Background and Initial Planning for "Bible Studies in Jeremiah"

NOTE:  This outline below, by the month, will be used both for a
introduction in newsletters each month and as a scratch pad for further
Bible research, development, and study.  You will find many links to other
chapters/messages, and each month more will be added as the outline is
supplemented for that month.

Jeremiah is chosen over Isaiah as more the prophesy of the Bible for today,
because it is more neglected as words from God and the Word of God.  In
other words, if in churches of America, as we claim, we are to preach and teach
the “ALL SCRIPTURE given by God” of II Timothy 3:16,17 then we must
include this neglected large book of the Bible.  Granted a few select quotes
about the “new heart” of the new birth and the deceitful and wicked heat are
heard periodically, but by and large most church members have not even heard
of the famous among a few Bible scholars of the Temple Message of
Jeremiah, the message the Prophet Jeremiah stood every day at the gates of
the temple to deliver, the message to whom God told him no one would listen;
however that must be delivered as a final warning to the people before the
ultimate chastisement.
Also because as you study in the Word of God of Jeremiah, you will find that
the state of the union of God’s people in Judah is more like the United States
today than even Isaiah or the rest of the Prophets.  Granted that American
Christians do not sacrifice their children to foreign gods, unless you count the
unjustifiable war in Iraqi as such; there is no overt worship of the Queen of
Heaven unless you count over family activity as such in America that takes
precedence over the real spiritual worship of God; and while for at least one
hundred years since the Prophecy of Isaiah, God had continued to chastise His
own people with a series of calamities, much like on this nation since the 911 of
eight years ago, to the extent as Isaiah stated that no room was left on their
backs for more stripes, and it did no good in the sight of God, Jeremiah of that
century and America of today having an obvious similarity in a series of
calamities as part of an absence of continued peace and blessings from God,
as far as we know part of our northern kingdom of Canada has not already gone
into desolation and captivity, nor do we like Judah in the time of Jeremiah face
an eminent desolation and captivity.

JANUARY:  What Then Is Most Similar Between the Judah of Jeremiah
and the United States today?

