Romans 1:27 on the Chicken and the Egg of Atheism
and Gays

You have seen the ad on TV from the son of former President
Reagan speaking out to recruit for “Freedom From Religion
Foundation”, America's largest and most vocal organization of
atheists and agnostics.

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afraid-of-burning-in-hell/#ixzz3VXMccH8g }  

Ron Reagan junior says he is a life-long atheist so that is
consistent with the Bible in Romans that the chicken of atheism
came before the egg of gay and lesbian committment was laid.  On
the other hand, Michael Reagan his half-brother according to
GAYSTARNEWS  (April 2013) “compares gay marriage to
'polygamy, bestiality, and perhaps even murder”. Although that
seems to be an over generalization and emotional outbursts that
both gays and atheists often do.

However Michael Reagan is quoted as saying, “
'Where in the
heck are the churches on the issue of legalizing gay marriage?
Where are the Protestants, Jews and Catholics? Have they lost
their tongues?  Their hearts and wills? Their institutional you-know-
whats? Where’s the moral outrage? Why aren’t thousands of our
pastors, priests and rabbis shouting from their pulpits? Why aren’t
they leading their congregations through the streets in mass

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perhaps-even-murder020413 }

While it is noted online that there are similar connections betweent
those that come as gays and those that come out as atheists {also
for humanists, gnostics, hedonists, and so on}, it wold take a
sociologists with a lot of research and skill to find out if most gays
are also atheist.  Perhaps some studies have been done, but are
too much of a political hot potato to touch.

One thing we know for certain is that the Bible teaches that
atheism is the chicken that comes before the egg of gays and
lesbians, and that in between those two stages comes a “reprobate

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge,
God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things
which are not convenient...”  (Romans 1:28)

As in context Romans 1 is talking about civilizations and citizens
that will not think about God on a regular basis, “not like to retain
God in their knowledge”, indicates a family trend to lack of
knowledge, training, thoughts, and speaking about God the Father
and Creator; then comes from God a certaingiving up of those
kinds of non-retention of God knowledge, “God gave them over to
a reprobate mind”, then comes the habits of life that “are not
convenient” and “natural”  (Romans 1:26,27).

The dictionary definition of “reprobate” is”, as follows from
1.  a depraved, unprincipled, or wicked person:
a drunken reprobate.
2.  a person rejected by God and beyond hope ofsalvation.
3.  morally depraved; unprincipled; bad.
4.  rejected by God and beyond hope of salvation.
verb (used with object), reprobated,reprobating.
5.  to disapprove, condemn, or censure.
6.  (of God) to reject (a person), as for sin; excludefrom the
number of the elect or from salvation.