Baal, Balak, Balaam, and Blessings

The main subject is the Blessings of God the Father of the Lord Jesus
Christ and our Father through Christ, but in order to appreciate how God
instructed Moses and Aaron to bless His children, we must first see some
obvious realities of this world. (Just remember as we do that God had
already told Moses how to bless His children in Number 6, long before
Balak, Balaam, and Baal became involved in Numbers 22.} Baal, Balak,
and Balaam are listed in order of power: Baal first who although a nothing
and a nobody since only a dumb idol, because Baal represents all the gods
of worship and service that men of all generations use as a substitute for
the only true God, substitutes for the only true God, the Father of the Lord
Jesus Christ, the Creator the Universe, and the God of Abraham, Isaac,
Jacob, and Moses--the great “I am”. You know how to tell false gods from
the only real God, “to Whom is power and glory forever”, any god is not
real that:  (1) that does not have for a Son the Lord Jesus Christ, and (2)
any god without the Bible as the Word of God.  {Don’t kid yourselves, we
all know which book that is in spite of the Mormons, the Masons, and the
Muslims.  It is the book of 66 books that has been preserved by this God
of the Universe, and is recognized as words of God to all humanity by the
Christian world.}
Balak is second in power because that king of Moab during the time God’s
people were marching from Egypt to their home in the promised land of
Canaan represents all the ungodly men of land, power, and wealth of all
generations.  Surely you do not think that we have gone beyond the “no
more or no less of the word of the LORD” of which the Prophet Balaam
spoke several times before his madness, and if a reminder is needed of
how all the stories, histories, and personalities of the Bible are given to us
of this present generation for EXAMPLES, recall the words of I Corinthians
“Now all these things happened to them as examples, and they were
written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages have
come.”  (I Corinthians 10:11)
So...Baal represents any substitute for the true God and Father of the Lord
Jesus Christ, Balak represents ungodly men of all generations with power,
land, and wealth; and lastly Balaam represents all Prophets and men of
God who for years spoke for the true God but who later “loved the wages
of unrighteousness.” (II Peter 2:15)  The Balaams of today like of old are
so dangerous because they are inside the God movement, once spoke
with conviction for God, and had and have good reputations.  Balak knew
to send from Moab near the Jordan River all the way over to Mesopotamia
for Balaam, “for I know whom you bless is blessed and whom you curse is
cursed (Numbers 22:6).  {Parenthetically notice that here in the words from
King Balak of the Moabites or Midianites, there was no mention of God, a
god, or even of Baal who was the god of the Moabites, Midianites, and
much of the people of Canaan.  Balak recognizes only the power and world-
wide reputation of Balaam because it was a known fact from Syria to
Assyrian to Moab by the Jordan that the ones Balaam blessed were
blessed and the ones who Balaam cursed were cursed.}

9-1:  Our Bible lesson or example here is to be leery of the Prophet of
God with a world wide reputation when it seems he could have sold
out to the “wages of unrighteousness.”  (II Peter 2:15)  In other words,
if personal profit, reputation, and gain dominate.

