NOTE:  Right now this is the most popular page
of the SunGrist website, and TAC accounts for
at least half of the search questions received.  
However neither chapters will be sent out or
search questions will be dealt with until by email
you have signed up, thus agreeing with the
terms of the contract below.  It should be added,
however, that after the receipt of the first 3
chapters if you wish you may withdraw from the
contract.  And to encourage you, it should be
added that the possibility exist that chapters may
come to you sooner than every one month.  To
sign up, you can disguise your name as some
have done, as names or country will not be
disclosed (be assured your privacy is protected),
and all that is really required from you to sign up
is an email address and some king of ID {one
enrollee used just "M" for a name).  Either use
the user form below, or simply email to, and since other email comes
into our office you can simply list TAC for this

NEW for March 2011:  Now, you can participate
in this development by downloading one of the
Free MATLAB equivalents like Octave, FreeMat,
JMathLib, or SciLab.  Let us know at SunGrist
using the submit form below.  By the way an
Appendix to TAC in PDF will come out shortly for
free download which will include starters on
some of these Free and Open Source MATLAB
equivalents, as well as information on Flight
Dyanamics, the F-35, and jobs in Flight Test.

thank you,
TAC Instructor and Chief Developer

 Resume of Instructor

1.  The Table of Contents and all chapter PDFs you
receive after enrollement are copyrighted.  You may
use them for personal study and teaching, but not
for commercial profit.
2.  You must enroll by email simply by supplying
your name, state or country {city not required for
privacy reasons} location, and email address.  
Request for enrollement is an agreement with these
3.  It is a contract:  you receive the chapters free in
return for the agreement to participate in the
corrections, research, and development.  Your
participation is easy:  within a month of new chapter
receipt, you must submit evidence of completing the
drills as the end of each chapter, and three
contributions to the book, either questions, dialogue,
or a research addition.
4.  You must wait one month after receiving a
chapter, to submit your 3 contributions and proof of
drill completion.
5.  Send an email to, and you will
receive the first chapter in PDF by return email.
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The complete over 400
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Technical Applications
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