1.  American Churches today place their confidence in their church buildings,
and associated organizations and denominations, for salvation just like God’s
people of Jeremiah did in the temple as a House of God.  Each Sabbath, the
chant of their worship service, much like the superficialities of praise songs
today in churches, was “The temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD, the
temple of the LORD are these.”  The God Who supplied the very words to
Jeremiah (see Jeremiah 1:9), called the words of this repetitive praise song
“lying words” primarily because the temple was no longer a House of God and
of prayer.  Granted the people still attended, and it seems as though the temple
attendance was both high on the Sabbath as on other days of the week, for
Jeremiah was instructed by God to stand at the gates of the “LORD’s house”
every day to proclaim to them “this word” of the words supplied by God  (see
Jeremiah 7:2).  The first introductory words of this famous Temple Message
supplied by the LORD to “all you of Judah who enter in at these gates to
worship the LORD” (Jeremiah 7:2) had two points, the second of which was that
it was at the present point in the history of God’s people that it was a lie to call
these buildings of the temple, the city of Jerusalem, and the nation of Judah “a
temple” and a place of God’s dwelling and habitation as it had previously been.
“Thus says the LORD of hosts {God uses this word for Himself when He
wants to be known primarily as the God of the Gentiles, where most of His
people is going to come from the Gentiles instead of from the few of the
Jews, and when He wants to place emphasis on Himself as the God of the
whole universe, for example you will find in Jeremiah 1:5 that God Himself
called and “ordained” Jeremiah to be “a prophet to the nations}...Do not
trust in these lying words, saying, ‘The temple of the LORD, the temple of
the LORD, the temple of the LORD are these.”  (Jeremiah 7:3a and 7:4)
2.  The first point of the introduction to the Temple Message of Jeremiah 7,
also reminds us of a similarity between Jeremiah and America in that God’s
own people, according to God Himself in the words He gave to Jeremiah, were
in deep trouble:  they must AMEND THEIR WAYS AND DOINGS just in order
to stay in this place--Judah and America--safe, secure, and in comfort.
{“In this
place” summarizes Peace and Prosperity.}
“Thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel:  ‘Amend your ways and
your doings, and I will cause you to dwell in this place.”  (Jeremiah 7:3)
Surely few searchers after the Bible would claim righteousness and godliness as
either a characteristic of our nation today or of the churches; and surely as lack
of attendance and disbanding of Wednesday night prayer meetings invade have
come to dominant even the most conservative of churches and denominations,
or even real and effective with God the Father prayer, would many American
church members claim for their churches or their denominations and nation,
“effectual fervent prayer” that gets relief from God from these incessant series
of calamities on the nation since 911.
3.  In America like in Judah, we face both (1) a more stringent calamity than
even the series of calamities since 911 culminating in the current economic
crisis; and (2) a second terminal calamity of the destruction of the heavens and
earth.  In fact the terminal calamity of earth destruction before the new earth is
ushered in by God where He populated the new people chosen from each
generation, and from many Gentiles with a few Jews is far more eminent for us
than it was for God’s people of Jeremiah.
{Of course the Jews have the New
Jerusalem lowered down from heaven on the new earth with the “father’s
house of many mansions” and the Jewish Apostles of Jesus as the
leaders, while the Gentiles have the surrounding territories of the new
earth within easy access to the New Jerusalem where God and Christ
dwell forever and in which is the fountain of life and living waters.}
