Throughout this website, you
will notice many Bible based
messages on "calamities";
however this one strives to
give more focus on the
issue, and hopefully to put to
rest many questions on the
reality that God does send
calamities on His own
people and nation in order
to:  (1) get their attention;
and (2) promote obedience
and righteousness.

Since so many peoples like
Texas and Canada consider
themselves as more right
and righteous than others, it
is almost impossible for
them to admit that God is not
happy with them to the extent
of undeniable calamities; and
this is more evidence of the
extent to which those people
of many churches have
turned away from truth, the
4th stage of the Falling
Away.  (II Timothy 4:4,5)

Of course, the churches of
Texas and other religious
institutions, as well as
secular, have become so
enamored with competition
{just one step away from the
Gospel of Wealth of
American Studies with the
corollary of success}, that it
is almost impossible for
them to add to their mental
set the concept of defeat
that is the Falling Away.  
Fortunately the Falling Away
is only a temporal loss for
40-80 years, then the equally
as inevitable victory of the
Second Coming.

Look at these monstrous
churches, they would say;
our preachers and pastors of
fame and notiriety.
Comparing themselves with
themselves, it makes sense.  
Comparing themselves with
the situation of God's people
in Jeremiah also makes
sense.  Especially when you
realize that all the official
priests and prophets during
the time of Jeremiah were
out of touch except for

Oh by the way, there is a
Bible authorized check on
this:  established long ago in
Deuteronomy for guidance
of God's people to check on
the difference between
prophesy that is true and
prophesy that is false.  If
more calamities happen,
then it is true; and those false
prophets that keep
proclaiming the gospel of
prosperity {a gold mine or oil
well in your back yard if you
will wait 2 years} are false.

Of course, there is always
the unlikely possibility that
this nation may turn back to
obedience and
righteousness; which is very
unlikely as it is an uphill battle
against the world trend of the
Falling Away.

"The time will come when
they will not endure sound
doctrine; but out of their own
desires shall they heap up
Bible teachers with itching
ears; turn away from the
truth, and be turned into
fables".  (II Timothy 4:4,5)

Of all the bad habits of
church members who are to
be avoided, that is the
members and the habits, of
the Bible verses of II
Timothy 3:8--those same
obvious bad habits and
attitudes that now dominant
American churches--the most
difficult to overcome for
church members is "lovers of
pleasure more than lovers of

It could be debated about the
right and wrongs of certain
entertainment, living it up and
in comfort, etc.--but it can
not be denied that it
becomes wrong and
unrighteous in the sight of
God when the love of
pleasure becomes greater as
a habit over the love of God,
Christ, and the Bible, the
source of truth.  In short, like
any time any habit is placed
in front of God, it then
becomes a substitute God.  
Churches and church
members, like God's people
of Jeremiah, earn the
indictment of God:  "You
have forsaken me, the
fountain of living waters; and
hewn out broken and
substitute cisters which
cannot hold water."  
(Jeremiah 2:13)

When you comprehend from the book of
Amos that Doomsday was announced by
God through Amos 163 years before it
happened in Jeremiah, then the full impact
of the scripture that God never does
anything before warning His own people
hits you!

"Surely the Lord GOD does nothing,
unless He reveals His secrets to His
servants the prophets." (Amos 3:7)

NOTE: Of course the problem then in
Judah and now in America is that God’s
own people did not, and do not, heed and
read the Prophets like Amos and Jeremiah,
choosing to heed Myan prophesy over "the
book our mother’s read" of the Prophets,
Apostles, and Jesus.

15-1: Doomsday and Calamity.


: The dictionary provides two definitions of
1. "a day of final judgment"; and

2. "a time of catastrophic destruction and

Doomsday is not a Bible word, but it is the
equivalent of "calamity which is an oft
repeated Bible word, used at least 20 times
in the Bible {5 of those are in Jeremiah,
and it is in Jeremiah that we come to really
appreciate that (1) God sends calamities
on His own people like a father chastises
his children; and (2) calamities are life
interrupting, the opposite of peace and
prosperity, and there are actually 5 types or
categories of calamities that come from
God: (a) short term and limited calamities,
like earthquakes and tornadoes, etc that
God sent on Judah and Israel for 163
years, between Amos and the beginning of
Jeremiah, specifically for God’s people and
to get their attention; (b) terminal judgments
on ungodly nations like in Amos on Gaza,
Edom, Ammon, and Moab; (c) longer term
calamities, say 70 years in the case of
Judah’s half captivity in Babylon where
God sends a longer term calamity but with
hope of restoration; (d) the final calamity at
the end of time, that has been called "the
groaning of all creation" (Romans 8:22),
that you might say was set by God on
automatic control for destruction of the old
earth in order to bring in the new earth, the
one that grows in intensity and increases in
extent as the end draws near; and (e) what
you might call the ultimate calamity at the
Day of the LORD and Lord, that calamity
being eternal death.

