41.  What Does the Bible teach about Honor?

"Honor" is in the news today as it was reported that "a Marine accused of
murder had protected his honor".  This, of course, is a definition and
concept of honor that is more a matter of country, patriotism, and what
society thinks of an individual.  Like much of the famous "keep the faith" of
the Marines and other military men, it is a social and American
Democratic Faith concept; and even as discrimination is different in the
Bible and Christian Faith than in the American Democratic Faith--in the
first discrimination is prohibited based on money, clothing, and status and
the second discrimination is prohibited based on race, religion, or
creed--so what the Bible, the objective source of Christian faith, has to
say on honor is quite different.
Of course "honor" in the Bible is even more a topic of discussion than in
society as a good concordance will show you that there are at least 180
distinct Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) words that
are translated "honor" or "honour" (KJV):  (1) the Hebrew word "hadar"
translated "beauty" or "majesty" which refers primarily to the honor and
glory of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, but which also refers to
a particular honor for all saints since God will "beautify the humble with
salvation" (already I think you are beginning to see that the honor that
many Americans die for, believe in, and glorify is not the same as God's
way of thinking as given in the Bible, although as we quickly look at the
other 10 words we will check for kinship}; (2) the Hebrew "hadarah" where
there is a kinship in that a king's honor is the multitude of the people that
give allegiance to him, supposedly then some of Bush's honor comes
from both the number of citizens and the number of military that salute him
as Commander-in-Chief; (3) the Hebrew word "had", also akin to
societies concept of honor is when honor is used synonymously with
authority like when government passes authority to a citizen, sometimes
also referred to the authority and honor that the Father has passed on to
the Son; (4) the Hebrew word "yeqar", literally preciousness, is where a
wife honors her husband or children honor parents; (4) the Hebrew word
"kabod" for weighty or heavy where God gives or withholds honor from
His servants; (5) the Hebrew word "tipharah" where God honors a special
people as His own above all others among the nations, making them a
holy people; (6) the Greek word "doxa", literally "glory", often used in the
Gospel of John where Jesus contrast the honor that comes from other
men as insignificant compared to the honor that comes from God; (7) the
Greek word "time", also literally "weight", where among other things
Jesus said that a prophet is without weight, authority, or honor in his own
country {makes you wonder about some of these popular pastors and
itching ears Bible teachers today who carry weight with church members
and the American public, pardon a little Bible perspective}; (8) the
Hebrew word "kabed" where God gets honor upon Pharaoh by His mighty
works of miracles in rescue of the children of Israel from Egypt; (9) the
Greek word "doxazo" where Jesus taught that He did not honor Himself,
rather His honor came from God the Father; (10) the Greek word "timeo",
literally to make heavy the honor where Jesus teaches that there is no
honor for the Father without honor for the Son and vice versa.

42.  List some Bible facts.

All that is in the Bible are Bible facts in that they are true; and even though
the Bible is not meant to be a book on science, it is true that the world
God made will not contradict the Book God wrote {our problems are with
understanding of both the world and the Book), the Bible will not make
mistakes of statement of facts about science.  Now, if this question
relates the historicity of the Bible, the reader is referred to the book THE
BIBLE AS HISTORY, translated from German and originally written by
Werner Keller where archaeological evidences for Bible facts like the
Flood, the tower of Babel, and many other historical facts find elaboration.
The most important Bible facts are spiritual truths, most often called by
Jesus and others "doctrine" or "teachings"; because the Bible was written
by God through Apostles and Prophets over thousands of years in order
that the God who made us might communicate with us, and then in the
Holy Spirit's work He has provided an assurance of high fidelity in the
communication of people who come to it with the right attitude.

43.  How Do You Do a Bible Search?

There are many ways to do searches of the Bible.  There is a search
based on key words or names as with a Bible Concordance.  While many
Bible such as the recommended
Nelson Slimline Study Bible promoted
on this website, the most complete and exhaustive concordances are
those of Young's or Strong's, also sold on this website in a Bible Study
combo.  Of course, there is surfing the web similar to what you have done
in presenting your Bible question to www.biblecombibleman or
SunGrist_Bible, and any of your questions are not only welcome but will
be answered most generally the week after submission.  There are other
ways like Bible software, Bible dictionaries, Bible word studies like by
Vine; and then in desperation you might try reading your Bible.  Like a
teacher said, "Read your Bibles, they will throw a lot of light on the
One word of caution!  A lot of what we get from teachers, preachers, and
books is "about" the Bible rather than on the Bible itself.  I would
encourage you to read as background such books as "The Heart of the
Old Testament" by Sampey and "A Survey of the New Testament" by
Hester; however these books are "about" the Bible, rather than Bible itself
where God speaks to us individually, and to get a course on the Bible you
should sign up for the
SunGrist_Bible Seminary.  Until 10 have signed up,
you can satisfy your desire for Bible by reading the
"Teachings on Great
Bible Chapters" page of this website and the Q&A pages like this (there
are now 12 pages of them with two index pages).

44.  Talk about the Bible.

The Bible is another big subject like that of "God" that was discussed in
answer 40 and on page 11 of the Bible Q&A pages; however since this
whole website is essentially about the Bible where the goals are (1) to
promote Bible understanding, (2) to rescue the sound doctrine of the
Bible, (3) to present from the Bible, especially from John 13-17,
of Jesus" as a challenge sufficient for the Falling Away; (4) to extend the
influence of the Christ of the Bible; and (5) to reach out Bible with the Holy
Spirit and with reports for unbelievers. {For more detail on these
purposes of SunGrist_Bible and this website, refer to the pages
Let me simply say again that the Bible is:  (1) divine in origin, it came from
God and God is trying to talk to us, and God states in Obadiah that He will
never do anything without letting His people know, and since the Bible is
complete, revelation is over, all the future is there; (2) the Bible is absolute
in authority--what do you want to do listen to God Himself through
Apostles, Prophets, and Jesus or listen to some self-made man of
authority; (3) the Bible is sufficient in message--while it may not tell us all
that we would like to hear on science or living, it has all we need to begin
to understand all that God has prepared for those who love Him and are
the called according to His purpose, and you will find it is not what you
don't understand about the Bible that will bother you as much as what you
do understand and need to do; and (4) the Bible is high fidelity in
communications__the same God who went to all the trouble over such a
long period of time and through over 40 Apostles and Prophets and
Jesus to communicate has also provided many means to assure the
accuracy of communication.  {These rules for Bible understanding are
generally referred to as "hermeneutics".}
If you need to know more about the Bible services and products offered
on this website, then you should go to the
Summary Page of Services and

45.  Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible.

Of course the historical record of what happened as God through
ministering angels destroyed the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah is
found in Genesis 18 and 19, along with the explanation of why--Lot could
not find even 10 righteous people in the cities and when the messengers
from God entered the cities the men tried to rape them--is given in the
same chapters from God through Moses.  Jesus in His teachings
(Matthew 10 and 11) confirmed the historical and explanation validity of
Sodom and Gomorrah, warning the Israel of his day that if those men had
seen the works of Jesus as Israel had seen, they would have repented;
the Apostle Paul, himself a Hebrew, wrote in the book of Romans that
Israel would have been totally destroyed like those twin cities if God had
not preserved a very small remnant; and the Apostle Peter in II Peter 2
that the God who condemned them to destruction, also did the same for
the whole earth minus 7 souls.  Those who limit God to only a God of love
should be aware as Paul writes in Hebrews 12, that next time God will not
only shake with destruction the whole earth but also the heavens and the
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