(1).  The desolation and calamity that is more immediate as chastisement from
God to generate more dedication, and that is not the end calamity of all time.
“Nevertheless in those days {and shortly we must go up to page for a
definition from God of “those days”}
, says the LORD, ‘I will not make a
complete end of you.”  (Jeremiah 5:18)
(2).  We now know from the history in Jeremiah (Jeremiah 29) that those
imminent days, only a few years, brought on Judah and Jerusalem the captivity
of Babylon; however in Isaiah and in this fifth chapter of Jeremiah it was an
eminent prediction of prophecy {prophesy most generally has two elements in
prophesy as defined in the Bible, especially in I Corinthians 14:  (1)
predominantly a message for the people now in that generation; and (2) a
predictive element; and sometimes like in Joel, Amos, Jeremiah and Isaiah, a
prediction of two time spans, a few years and then for the end times}, with a
description of this nation.
“Behold, I will bring a nation against you from afar, O house of Israel {in
your study of Jeremiah, in spite of at the history of this point where the
kingdom of Israel was divided into the two nations of Judah to the south
and including Jerusalem and Israel to the north around Samaria and
Damascus, you will find God’s words to Jeremiah centered sometimes (1)
Israel as all of God’s people of the north, south and captivity; (2) God’s
people of the northern kingdom of Israel; and (3) sometimes specifically to
Judah and Jerusalem}
, says the LORD.  It is a mighty nation.  It is an
ancient nation, a nation whose language you do not know, nor can you
understand what they say.  Their quiver is like an open tomb; they are all
mighty men.  And they shall eat up your harvest and your bread, which
your sons and  daughters should eat.  They shall eat up your flocks and
your herds; they shall eat up your vines and your fig trees; they shall
destroy your fortified cities
{this is background in Jeremiah 1-6 to
understand the praise chant of the Temple Message of chapter 7 where the
people in worship spoke the lying words of “the temple of the LORD, the
temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD are THESE, the plurality of
these buildings including the fortified cities as well as the temple buildings
and the nation}, in which you trust {often the Temple Message as here
speaks of the MISPLACED FAITH of the people in their buildings}
, with the
sword.”  (Jeremiah 5:15-17)
(3).  You can not miss in Jeremiah, like in Isaiah, that the ultimate calamity of the
ultimate curse from God in the final destruction of heavens and earth is also
mentioned.  Yes, the Prophet to the Nations has a prophecy not only for all
nations, but also for all nations of all times; and as surely as we in the United
States are part of the world and the planet earth, so we also--God’s people and
all residents {See “New Earth and Heavens” at link below} must experience this
ultimate curse and calamity from God of the destruction of the heavens and the
NOTE:See “Bible Reports of the New Earth” in BIBLE REPORTS FOR
BELIEVING at the following link. .
“Thus says the LORD of hosts {yes, this comes from the God of the
Gentiles and Jews and the LORD of the universe}:  ‘Behold, disaster shall
go forth from nation to nation, and a great whirlwind shall be raised up
from the farthest parts of the earth.”  (Jeremiah 25:32)
NOTE: If you have doubts that this message is to all nations of all times,
and about the end times, then please also read the words above it in
Jeremiah 25:30,31 where you will note such key words and phrases as:  
“the LORD has a controversy with the nations”; “against all the inhabitants
of the earth”; and “a noise will come to the ends of the earth.”
4.  “Formality over Spirituality” was, according to God and according to the
Temple Message that God gave Jeremiah, especially as you see in the words
of Jeremiah 7:21-24
{please read the message/chapter on “Formality versus
Spirituality in Worship, chapter 29 of HIDEOUT FOR BAD HABITS}

