Baptist Distinctives and Fundamentalists versus the book of
Baptist Distinctives

It is not advised that one become a
Baptist, for with the BBFers in control
the distinctiveness of the Baptists has
been lost more than it was in 1961.  
Granted to be a community and
interdenomnational church, like in
military chapels is best, Baptist
Distinctives are only offered to the
extent that they exemplify a New
Tesatment church.
Itching Ears Theology
History of Christian Fables (II
Timothy) Bible Series

NOTE:  The 10 Unappreciated and
C's of Bible Doctrine,
the One Baptism as the One
Salvation that is Ignored.

The following major content and outline
was originally written as a Senior Bible
student at Ouachita Baptist College in
1961 for a research paper for Professor
Doctor Blackmon.  Dr. Blackmon, one of
the most faithful to Sciptures and
practical pastor in Arkadelphia, more so
than any of the Baptist profs
experienced at Baylor, Ouachita, and
Southwestern, when the request was
made to research and write on "Baptist
Distinctives", wisely replied, "Is there
any such thing?"  And Dr. Blackmon as
a retired Chaplain in the military was
ahead of those later who would stress
the inter denominational and
non-denominational over any distinction
in denominational heritage.  What we
find then and today on any Bible beliefs
of distinctions, or fail to find, is only of
value as guidelines of what the sound
doctrines of today should be, in all
churches and denominations that claim
to be Christian as based on the standard
and standards of the Bible.

I.  Introduction:  Research and Writing in
1961 on "Baptist Distinctives".

II.  Twofold Approach and Research

III.  Relationships of Authority.

IV.  "What Saith the Scripture?"

V.  Importance of the Individual.

VI.  Conclusions on the two fundamental

VII.  Bibliography in an effort to keep
alive the heritage of the SBC teachers
and preachers in spite of the onslaught
of BBFers.

VII.  Conclusions for 2013 and following
as Compared to 1961 and Before.
The Book of Romans on the
OR The One
Baptism is the One Salvation of
the Bible
1.  Preface to the Forever Kingdom.
2.  Forefathers of the Bible Baptist
Fundamentalists:  Darby, Brookes,
Scofield, Chafer, J Frank Norris,
and Lyman Stewart, President of
Union Oil Co, later Chevron.
3.  Fundamentalists and the Book of
4.  Prime Subject of Romans:  
Gospel Pride or One Complete
5.  How to self-destruct a Society?
"...all Israel will be saved..."
(Romans 11:26)
7.  New Israel of Romans Outline.
8.  Isaiah 59.
NOTE:  for more advanced and
in-depth Bible study, if you are
ready for Bible meat, go to the
study sessions listed below.
A-1:  Israel, A Branch of God's
People Broken Off.
A-2:  The New King of the New
Informative Links for
background information:

1.  Samuel Prideaux Tregelles,
1813-1875, spiritual songster and
defender of the faith once delivered
to the saints as a priesthood of
On Tregelles from Wikipedia.

3.  Origin of the "secret rapture"

4.  Good Contemporary testimony of
rescue from unsound doctrines,
secret rapture lie".

5.  See the Cooperative Baptist
Fellowship of Arkansas on

Soul Freedom
Bible Freedom
Church Freedom
Religious Freedom
Baptists in the World

Baptists in the Ukraine,
once the Anabaptists.

"The Baptist Church in
Ukraine is one of the oldest
and most widespread
Protestant Christian
denominations in the
country. Before the fall of the
Soviet Union, over half the
1.5 million acknowledged
Baptists and Pentecostals in
the USSR lived in Soviet
Ukraine. Prior to
independence in 1991,
Ukraine was home to the
second largest Baptist
community in the world,
after the United States, and
was called the “Bible Belt” of
the former Soviet Union."

2.  Historical world-wide
Baptists Beliefs (Doctrines).

From  Cummins, David L.
This Day in Baptist History,
Greenville, SC: BJU Press,
2000 is the following acrostic
backronym, spelling
BAPTIST, summarizes
Baptists' distinguishing
Biblical authority (Mat 24:35;
1Pet 1:23; 2Tim 3:16-17)
Autonomy of the local
church (Mat 18:15-17; 1Cor 6:
Priesthood of all believers
(1Pet 2:5-9; 1Tim 5)
Two ordinances (believer's
baptism and the Lord's
Supper) (Acts 2:41-47; 1Cor
Individual soul liberty (Rom
Separation of Church and
State (Mat 22:15-22)
Two offices of the church
(pastor and deacon) (1Tim 3:
1-13; Tit 1-2)
"That Sort" Outline of II Timothy

Even like a description of Baptist history
because of the diversity {there are 22
distinct and major Baptist denominations}, it
is hard to explain where Baptists are
today.  A more comprehensive look is
obtained by looking at the not long ago
largest Protestant Denomination in the
world, the Southern Baptist Convention
{SBC}, and by simultaneously observing the
contributions that they made to the present
great apostasy of the Falling Away.  A
shock and a clue came in 1991-1998 when
the SBC split into 3 denominations, and for
the first time many innocent members
started to become aware of a well planned
and engineered fundamentalists takeover of
the SBC between 1970 and 1980.  The
infamous 10 year takeover plan of Bible
Baptists and other fundamentalists to gain
political control by first electing the
President, and then replacing all dissenters.
Like everything else in life, religion and
politics, the Bible stands ready with a
sufficient explanation of what is and was
really happening.  We will find that even
from first century days in Christianity there
was the beginning of a certain "that sort"
group, as Paul calls it in II Timothy with a
secret message of a secret rapture that
spread like a cancer.

The Outline of II Timothy.
2.  Itching Ears Theology.
3.  The real Second Coming versus the Lie
of "that sort".
4.  Fundamentalists.
5.  Loose Lips Sink Ships.
6.  Wood and Clay in the House of God.
7.  Wood and Clay of "that sort" have
created "perilous times" in Christianity.
8.  "That sort" have led in the current great
apostasy called the Falling Away.

Having obtained political control by 1980
and consolidations of gains between
1980 to 2013, and now feeling secure in
their largest pulpits, BBFers are striving
for doctrinal control.