What is ASPI Bible Hermeneutics?  First of all, as
the Bible is self-interpretative, it is the rules the Bible
Itself lays down for proper understanding of the
Bible; it demands only one interpretation of the Bible
consistent with "the faith once for all delivered to the
saints"  (Jude) and according to the ASPI translation
and non-"private" interpretation of the Bible
according to II Peter 1:20,21.
The contribution to the kingdom of God and Christ
that you will find in SunGrist_Bible are:

I.   The flow of the Bible or the moving of the SPIRIT
through the Bible with quotes, explanations, and
implementations, a non-exclusive look at Scriptures
to counter the "hunt and pick" exclusive method of
fundamentalists like Scofield, Chalmers, and the
Dallas Theological Seminary.

II.  How can preachers and teachers of "this sort" go
so wrong on Bible:  (1) because of a heart of warfare
that led them to destroy thousands of careers and
reputations of Christian brothers in order to take
control of the SBC; and (2) the exclusive and private
interpretations of Scofield.

III.  The best way to see the self-interpretative nature
of the Bible is with a study of all the New Testament
quotes from the Old Testament.  This tells us what is
most important from the Old Testament.
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