Progress Chart
Bible and Jesus,
Scriptures and
Christ Jesus
1.  Introduction to Scriptures and Christ Jesus.

Bible background research on "Scripture", "Scriptures",
"Book" and Jesus. {This is in rough format as originally
done in Open Office.}

Jesus, the Walters of Humanism, and Scriptures.

4.  From Jesus to the Walters of Humanism and Atheism.

Humanism and Atheism in the Bible.

6.  King Jesus, the kingdom of righteousness on the new
earth, the liberal and the Churl

7.  God chose us In Christ from before the foundation of
the earth in order to be What?

8.  "To Be" as chosen to Be, What and How?

9.  Jesus Son of God, God the Father, and Scriptures

Blog #1:  J
esus showed humanity the real God.
Blog #2:  Covenants of the Bible:  everlasting, old
covenant, and new covenant (Book of Hebrews with
Blog #3:  Atonement, Christ died on cross for the sins of
the world.
Blog #4:  Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God
the Holy Spirit.
Blog #5:  "Contend for the faith once for all delivered to
the saints."  (Jude 3)
Blog #6:  Jesus, the Comforter, and Bible on the Holy

10.  The Bible of Jesus and the Holy Spirit is words from
God the Creator and the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ,
and as the Word of God in that it is divine in origin,
absolute in authority, sufficient in message, high fidelity in
communication, dynamic and alive, and self interpretative.