1.  Do not be deceived by the professionally religious of popularity today,
for Balaam was a Prophet of God with a good prayer life, for he spoke
often to God and with extensive discourses.  {Of course, this was on
occasions and we must remember than even though Balaam’s donkey saw
the angel of the LORD God about to kill them, Balaam himself did not at
first recognize this danger from God.}  Read and study carefully Numbers
22-25 and you will see that almost everything Balaam did was right, three
times blessing the people of God of Israel in spite of pressures, threats,
and the anger of King Balak who had brought here over to Moab in the first
place and while on per diem {the diviner’s wages in the words of Balak and
Numbers, which were paid to Balaam before he ever left Mesopotamia.}
NOTE:  It would seem that the message here is also well known, that the
spokesmen for God, be it pastors, teachers, evangelists, or prophets
{these are the only four groups authorized to hold offices by the Ascended
Christ in Ephesians 4:11}, have their “treasure in earthen vessels” (II Cor 4:
7).  However, obviously there is a disappointing point in the life of the false
prophet or false teacher, when he comes to love the wages of
unrighteousness more than he loves the wages of righteousness, and this
love becomes unfortunately the dominant new habit of his way and life.  He
can still have the reputation, but something has gone wrong inside which
Jesus might call, “because sin will abound, the love of many will wax cold”.
Or in the case of fallen prophets of God, the heart waxes warmer for the
wages of unrighteousness than for the wages of righteousness, at least for
part of their life.Actually, they become victims of the most subtle of all lusts,
not the lust of the flesh or the lust of the eyes, but the “pride of life”.  Most
justifiable and practiced among believers and leaders is the forbidden
“Pride of Life”, mentioned by the Apostle John in I John 2:15-17 as not of
the Father but of the world.  By the way as we battle with Baal, we are
today battling with the world and the prince of the world who is Satan. {And
there is nothing so dangerous to the people of God than a professed
Christian or leader without the possession of inward power and
righteousness that wraps self-righteous robes of total rightness about
them--you know perfect, the purity of an iceberg, and all the answers--like
the hypocrites of Jesus’ day that operated on appearance rather than to
“judge righteous judgment” (John 7:24)
2.  The reason we know for certain that Balaam was a Prophet of God is
because Balaam, in the words of the Apostle Peter, was first going the
“right way” but went astray, after some good service for God “forsaking
“They have forsaken the right way and gone astray, following the way
of Balaam the son of Beor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness;
but he was rebuked for his iniquity, a dumb donkey speaking with a
man’s voice restrained the madness of the prophet.”  (II Peter 2:15)
NOTE:  Also that Peter in this writing of the Word of God, and our
habit of “no more and no less than the words of the LORD” calls in the
very last word of the verse, Balaam a “prophet”.  And less you think
this was a prophet of Baal, or some other idol of men like the priest of
Midian that was Moses’ father in law during the 40 years between
Egypt and rescue of the people, simply because prophet is spelled
with a little letter, think again; for when the ascended Christ set up
only 4 positions of authority for the church, that is in Ephesians 4:4, all
four positions--apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers,
are spelled with little letters, perhaps one reason being that no one
single position, as has happened in the doctrinal history of Christianity,
should exercise power and authority over all the other with the capital
letter.  Many of these Christian fables of today causing the great
apostasy of the Falling Away can be traced to the same points in
history where both the office of the New Testament prophet was
minimized as a gift of Christ to the church, and some other office of
authority was maximized.

9-2:  Read carefully who this “they” is of II Peter 2:15--”they have
forsaken the right way and gone astray”--in the total context of this
second chapter of II Peter.

1.  There have always been “false prophets” (2:1) among the people of
God in the OT just like there are now “false teachers” in NT churches, and
to deny their presence is to deny reality, to allow the extreme toleration of
the American Democratic faith to overwhelm all convictions of sound
doctrine!  Of course, there is generally the exercise of some discrimination
today as church members always point to other churches and
denominations as the hotbeds of false prophets and teachers, refusing to
look to their own.  You know, it is much like my is the only school, my is the
only city and state, etc!
2.  These false teachers secretly bring in heresies.  (2:1b)
3.  These destructive ways of false teachers cause the very truth itself to
be blasphemed (2:2}, leading the church and churches and denominations
down the path of the steps of the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:3,4 through
an intolerance toward sound doctrine, motivations by personal desires, the
heaping up of teachers with itching ears, and finally like today the “turning
away from truth, and the being turned into fables”.
3.  Covetousness or greed, another way to say “the wages of
unrighteousness” leads them to the “deceptive words” of unsound doctrine
and itching ears teachings.
4.  They think they are getting away with it, and just reward will never come,
since they are not killed shortly after the dastardly deeds like Balaam was
when he was found living in Midian.  {Of course living in the wealth and
honor and reputation of the world of Midian had sort of a deadening
comfort to it that lead to ignoring eternal consequences, or even the
significance of what Balaam did as he caused 24,000 people of God to be
killed, even as today living in professionalism, the smugness of degrees,
comfort and reputation forbids a good look at their currently existing and
judgment has been idle, but it has been active; in the very picturesque
words of the Apostle Peter, “for a long time their judgment has not been
idle, and their destruction does not slumber”  (II Peter 2:3).


“God knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations and to
reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgment”  (II
Peter 2:9)  {Please read the epistle of II Peter for yourself.}
Reservations have already been made, and they just do not see it.  Much
like the donkey saw the angel of the LORD ready to kill them, and this
prophet Balaam did not until the dumb donkey talked with the voice of a
man.  It is settled in heaven, the only place eternity counts, and only
remains to be worked out at the real Second Coming, when all Balaks,
Balaams, and Baals of power and position lose all control, and their eternal
fate is completely determined by their previous reservations.  It is
immutable, there will be no changing of reservations on that great and
notable day of the LORD and Lord!