dominated the attendance and worship of God’s people of Jeremiah just like it
does today in the churches of America.
NOTE:  The chapter/message of “Formality versus Spirituality in Worship”
{and service} is a page on as follows:
5.  Like in America today, Judah was in a series of prolonged calamities called
chastisements for correction and righteousness by God--alias, a Curse from
God instead of a Blessing; and yet like today, the leaders and prophets of the
nation claimed that the people were both good and that their great nation would
again prosper and experience PEACE.  When you have a prolonged series of
blessings on a nation like most of the history of the United States, except for
some minor pertubations like the Civil War, then the Bible defines that as a
BLESSING from God:  when you have a prolonged series of calamities like in
this country since 911 from terrorism, floods, fire, earthquakes, hurricanes,
droughts, and economic crisis, the Bible defines that as a CURSE.  If you
desire to be more optimistic, like most of our prophets and prophesy today in
the sense of “speaking the church” of I Corinthians 14, then you might refer to
the last seven or so years of these unusual disasters in America since 911 as
either:  (1) a withholding temporarily of God’s blessing, and still according to the
Bible, that is a CURSE; or as a few bolder modern prophets have done, say (2)
“God has withdraw the umbrella of protection over this nation”, and again
according to the Bible that is a CURSE from God.  
{For details of the
extensive nature of the blessings in a BLESSING and the curses or
calamities in a CURSE, read Deuteronomy 28.}
For any nation of God’s people, like for Israel in the past and for the United
States today as the world leader in the Fullness of the Gentiles where the
Gospel has been spread to every nation there are always two options under the
leadership and protection of God, and only two options:  (1) the option of
national blessings, most generally referred to as PEACE where material well-
being is implied, also comfort and security, on the country called for short a
BLESSING; and (2) the option of national curses, most generally called
DESOLATION where it is on land, people, weather, animals, and even the
plants and crops of the land or calamities on a country call for short a CURSE.  
All of this started when God first called a nation to be His own people, out of
Egypt and into the wilderness where the laws on Mount Sinai were formulated
for a people as God’s own peculiar people.  
{You will find that God in
Jeremiah refers to the forefathers in the wilderness all the way up to the
generation of Jeremiah as “firstfruits” of a people of God, which is exactly
what was the intention of God.}
 It received impetus and popularity among the
people of God at the very height of the power of the nation in the world, during
the 40 year reign of King Solomon; and is most clearly seen and heard at the
dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem when God again, like in the initial
covenant between Israel and Himself, sets forth the two options a BLESSING
and a CURSE.

SPECIAL NOTE:  To assist in this series of Bible Studies, you may want to
read some more background on all of the Prophets, on how their job was as a
spokesman for God to the Kings and to all the nations.  It will help to look at
Prophets, Isaiah as a sweep on all prophesy, and related matters on the
"Prophets To Nations" page of this website.

1-2:  FEBRUARY:  Some General Characteristics of Jeremiah to assist you in
the Study.

