Dark Side of the World:  
Like most of this website, the Navigation bar above will be
used for the side of Light, reminding all that Jesus said then
and it also applies now and in any Muslim part of the world
also, "I am the light of the world".

Definition of the dark side of the world:  It is not nearly as
simple as Bush tried to make it with the evil axis, almost a
comic book analogy of what is good and what is evil, hardly
a question to be answered by a politician.
Let us stick with the definition of Romans chapter 1 which
has always be true for world civilizations, past, present and
future.  The dark side is plainly any mind that is darkened
to unrighteousness by a refusal to "retain God in their
thinking"--all unbelievers in Jesus as the way to His Father
whether it is Muslims, Mormons, atheists, or humanists.  
They are living on the dark side most influenced by Satan
and what the Bible calls "the world" of which Satan is the
Gist:  Any person on the face of this earth who refuses to
think about, worship, and serve the God of the Trinity is
making a contribution daily to the dark side.

I.  There is much work to be done here; however since so
many others have been involved in the warfare of lies
against the truth of Islam, that will be the beginning of the
progress chart.

 Kafir Proud.  

{Kafir is a derogatory term of Muslims for those of their
society that believe other than in Islam, sort of like "white
trash; but which some brave souls at the risk of their own
lives have taken as something of which to be Proud.}


"Hate Terrorists" in the Hebrew language.

The dark side of Mohammed by an ex-Muslim.

5.  An ex-Muslim Christian evangelist preaching to Muslims
in his native Iraqi Arabic illustrating his best approach to
reach them for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  {His website is
in English.}

Understanding Taqiyya ― Islamic Principle of Lying for
the Sake of Allah

Islam Watch, an online community to present "The
Truth about Islam".

NOTE:  The present issue is about the Chattanoga lad
astray, something you will not hear from the secular
psychologists and extreme toleration sociologists that are
also intolerant on sound Bible doctrine.  For example, they
refuse to believe in Satan, his influence, and demon
possession; also they are too educated to believe what the
Bible teaches about the world division of a minority of
Christians that buck the ways of the world and a majority
of unbelievers that follow and are blessed by the world.

Definition of the "dark side" of the world.

III.  List of 47 Former Muslims from Pakistan, a PDF

IV.  Bare Naked Islam, it is Islamophobia when they are
trying to kill you.  {another PDF download}

V.  Why
Amar Khan, a Pakistani student, left Islam.

{Unfortunately this is one of many who when leaving Islam,
because an atheist.  You might say disgusted with all

Jesus the Muslim Prophet?

"Jesus,  or  Isa,  as  he  is  known  in  Arabic,  is  deemed  
by  Islam  to  be  a  Muslim  prophet  rather  than  the  Son  
of God,  or  God  incarnate.  He  is  referred  to  by  name  
in  as  many  as  25  different  verses  of  the  Quran  and  
six times  with  the  title  of  "Messiah"  (or  "Christ",  
depending  on  which  Quranic  translation  is  being  
used).  He  is also  referred  to  as  the  "Messenger"  and  
the  "Prophet"  but,  perhaps  above  all  else,  as  the  
"Word"  and  the "Spirit"  of  God.  No  other  prophet  in  
the  Quran,  not  even  Muhammad,  is  given  this
particular  honour.  In fact,  among  the  124,000  prophets  
said  to  be  recognised  by  Islam  ­  a  figure  that  
includes  all  of  the  Jewish prophets  of  the  Old  
Testament  ­  Jesus  is  considered  second  only  to  
Muhammad,  and  is  believed  to  be  the
precursor  to  the  Prophet  of  Islam."

VII.  Still now, over 2,000 years later, the darkness of man,
prompted by Satan and the "lust of the flesh that covets" in
Man Strives to
comprehend the Light of Jesus.  Oh, what
puny and foolish minds and darkest hearts!

Truth in the Bible and the Bible on truth.