Surely you must notice the similarity of
dictionary also provides 2 definitions of


1. "a state of deep distress or misery
caused by major misfortune or loss; and

2. "a disastrous event marked by great loss
and lasting distress and suffering
{calamities of nature or an economic

NOTE: Surely you also recognize some of
these miseries, misfortunes, losses,
disasters, and suffering from both
calamities of nature and economic turmoil
in the series of intense calamities on God’s
people of the United States, quite often on
churches as well as the whole community,
since 9/11. {Primarily Texas and Canada
are too stubborn and rebellious against the
Word of God to admit these calamities on
their own people; in fact, saying much like
the people in Amos that these calamities
will not overtake or control us (Amos 9:10).
Of course, part of the problem with Texas
just like with all fundamentalists is that they
can not take the possibility of a temporal
defeat like that of the Falling Away!}

Many surprises are in store for us if we
read prophesy carefully from the Old
Testament Prophets like Jeremiah and
Amos. Sometimes those surprises come
from quotes that we have heard all our
lives, especially as we look in the total
context of the verse and chapter. For
example the one of Amos 2:4,5 to which
we will come shortly that right there in
Amos 163 years before the actual
destruction of Jerusalem by fire in 587 B.C.
by the Babylonians predicted that very
event. Goodness, can you imagine the
nation of Judah being under the sentence
of complete destruction for 163 years, like
a convict being on death row for over 163
years. You know, to the extent that God’s
people took seriously the Word of God like
in Amos and Jeremiah, it had to drastically
affect the way they thought and acted, their
"ways and doings" to use the favorite
words of the Temple Message of
Jeremiah. And we will shortly come back to
this second chapter in which God through
Amos passed, for the first time, this
terminal sentence on His own once chosen
nation. Right now, we will develop by way
of exegesis of chapter 6 of Amos, a
preliminary surprise on another common
quote, "Woe to you who are at ease in
Zion" (Amos 6:1); and then proceed in this
message to relate, from Amos and
Jeremiah with other prophesy, the whole
spectrum of "calamities" according to the
Bible: (1) short and limited calamities like
the locusts and the "conflict by fire" of
Amos chapter 7, those designed to get the
attention of God’s people and rectify their
"ways and doings" in the direction of
righteousness; (2) more widespread
calamities that destroy the great cities and
whole nation, like the fall and destruction of
Jerusalem and Judah, where God kills most
of His own bad figs and preserves by
captivity the good figs {which once again
only proves the Bible principle that there is
a difference between those only called by
God, those of the "bad figs", and those
called and chosen, the "good figs" of
Jeremiah 24} in the nation of Babylon, like
Daniel and his 3 friends; and (3) the great
and terminal calamity of all calamities so
notable as to have the special name in the
Bible of "the Day of the LORD", where life
on earth as we know it ends and new life
with a new earth and heavens begins. All 3
of these categories of calamities are right
here in Amos, so that Amos will be our
biblical source of proving that God does
use calamities to serve His own purpose,
albeit reluctantly and after the patience and
forbearance of over 163 years.

15-2: Gospel of Prosperity Itching Ears
Prophets Caught in Their Lies.

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Only the conclusion of this chapter 15 is
shown below.

15-11: This Calamity Will Never Happen
to Us.

Amazingly we find in Amos, the answer as
to why God’s people of Judah kept
themselves in self-denial for 163 years on
peace and prosperity, when they knew from
God and the real prophets of God that they
could not last! Yet not so amazing in other
ways as it is also in Amos where God says
that He will never do anything without letting
His own people know first; and did God
ever give them for than sufficient warning
for 163 years with prophecies of the
destruction of Jerusalem through Prophets
such as Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and
others. If the greatest blessing that every
happened to a people of God was the
building of a new nation, a great city like
Jerusalem, and the magnificent Temple of
Solomon as the symbol of a religious
people; then likewise the greatest curse
and calamity that has likewise ever
happened to a people of God was the
destruction of the city, the Temple, and the
nation of Judah. Granted restoration of a
remnant of the scattered peoples
happened 70 years later, but the Temple
never regained its magnificence, nor the
country, nor the city of Jerusalem.

"For surely I will command, and will sift the
house of Israel among all nations, as grain
is sifted in a sieve; yet not the smallest
grain shall fall to the ground. All the sinners
of My people shall die by the sword, who
say, ‘The calamity shall not overtake nor
confront us." (Amos 9:9,10)

NOTE: We have less trouble understanding
this self-denial of Judah and Jerusalem for
that long period of 163 years if we
comprehend the similarity to human nature
and nations like the United States and
Canada today, where the intense series of
calamities on God’s people since 9/11
continues to be overlooked and ignored,
where God’s people like Judah deny that
such calamities are even brought by God
on His own people to win back their
attention to righteousness.

Granted it is difficult to comprehend then,
as now, of how God in the turmoil of war,
invasion, captivity, and destruction can also
assure the people that "not the smallest
grain shall fall to the ground"; that every
citizen will be seriously numbered and
protected by the God of the universe; and
that the minute guidance and protective
custody of God is so great and all-
encompassing that by name and number of
hairs during this whole horrendous
historical process of invasion and captivity,
God will personally account for all the good
figs. And yes, there is also a special
accounting for all the bad figs

{Jeremiah 24}, the bag figs which just
happen to be the citizens who have been
saying since the book of Amos, "This
calamity will not happen to us, it will not
overtake us, nor will it even confront us." It
amazes us that the very way in which
Amos and God together identified the real
sinners that would die by the sword was by
the ones who made the claim that this
calamity would never happen.
Those then and today without a great faith
and confidence in both the wisdom, control,
and protective custody of God, even
complete knowledge of human affairs on
earth, are the very ones who have the most
problem with calamities as sent by God on
His own people!