1.  Jeremiah is the book of “backsliding”; in fact, Jeremiah defines and sets the
standards of backsliding as the word while being found 14 times in the book of
Jeremiah, is found in that “ing” form only two other times in the Bible, once in
Proverbs 14:14 and once in Hosea.
NOTE:  See “The Backsliding of A Nation of God’s People” with the link
"Backsliding of God's People At the House of God"
2.  Jeremiah is a book about “PEACE”.  Like backsliding, Peace is prominent
word in the book; however, there is a startling contrast as only God and
Jeremiah say “there is no longer any peace for the nation of Judah” and the
Prophets all preach peace when there is no peace”; and the people believe it
because they want it so!
3.  Therefore also, Jeremiah is a book of DESOLATION:  desolation which
God declared would soon happen to Jerusalem and the cities of Judah;
desolation to the temple and worship of God; a desolation which the people still
denied both publicly in their worship and daily in their total “ways and doings”.
4.  Like Isaiah one hundred years before it, Jeremiah records both the actual
events of history as the destruction of Jerusalem and Babylonian Captivity, and
records the prediction of the event, also like Isaiah, records what God’s people
in Judah and of that time were saying and thinking, and the way they lived,
especially in religious practices.  Primarily it records the message of God for
the people right then, always the dominant part of Prophecy.  In Jeremiah God
tries to reason with the people on what He considered wrong that they
considered right, listing many of their excuses for unrighteousness and
abominations, and many of the “lying words” that they used to justify,
rationalize, and excuse the way they lived.
5.  The Temple Message of Jeremiah is unlike any message that you have ever
heard or will ever read as it has nothing good to say to God’s own people and
much to say about what they are doing wrong.  Few people then would listen to
the temple message of Jeremiah, and also few will listen to it today as applying
to them in spite of their conviction that they are also God’s people and the
nation of God!  Here is a short outline, unadulterated and in the words of God
and of the book of Jeremiah, for you to consider the startling nature of the
NOTE:  A no nonsense straight forward outline of the Temple Message.  
Before this month, you are welcome to read "The Temple Message of
6.  Comparison of “ears” and “listening” in Jeremiah with the “itching ears” of the
Falling Away and of II Timothy 4:3,4.  
{Brief introduction of “backsliding” as
a final subset of the Falling Away, and incident the precipice at which the
church in America now stands, ready to fall over, that of simultaneously
turned away truth while turning into fables.  Whatever you say or think of
churches in America today in terms of the Falling Away from God, Christ,
and the Bible, you must see:  (1) we are now at and have gone through the
first three stages of the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:3,4 as (1) there is much
intolerance toward sound doctrine in Christianity and the churches,
growing every day; (2) wants, desires, and personal motivations have
taken the place of Christ and the spirit in churches call it whatever you
want, democracy or sin; and (3) Bible teachers and preachers, like
termites, are coming out of the wood work as an obvious sign of the
times--on TV, in pulpits, and in Bible classes and conferences, those with
something new and different to say, quite often with false “special
(1).  AMEND YOUR WAYS AND DOINGS.  Have you heard or read that
message today?  For way thing you may not have heard or considered that
your life style as a church member and citizen could be referred to as “ways and
doings”.  However, as you begin to look at the details of Jeremiah, you will
appreciate it as an adequate description of all in the lives of God’s people at the
time:  their social life, their religious life in the temple and at home and in the
streets and on the roof tops of Jerusalem and in all the cities of Judah; their
activities on every hilltop and in the valleys, the thoughts and sayings of the
princes of the governments, the prophets, the priests, and all the people in the
land. Like so much of the Temple Message, the exact words were dictated by
God to Jeremiah.
“Thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, Amend your ways and
doings, and I will cause you to dwell in this place.”  (Jeremiah 7:3)
(2).  DO NOT TRUST IN LYING WORDS.  (Jeremiah 7:4)
a.  The “lying words” of “the temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD, the
temple of the LORD are these”.  (7:4)
b.  The “lying words” which could not profit them of 7:8-10 where the people
said, “we are delivered to do all these abominations” (7:10)  
NOTE:  We must look more carefully at these excuses, what they meant to
God’s people and what they meant to God; and exactly what they meant in
the context of Jeremiah.
OF THIEVES. (Jeremiah 7:11)  God did not consider His House a Den of
Thieves, nor was that His intention when Solomon first dedicated the Temple.  It
was to be a house of prayer and a house of worship.  However, if the people
thought it through, in their hearts it had to be like a Den of Thieves where
criminals would go out and commit all kinds of crimes and abominations, and
then for security and comfort run to their hideouts periodically.
(4).  God will do to this House and this Place, what He did to Shiloh in the
northern kingdom of Israel:  GOD WILL CAST OUT OF HIS SIGHT THE
PEOPLE OF JUDAH.  God will cast out of His sight the people of Judah like He
did the people of the northern kingdom of Israel.  (7:14,15)
NOTE:  God had already reasoned through His judgments and the whole
plan for Judah with Jeremiah, the conclusion of which is just before the
beginning of chapter 7 and the Temple Message.
“People will call them rejected silver, because the LORD has rejected
them.”  (Jeremiah 6:30)
NOTE:  Rejected Silver, the Rejected People of God of Jeremiah.
NOTE:  And once again God slips into a dialogue with Jeremiah to justify
His judgment, much like He and Jeremiah went through in the dialogue of
Jeremiah 1-6.  {See the DIALOGUE OF GOD AND JEREMIAH as part of the
APRIL Bible Study in Jeremiah, “Jeremiah 1-6 as background for the
Temple Message.”}
MEALS, for the intention of God was never for sacrifice in worship as a
substitute for obedience.  (Jeremiah 7:21-27)  Well, you might as well make the
Queen of Heaven part of your temple worship for all the good that it is doing
you on obedience and listening to the Word of God!
NOTE:  “To obey is better than to sacrifice” like in Isaiah is the long point
of the message, and includes more dialogue between God and Jeremiah;
and it will be treated as such when in May we come to the details of the
Temple Message of Jeremiah.