9-4:  How God has instructed His leaders to bless His children.

We need not mess with a diviner of misguided but popular prophet of God,
to see how the real blessings come from the great God of this Universe.  
Like He did in giving us so many examples in the Bible of individuals and
groups, He Himself gave Moses divine advice on how to bless the people
of God.  {If you want to bless your own children or the people of God under
your care, then get serious--far more than a formality for the end or
beginning of worship--with Numbers 6:22-27:

“And the LORD spoke to Moses, saying:  Speak to Aaaron and his
sons, saying, ‘This is the way you will bless the children of Israel.  Say
to them:

The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.

So they shall put my name on the children of Israel, and I will bless
them.”  {Numbers 6:22-27)

Oh, how great it is when we “no more or no less” heeds the words of God,
without hypocrisy and ulterior motives down deep in the heart for “the
wages of unrighteousness”.  It is one thing to have and express the Bible
convictions of literalism, then it is still another matter to have diverting
ulterior motives in the heart that is motivated by the wages of
unrighteousness.  You don’t see any gospel of prosperity here that includes
the unrighteous wages.  What you see from our great God is SECURITY
{as He keeps and protects you}, GRACIOUSNESS, and PEACE.  Now,
some Bible Baptist Fundamentalists that now control the SBC through
political means and desire doctrinal control, would justify their efforts at the
gospel of prosperity that quickly saying this is what they mean by
prosperity from God, then the next week they bring in a money matters
expert to teach you how on the wages of unrighteousness.  And don’t ever
forget that what it comes down to is that Balaam, our bad example for a
Prophet of God, is that “he loved the wages of unrighteousness”. (II Peter 2:
Granted it is important to make a living for yourself and family, but how
dangerous it becomes when those good intentions turn to a love of
money,  the root of all evil.  The Bible warns against riches and wealth as
the trap of the devil, or even the desire to be wealthy is a trap, because so
quickly an over abundance of efforts and love for wealth turns to the same
problem Balaam had of falling into the trap of becoming a genuine LOVER
of the wages of the ungodly and unrighteousness.  You know, the world and
the Balak’s of the world never do wealth, success, and money in
moderation; but loving these things themselves with all “their heart, mind,
and soul”, the ungodly also motivate and guide you in the same paths of
unrighteousness.  Even as Jesus taught “you can not serve God and
mammon” at the same time, for “you will either love the one and cling to the
other”, or vice versa.  Even if you wanted to in moderation love the world a
little and love God a little, with balance, the Balaks and Balaams of the
world today will not allow you to do that.  The worldly philosophy of this
world that tells us “how to win friends and influence people” for gain without
moderation, also tells us what success is and how to obtain it without any
moderation.  A favorite saying of the world and worldly is “anything you do
is worth doing well”, and the well bespeaks of a love and lack of moderation.

9-5:  Bible stories like those about Baal, Balak, and Balaam {mainly
about the blessings of God and from God} were given to us as
“examples, upon whom the end of the ages have come”.

While this Bible study series on “Christian Fables and the Balaam Doctrine”
is far from over--there is so much yet to cover from the Bible, you should
be reminded that you may not have much more time to work it out!.  It
would seem that time, time, and more time is always the cure all for the
scientists including the social scientists and evolutionists; but, well,
according to the Bible, you are the generation on which the end of the ages
has come.  You may have time to work out your heart felt commitments
and then again you may not.  If the end of the ages have come on Peter
and his readers, at the beginning of what the Bible calls the last days, how
far along do you think God’s plan for the termination of this old earth is
now!  When you see a vast increase in sin, unrighteousness, and lack of
awareness of judgment, then consider that the Holy Spirit has already been
withdrawn from earth, after the Falling Away and a visual on the man of sin;
and further consider that the Pentecostals of the PP may not even know
the difference.  What happens when the Holy Spirit is withdrawn from
earth:  (1) the rising tide of sin and lawlessness becomes a flood (II
Thessalonians); (2) sin and lawlessness turns into murder and terrorism; (3)
sin is no longer seen as sin, righteousness is no longer seen as right and
righteous, and judgment awareness disappears; and (4) religion turns to
murder, terrorism, suicide, sexual immorality, and worship of the Baals of
power and control.

“Now all these things happened to them as examples, and they were
written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages have
come.”  (I Corinthians 10:11)

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