presence of the Spirit, obviously "the fruit of the spirit" from Paul and the
"additions to faith" of Peter.

5.  Fundamentals of Sound Doctrine, the opposite of "cunningly devised
fables" from the Apostle Peter in II Peter.

6.  3 Specifically mentioned Doctrines in the Bible: the doctrine of God, the
doctrine of Christ, and the "doctrine according to godliness."

7.  Christian Fable of Messianic Judaism.

8.  Christian Fable of the
"Religion of the "Seared Conscience" of Leaders and

NOTE:  What the Bible Baptist Fundamentalists that took control of the SBC in 1980
when they dropped the Priesthood of Believers from the Convention's statement of
faith, is that the Vatican leaders did the same thing a thousand years before, ignoring
the sound doctrines of the Bible on soul competence, respect for the individual, and  the
priesthood of believers.  {In short, when any Christian leaders take way control of what is
in the Bible from the people, inevitably the 5 steps of the Falling Away take place:  (1)
intolerance toward sound doctrine, (2) the heaping up of teachers with itching ears; (3)
replacement of Spirit driven and Christ driven purpose with want driven purpose, "out of
their own wants"  (II Timothy 4:3,4), (4) subtle turnings away from truth, and (5)  the
automatic and inevitable being turned into fables.

9.  Christian Fable of the "Secret Rapture.

{See "Demonic Veil of Rapture", "Sound Doctrine on the Second Coming", END part 1",
"End Part 2"
,  "What Sort?", "That Sort", and a "That Sort Outline of II Timothy in PDF".}

10.  Christian Fable of the Gospel of Prosperity.  {"Greed"}

11.  Other Obvious Bible Evidences of the Inward Spirit of God, Neglected by a
Certain Sort.

NOTE:  By the way these Bible study sessions are also closely related to previous studies
on Baptist Distinctives, What Sort, and That Sort of II Timothy, also a short doctrinal
history of Christianity. Good if you see this as a personal attack on Christianity--that is, if
you will bring it home and apply it to your own church and denominations; however each
of the attacks on the 5 major Christian fables of today were attacks originally encounter
or predicted and recorded in the first century Bible. Perhaps if you eyes are opened on
just one of these fables of today, you can accept what is being ignored or denied in
popular Bible study of the today, that we are head over heels as a Christian religion in
the great apostasy called the Great Falling Away.  Unpleasant to consider; yes, but real
and real Bible!  Which of the five above are the most dangerous for us today?  They are
all dangerous and hideous in the sight of God and the Lord Jesus Christ--counter to
sound Bible doctrine--in that plain, simple manner Jesus taught while here on earth,
"they teach for doctrines the commandments of men."  In reality, as you teach about
Christian fables, you are teaching Bible, and Bible most don't hear!  Goodness, they
don't want to hear as love for the church of the firstborn written in heaven is confused
with love for a local church that, like in Jeremiah, may cry 3 times "the temple of the
LORD" as a ritual from the people and the pastor, when with the Falling Away that has
changed.  If you church has one of these 5 Christian fables dominant, it is 20% into the
Falling Away, with 3 of them 60%, and with all 5 your church is a goner with 100%, and
like with the 7 churches of Asia Minor--though  with a reputation, you are dead,
overcome by unsound doctrines and fables, and except for a few Overcomers among
you who are still members of the church of the firstborn written in heaven, are in danger
of your candlestick removal, most likely at the
real Second Coming.

12.  Two related subjects:  (1) Fables of the World, and (2) Specific
Intolerances toward certain sound doctrines that as step one of the present
Falling away, created the mess we find that Christianity is in today.

Fables and Labels of the World

NOTE:  These fables and labels of the world have at least 3 elements in
common as listed by Paul in Romans 10:2, that is this "isms" and ought to be
"wasims" {to borrow some words from Dr. R.G. Lee}.  Those 3 common
elements are:  (1) they do have a "zeal of God", (2) they are not based on
ASPI Bible knowledge, (3) all of these fables and labels of the world are
seeking to establish their own righteousness without submitting to the
righteousness of God which is through faith.

a.  Judaism
b.  Islam.
c.  Mormonism.

13.  So many Christian fables, like the Scofield Reference Bible notes on
eschatology, or last things, get their start with Bible distortions of sound
doctrine on
"Israel and Last Things".

14.  Even "Last Days" with that exact wording and an exact description like in
Acts 2:16-28 and as quoted from Joel 2:28-32, is slaughtered and misused
for other purposes.

NOTE:  There is never a graceful way without sin to get through the great
apostasy during the last 40 days of the "last days", and these Bible emphasis
on Christian fables actually dealt with in the Bible as they had already become
a problem, illustrate how deep Christianity of today is into the Falling Away,
most of the time without knowing it.  As Protestants, rapidly following the bad
example of the city-church-state of the Vatican, are slightly better off with a
comparison of the two distinct beginnings of the falling away, for them
approximately 1014 A. D and for us approximately 1985 A.D.  Either way, we
have somewhere in the vicinity of 6 or so years before it is all wrapped up with
the end of this old earth and the creation of a new earth!

13.  Perspective on Arabs and Israel, “No More, No Less” violated.

This Bible study of the 5 major Christian fables of today is
supplemented with Bible series of sound Bible doctrines on:  (1)  
Israel and Last Things, and (2) Romans and Gospel Pride.
Parenthetically, Christian fable #6 and
world fable and label, "Motivation by
Wants". {The Balaam Doctrine--"Balaam
loved the wages of unrighteousness."