For the completion of this February Bible Study of Jeremiah, please go to
the page with a message on
"Backsliding At the House of God".

1-3:  MARCH:  This is a Bible Study of Prophesy and Jeremiah.

NOTE:  Because of certain issues on urgency on "backsliding" as described in
the March Bible Study, and corresponding newsletter, this study has been
changed to
"Moving On, Backwards".  If you are not currently receiving the
SunGrist_Bible newsletters with this monthly series of Bible Studies, then email
us at and ask to be added to the monthly newsletter email

1.  Since like Sampey {read Sampey in THE HEART OF THE OLD
and B.H. Carroll purport--“Isaiah is a survey of all prophesy for the rest
of the Prophets from Isaiah to Malachi”, pointing out at the same time the
sequence in our Bibles of Isaiah at the first of the Major {four} and Minor
Prophets {twelve}--then this Bible Study on Jeremiah will often make checks on
interpretation between Jeremiah, Isaiah, which is good Bible hermeneutics in the
first place, that of comparing scripture with scripture and keeping the Bible in
total context.  
{Please see the ASPI method of Bible interpretation in the 10
major doctrines of the Bible of SOME SOUNDS OF SOUND FAITH.}
(1).  In your study of Jeremiah this year you will find often that passages in
Jeremiah are taken from Jeremiah, or there is a paraphrase of Jeremiah.  Since
it was obvious to Jeremiah that the people were no longer reading the previous
Prophets like Isaiah, Joel, Amos, and Hosea and what they heard from the
official Prophets of the day were “special revelations” that came, not from God,
but from dreams and visions {read Jeremiah 23:25}, and since the people
except for a couple of princes in government refused to listen to Jeremiah, even
tried to shut up His messages and then kill him, that in the recording of the Word
of God through his scribe, Jeremiah would refer and quote and make references
to the same subject matter as previous Prophets.
{See “What Were God’s
People of Jeremiah Thinking?”,  Chapter 23 and page 360 of BIBLE
REPORTS FOR BELIEVING for the outline from Carroll and Sampey on the
sequence of the Old Testament Prophets.}
(2).  Even as the fifth volume of the LEARN CHRIST commentaries on “The
Message of the Writing Prophets” finds a consistent from the 16 writing
{this number does not include Moses who also was the first of the
writing prophets, see Deuteronomy 18:15-22, well actually the second as
the Prophet Job was the first Writing Prophet}
such as to call all 16 of this as
delivering one message, so in this study of Jeremiah we will consistently refer to
the other Prophets on the same subject under discussion.  For example in the
subject of “Formality versus Spirituality” in Worship, we will compare Jeremiah
and Isaiah with other Prophets as introduced below.
NOTE:  See “Writing Prophets on Formality versus Spirituality”.
(3).  Isaiah, considered the Queen of Prophets, does indeed cover the whole
spectrum of both predictive and message of the day prophecy, and we will
respect it as a standard for major conclusions in Bible study.  In fact, we will
have two primary Bible commentaries to explain, expound, and comment on the
Bible in Jeremiah:  (1) Jesus and the Apostles {alias the 27 books of the New
Testament} and (2) Isaiah and the rest of the Writing Prophets of the Old
{16 plus books of the Old Testament}.
2.  With this ASPI {A Semi-Public Interpretation of the Bible based on the
recommendation of Peter and the Word of God in II Peter 1:20 and 21, that
is “no scripture is of any private interpretation”}
we hope to initial a sound
doctrine revival in Bible study that avoids four common and prevalent mistakes
in Bible interpretation.
(1).  While the office of the prophet today must be recognized also as gifts from
the Ascended Christ (Ephesians 4:8-11), just like “pastors, teachers, and
evangelists”,  A Prophet of today is not a prophet if he substitutes the personal
dreams and visions of special revelation for the Revealed Word of God in the
66 books of the Bible.  That is the way it started with God’s definition of
Prophets and the message of the Prophets as “prophesy” in Deuteronomy 18;
that is the way it continued in Jeremiah as God so often and so aptly
distinguished between the official and false prophets who ran without a call or
commission; and finally in the NT book of Jude as Jude clearly and in defence
of “the faith once for all delivered to the saints” told us “How To ID False
Prophets and False Teachers
{please see the message/chapter/page of this
website entitled
"How To ID False Prophets and Teachers" and "Prophesy
and Prophets, A Definition"}
(2).  The frequent confusion of unsound doctrine with the predictive prophecies
of the Old Testament where the new people of the new earth, and the new earth,
are confused with a final restoration of the Jewish people in a Millennium on
earth before the Second Coming.
(3).  The great misunderstanding of “prophesy” itself in the message of the Old
Testament Prophets as applying to only predictive elements:  (a) it has a
message for us today, just like in the book of Revelation, that is the same as the
message originally attended to and for the people that it was written, for
example in Revelation for the seven churches of Asia Minor as well as all
Christians of the first century, and us, and for the Prophecy of Jeremiah to the
nations, to Judah, Israel, God’s people in Captivity, and to all God’s people of
all time, and to all the nations of the earth; and (b) it has less frequently a
predictive element, most general for the near future and then for the future of the
end times.
(4).  The fragrant distortions of “prophesy” in any church as specified early in
the Word of God of I Corinthians 14, of worship and prophesy, or singing in
worship and prophesy, of the purpose of prophesy, as to proper attitude toward
the revealed Word of God in worship and prophesy; and just about everything
else that we so often do wrong in our worship and conference services in
America today.  
{Please see “Confusion in the Congregation”, “Fake
Worship”, and the chapters on Corinthians in the LEARN CHRIST
commentary on the letters of Paul, “Believe and Be Baptized”.}
3.  A little Bible history of the times helps.

APRIL:  Jeremiah 1-6 as background for the Temple Message.

1.  Inspiration as words put in the mouth of Jeremiah by God Himself.
2.  The calibration of the mind of Jeremiah as part of inspiration as (1) God
reasons with Jeremiah, (2) Jeremiah travails in His soul and laments, and (3)
Jeremiah begins to speak like God thinks, and (4) Jeremiah is ready to preach
the Temple Message.

MAY:  The Temple Message of Jeremiah.

