Teachings of Baal and Jezebel

The message is that the tendency of Christians who hold to secret sin
and lust is to embrace and become married to a false doctrine which will
only excite and confirm them in their sins. The last thing Ahab needed
was a Jezebel. How dangerous. She brought out the worst in him,
magnified it and destroyed him. So it is with false doctrine. If there is any
sin, lust or worldliness in you, the last thing you need is a doctrine that
will bring out your worst. When David sinned with Bathsheba, he did not
need a false prophet with a soothing message to tell him how much God
loved him. He needed the uncompromising prophet Nathan, with a
pointed finger, crying out, "Thou art the man". Those who preach the
doctrine of Christ show the people the difference between the evil and
the good. There is no mixture from their lips.

"And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and
profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the
clean" (Ezekiel 44:23).

Ezekiel denounces these false prophets who enrich themselves by
bringing a message excusing sin.

"There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a
roaring lion ravening the prey; they have taken the treasure and
precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst
thereof. Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine
holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and the
profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean
and the clean... and I am profaned among them... And her prophets
say, Thus saith the Lord God, when the Lord hath not spoken"
(Ezekiel 11:25-28)

Certain members of the church were selling out to Satan. Their good
works, charity, service, faith and patience were overshadowed by a
seduction of false doctrine. They were under the spell of a false teaching,
a teaching that came disguised as the true Word but was in fact evil
{from http://tscpulpitseries.org/english/1980s/ts880118.html  }

The Doctrine of Jezebel

Let us look at this doctrine of demons and see if you are in danger of
selling out to Satan. There are three distinguishing marks of the Jezebel
doctrine. These were all found in the Jezebel of the Old Testament, the
mother and the embodiment of false doctrines. Jesus made her name
synonymous with false doctrine. It is a doctrine which teaches that
something evil can be good, that the profane can be pure.
Jezebel, in Hebrew, means "chaste, virtuous, without idolatry". Imagine.
The most ungodly, most idolatrous, scheming, hateful, woman in all the
Bible called virtuous, without sin. Something very bad is named good.
But ironically it is "chaste?" - with a question mark. How? When?
Where? How did she become chaste? When? Where?

"Behold, ye trust in lying words, that cannot profit. Will ye steal,
murder and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense
unto Baal, and walk after other gods whom ye know not; and come
and stand before me in this house, which is called by my name, and
say, We are delivered to do all these abominations" (Jeremiah 7:8-10).

There is the answer. A clinging to some pet sin, some secret idol in the
heart. A justifying of sin. A walk with the world. A brotherhood with the
world. Then they come to God's house boasting, "I'm not convicted".
This is an open invitation to lying spirits.

Those who teach the Jezebel doctrine claim to be prophets. But there is
a test of true and false prophets. Jezebel prophets prophesy good things
only, just peace and prosperity.

"I have seen also in the prophets of Jerusalem an horrible thing: they
commit adultery, and walk in lies: they strengthen also the hands of
evil doers, that none doth return from his wickedness; they are all of
them unto me as Sodom, and the inhabitants thereof as Gomorrah.
Therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts concerning the prophets;
Behold, I will feed them with wormwood, and make them drink the
water of gall: for from the prophets of Jerusalem is profaneness
gone forth into all the land. Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Hearken not
unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you: they make
you vain: they speak a vision of their own heart, and not out of the
mouth of the Lord. They say still unto them that despise me, The
Lord hath said, Ye shall have peace; and they say unto every one
that walketh after the imagination of his own heart, No evil shall
come upon you" (Jeremiah 23:14-17)

They do not turn people from wickedness. They speak of dreams and act
foolishly in the pulpit. They are jokesters.


"And Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, and withal how he
had slain all the prophets with the sword. Then Jezebel sent a
messenger unto Elijah, saying, So let the gods do to me, and more
also, if I make not thy life as the life of one of them by tomorrow
about this time" (1Kings 19:1-2).

The Doctrine of Jezebel Promotes Covetousness

"Naboth the Jezreelite had spoken to Ahab: for he had said, I will not
give thee the inheritance of my fathers... The Lord forbade it. And
Ahab laid down upon his bed, and turned away his face, and would
eat no bread. But Jezebel his wife came to him, and said unto him,
Why is thy spirit so sad, that thou eatest no bread? Dost thou now
govern the kingdom of Israel? Arise, and eat bread, and let thine
heart be merry: I will give thee the vinyard of Naboth the Jezreelite"
(1Kings 21:1-7).

Listen to the doctrine of Jezebel, "You are king. Number one. You have
rights. Let nothing stop you from getting what you want". She said to
Ahab, "Be merry. Be happy. Rejoice. I'll get it for you". That is the
prosperity gospel in a nutshell. "Don't sweat it. Don't feel sad or
condemned by those desires that eat you up. I'll get it for you". Like the
deceptive methods Jezebel used, these doctrines twist and misuse
The greatest deception in the modern church is the matter of using
God's Word to put a badge of approval on covetousness. On the surface
the Jezebel doctrine works (see 1 Kings 21:14-16). It got Ahab what he
wanted. He possessed his rights because when a man was stoned for
high treason against the king, all his rights reverted to the king. There
has never been a question that for many this doctrine of prosperity
works. Like Ahab, they are enjoying their possessions.
There are three distinguishing marks of the Jezebel doctrine. These were
all found in the Jezebel of the Old Testament, the mother and the
embodiment of false doctrines. Jesus made her name synonymous with
false doctrine. It is a doctrine which teaches that something evil can be
good, that the profane can be pure.

Jeremiah on Baal

The prophet Jeremiah reported Baal worship still common in his day (2:
23; 7:9; 9:14; 11:17, etc.)

Teachings and Practices on Baal

The practice of Baal worship by humans, though, was focused on the
element of fertility. It was believed by those who worshiped Baal that
human beings were able to help strengthen Baal in his struggle with Mot
by taking certain actions. These actions specifically involved performing
magic, engaging in certain rituals (which included child sacrifice), and
sexual interaction with sacred prostitutes. The magic, rituals and sexual
activity were all designed to encourage Baal’s return to mate with
Asherah so that he could bring the rains.
{http://www.marketfaith.org/your-must-know-guide-to-baal/ }

Both Baal and his consort Astarte were Phoenician fertility symbols. The
"Baal" promoted by the Queen Jezebel, a Phoenician princess, is
referred to as Baal-Melqart. Both Hadad and Melqart are found in lists of
Phoenician deities, but it is difficult to know whether Jezebel's form of
Baal-worship differed much from the worship of Baal-Hadad.


Baals were often worshiped in "high places" at which a priest or prophet
of the local baal would offer various types of animal, vegetable, or wine
offerings. The Book of Kings describes the prophets of Baal engaged in
shaman-like ecstatic dances. (I Kings 18:26-28) This in itself does not
seem dissimilar to the frenzied "prophecy" described of the early
prophets of Yahweh:
As you approach the town, you will meet a procession of prophets
coming down from the high place with lyres, tambourines, flutes and
harps being played before them, and they will be prophesying. The Spirit
of the Lord will come upon you in power, and you will prophesy with
them; and you will be changed into a different person. (1 Sam. 10:5-6)
The prophets of Baal, however, are also described as engaging in self-
mutilation, perhaps mimicking the mourning of Anat in the period
between Baal's death and resurrection.

Baal worship and sex

Near or in larger towns, formal temples of Baal existed. In some cases,
his worship seems to have involved ritual sex between a king or priest
and a female priestly counterpart, symbolizing the union of heaven and
earth, which brings on the blessing of rain and crops.
One of the main prophetic objections to Baal-worship was its association
with ritual sex. That Babylonian religion involved ritual sacred harlotry is
clear in the original sources, where it was associated with the goddess
Ishtar. It is not unlikely that the Canaanite worship of Astarte (the consort
of Baal and equivalent deity to Ishtar) also involved enactments of the
"sacred marriage." Israelites allegedly also participated in such rituals,
as is indicated by the prophets' denunciation of these practices. Even the
Biblical origin story of the dominant southern tribe of Judah tells of the
patriarch fathering twin boys through his daughter-in-law Tamar, who had
disguised herself as a sacred harlot in the town of Timnah (Gen. 38:15-
38). How widespread this practice was, and at what point the Israelite
tribes began to think of it as something condemned by God, is hard to

While Israel was staying in Shittim, the men began to indulge in
sexual immorality with Moabite women, who invited them to the
sacrifices to their gods. The people ate and bowed down before
these gods. So Israel joined in worshiping the Baal of Peor. And the
Lord's anger burned against them (Numbers 25:1-3)

NOTE:  it must be considered how the Jerusalem and Juda, indeed
all Israel, had according to God committed two evils—forsaken God
the fountain of living waters, and hewn out broken cisterns that
could hold no water.  That baal was a rain god highlights this.

As the Israelites settle in Canaan, the temptation of participating in local
religious practices continues to lure them. The period of the judges is
summarized as one in which
"The Israelites did evil in the eyes of the
Lord; they forgot the Lord their God and served the Baals and the
Asherahs." (Judges 3:7

Things become even more problematic, however, during the reign of the
King Ahab in the Kingdom of Israel. His Phoenician wife, Jezebel,
introduces Baal worship in her court and attempts a purge of the
prophets of Yahweh, who vehemently oppose Baal worship. The struggle
reaches its climax in the dramatic struggle between the prophet Elijah
and the prophets of Baal for control of the high place at Mount Carmel.
Baal's prophets fail to produce a sign that Baal has accepted their
sacrifice, while Elijah succeeds powerfully when Yahweh consumes his
sacrifice with fire from heaven. Elijah then incites the onlookers to
massacre all 450 of the Baal's representatives (I Kings 18).