1.  Amend Your Ways and Doings.
2.  Do not Trust in Lying Words:  the Misplaced Trust in Buildings for Salvation.
3.  Do not Trust in Lying Word that Can not Profit.
(1).  The lies were based on a misunderstanding of the law in the ten
(2).  They were based on mistrust in their past as a continued means of
salvation for the future.  
{the heritage of their faith}
(3).  They did not blush, nor were they ashamed about the contradiction
between their weekly “ways and doings”--abominations in the sight of God--and
there boldness to stand before God in worship, in His house, and on the
(4).  Indeed, the very fact that they still existed as a House of God and as a
Nation was proof to them that they were doing what was right, “We are
delivered to do all these abominations.”
4.  “Do you not know that the patience of God leads you to repentance?”
5.  The “Den of Thieves” of Jeremiah 7:11 and from Jesus with the House of
Prayer from Jesus and Isaiah.  
{In the mean time until May please refer to the
“Den of Thieves” E-book of SunGrist_Bible.  Please see:
6.  No more Prayer for the People of God.
7.  To obey is better than any sacrifice in worship or attendance.
8.  “Truth Has Perished”  (Jeremiah 7:28-34), and “the land shall be desolate”.

JUNE:  “Backsliding” is a final subset of the last stages of Falling Away.

1.  The five stages of development of the final Falling Away in II Timothy 4:3,4.
(1).  Intolerance toward Sound Doctrine.
(2).  Christians and church members “driven” in their lives and churches more by
their own “desires” and “wants” than by Christ or the Spirit.
(3).  The massive heaping up of Bible preachers and teachers of itching ears.
(4).  The turning away from truth of BACKSLIDING.
(5).  The turned into fables of BACKSLIDING.
2.  “Backsliding”.
3.  Backsliding as the final states of the Falling Away:  turn away from truth and
turn into fables.

JULY:  Jeremiah 7-52 as Explanations of the Temple Message.

1.  History (8:1-3),  What to expect “At that time” of desolation.
2.  “Thus says the LORD”  on the Perils of False Teachings.  (8:4 - 17)
3.  Jeremiah Mourns (8:18 - 9:6).
4.  God responds to Jeremiah in Dialogue Again (9:7 - 11)
5.  WHY?  (Jeremiah 9:12)
6.  “And the LORD said Because:  (1) they have forsaken My law; (2) not
obeyed My voice; and (3) not walked according to the way of My voice
(Jeremiah 9:12-14).
7.  Says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel.  (9:15,16) about the “strong
delusion” of “wormwood and gaul”.
8.  The LORD of hosts:  call for mourning (Jeremiah 9:17-24).
9.  “Behold, the days are coming” for the punishment of “all” (9:25,26).
10.  “Hear the word which the LORD speaks to Israel”  (10:1 - 25) about idols,
the True God and Captivity.
11.  “The word that came to Jeremiah from the LORD”  (Jeremiah 11:1 -17)
about the “broken covenant”.
12.  A little History:  Jeremiah’s Life Threatened (11:18-22).
13.  Jeremiah, “let me talk with you O LORD about your judgements”.  (12:1-17)
and the reply of God.
14.  God gives Jeremiah the Symbol of the “Linen Sash” on How He Will Ruin
the Pride of Judah and the Great Pride of Judah (13:1-11); the symbol of the
wine bottles on their destruction; and then provides Jeremiah with a
commentary on Pride (Jeremiah 13:12-27).
15.  The word of God came to Jeremiah on the calamities of the “droughts” (14:
1-22); the people to God and the response of God; and some more dialogue to
Jeremiah (14:11-16) about what the prophets say about the sword and famine,
then a final plea for mercy from Jeremiah.
16.  “Even if Moses and Samuel stood before me” to plead, there would be no
favor (15:1- 9) and a answer for Jeremiah of “Where will we go?” and the 4
forms of destruction--sword to slay, dogs to drag, the birds to devour and the
beasts to destroy--with special words for Jerusalem.
17.  Jeremiah’s Dejection and Assurances and Comfort from the LORD.  
(Jeremiah 15:10-21).

August:  Illustrations from Jeremiah 7-22 on the Temple Message.

1.  Illustrations for the Temple Message of Jeremiah 23.
2.  Illustrations for the Temple Message of Jeremiah 7.
3.  A Modified Outline for the total Temple Message.
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