Despite these purges, Baal worship remained in practice both in Israel
and Judah for some time to come. In the north, the prophet Hosea

The more I called Israel, the further they went from me. They
sacrificed to the Baals and they burned incense to images. (Hosea

By the time of King Josiah (640–609 B.C.E.), even the Temple of
Jerusalem itself reportedly housed sacred prostitutes involved in the
fertility cult associated with Baal and Ashera.   (2 Kings 23)
. Josiah
purged the Temple of all vestiges of "pagan" worship. He also
"did away
with the pagan priests appointed by the kings of Judah to burn
incense on the high places of the towns of Judah and on those
around Jerusalem—those who burned incense to Baal… " (2 Kings

In the biblical view, however, Josiah's reforms had come too late. God
had already determined to punish Judah for her sins. Josiah was killed in
battle against Pharaoh Neco II of Egypt, and the Babylonians soon
besieged Jerusalem. The prophet Jeremiah reported Baal worship still
common in his day (2:23; 7:9; 9:14; 11:17, etc.), while Ezekiel had a
vision of pagan worship in the Temple itself before its destruction in 586

Baal is not mentioned in the post-exilic Biblical writings. However, the
apocryphal "Bel and the Dragon," appended to the Book of Daniel in
some versions of the Bible, tells the story of the prophet Daniel exposing
the fraudulent practices of Babylonian Bel/Marduk-worship. Non-Jewish
populations in Judea and Samaria in the period between 400 B.C.E. and
the Common Era no doubt continued to worship Baal and his Greek or
Roman counterparts. However, the Jewish identity was now firmly
associated with monotheism of the Yahwist variety.

Name of Jezebel  

Examples from the Web for Jezebel and Contemporary Examples

1.  In 2012, Jezebel recruited Sciortino to be their“resident sexpert” and
write a Slutever-style advicecolumn. Is This Dildo-Licking, Dominatrix-
Loving Vogue Blogger the New Face of Feminism? Lizzie Crocker May
21, 2014
2.  One Christian man complained about “the idea thatangels would
forsake their divinity for aerosol cologne,”according to Jezebel.
3.  11 Ads Banned from TV Shannon Donnelly October 31, 2011
In the end, Jezebel took a stand against Vogue for theumpteenth time
and spent $10,000 in the process.
4.  The Vogue-ification of Lena Dunham Lizzie Crocker January 20, 2014

{from http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/jezebel?s=t }

" In 2012, Jezebel recruited Sciortino to be their “resident sexpert” and
write a Slutever-style advice column"  So writes Lizze Crocker in her blog
on "Is This Dildo-Licking, Dominatrix-Loving Vogue Blogger the New
Face of Feminism?"


According to Wikipedia, "Jezebel is a feminist blog, under the tagline
"Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing". It is one of
several blogs owned by Gawker Media."


This is by no means striving to equate this facet of the feminist
movement with the Jezebel Doctrine, but the obvious flaunting of sex for
profit must be considered.  Remember, "Sex sells".  After all the Collier
British dictionary offers two definitions of Jezebel:
/ˈdʒɛzəˌbɛl; -bəl/
(Old Testament) the wife of Ahab, king of Israel: she fostered the worship
of Baal and tried to destroy the prophets of Israel (I Kings 18:4–13); she
was killed by Jehu (II Kings 9:29–37)
(sometimes not capital) a shameless or scheming woman
Ref:  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/jezebel?s=t

Bottom line other than the post you can see in this collection from
Franklin Graham is the Introduction to the Jezebel Doctrine, Depths of
Satan with a Bible presentation of exactly how Jesus Himself defined the
Jezebel Doctrine.

It is obvious that the name Jezebel is derived and shortened from Baal,
the god of the Canaanites, often mentioned in the Bible as warring
against the One God of Israel.  In fact, the worship of Baal and other god-
idols was a significant cause in the downfall of Jerusalem, Judah, and
Israel.   Satan chooses many names in his efforts to "go about as a lion
seeking whom he may devour", and Baal and his female cohort of Ashera
(II Kings 23).  You can see why the Ascended Jesus was so enraged that
the Jezebel Doctrine (Revelation 2) had gotten into one of the first
century churches, two at least if you find the Baalam doctrine where sex
and Baal worship was used to destroy Israel.
The book of Jeremiah, especially in the Temple message of Jeremiah 7
has a great deal to say about the evils of Baal-

"Behold, ye trust in lying words, that cannot profit. Will ye steal, murder
and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense unto Baal, and
walk after other gods whom ye know not; and come and stand before me
in this house, which is called by my name, and say, We are delivered to
do all these abominations" (Jeremiah 7:8-10).

Dr. R. G. Lee use to say, "If you shoot at a bear or a giant, kill it."  Well,
between the articles and quotes in the news offline, etc, we will illustrate in
these Collections of the Jezebel Doctrine the danger of such a cult that
exists today; and in the Jeremiah and Prophesy Community will be found
posts on what Jeremiah and the Prophets {including the historian Isaiah
that wrote Kings and Chronicles} said, and remember these are part of
the Word of God, about:  the teachings and practices of Baal, the sad
history of the invasion in Israel, etc.