Bread and Bible in the Nations
Please respond personally and individually with photos and
blogs about your own living and Bible interest.

We at SunGrist and want to see in
photos and perhaps even hear in a few words about living (daily bread)
in your nation, large or small, and about the place of Bible in your life
and in the life of your nation.  Use the email address of to send photos representative of life and
living in your country, or of your own life. Preference at the  beginning
will be given to the cities and nations listed below that have been past
constituents of, with a web page
dedicated to your nation and the select cities.  That will change
somewhat in adjustment to the more responsive cities and nations
with living and Bible photos.  By the way also include the spread of the
technical and technology in your life and nation like computers and

NOTE:  Please no large company ads, but select photos and a few
words of real life in your city and nation, not one for tourist
consumption.  Preference will naturally be given to responsive
selections which reflect how close we as a world are to the common
END that we share and determined by the extent to which "the gospel
is preached to every nation", that time of which Jesus spoke when He

"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a
witness to all the nations, and then the end will come."  (Matthew 24:14)

Yes, since every internet visit represents a real person with a real life and
living, and some interest in the Bible since they have visited a bible website,
all visits are logged and noted with searches to know where you are in the
world.  For example last week, the following nations and cities were logged,
and above all we expect a photo response from you.  Please be sure to
identify your city and nation in the email to .

God is interested in the way you make your life and living, as reflected in the
Bible quote below, and so are we; and equally, you know, interested in the
extent of Bible {gospel of the kingdom} in your nation and life:

"...that He might make you know that man shall not live by bread alone;
but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the
LORD."  (Deuteronomy 8:3 and Luke 4:4)

This is by no means an effort to compete with Facebook or similar
social media, for the emphasis at BREAD AND BIBLE IN THE
NATIONS is on the more common and routine of your life and Bible.  
Many of us in America are aware that in the long and varied history of
the world, your nation has been ahead of us, at least in time if not in
quantity, in the spread of Bible {gospel of the kingdom} across the
Nations and/or smaller and more
active internet cities of United
States (note page links)
Cities of the world, the
lands across the way
1.  Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
1.  Pelotes, Brazil.
2.  China
2.  London, England
30.  Benin City, Nigeria
3.  Campinas, Brazil
4.  Canada
4.  Beijing, China
5.  India
5.  Cadiz, Spain
6. Lipetsk, Russian Federation
6.  Atacosa, Texas.
7.  Germany
7.  Fort Smith, Arkansas
8.  United Kingdom
8.  Largo, Florida
9.  France
Limoges, France
10.  Sweden
10.  Niceville, Florida
11.  Moldova
11.  Dublin, Ireland
12.  Brazil
12.  Stone Mountain, Georgia
13.  Israel
13.  Village of Bedford Park, Illinois
14.  Iran
14.  Hobart, Island state of Tasmania,
15.  Vietnam
15.  Morehead, Kentucky
16.  Lithuania
16.  Destrehan, Louisiana
17.  Colombia
17.  Northville, Michigan
18.  Republic of Korea
18.  Cortland, New York
19.  Venezuela
19.  Muskogee, Oklahoma
20.  Poland
20.  Sallisaw, Georgia
21.  Kazakhstan
21.  Spartanburg, South Carolina
22.  Singapore
22.  Ibague, Colombia
23.  Mynamar
23.  Yangon, Mynamar
24.  Colombo, Sri Lanka
24.  Hemnes, Northland county, Norway
25.  Bangladesh
9.  Lutz, Florida
26.  Cyprus
25.  Sangrao, Jiangxi, China
27.  British Indian Ocean Territory
26.  Lawton, Oklahoma
28.  Czech Republic
27.  Kiev, Ukraine
29.  Vandalia, Illinois
28.  Meadow Vista, California
Helps this year to a Balanced Bible and Bread Life
1.  Get a good start with the
"Bread and Bible, A Balanced Life" chapter of
Refreshing Evangelism.  (View and/or Save a PDF copy of "Bread and Bible,
A Balanced Life" for ease of reference and the notes.)
2.  Implement the
"Thru the Bible in 3 years plan".
3.  Continue with Progress on the "Life and Letters of Paul" and the "Bible
Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy".
4.  Expand your mental and spiritual horizons with perspectives of BREAD
the technical, TAC and the working Appendix book) and  ALL SCRIPTURE
BIBLE as introduced in the
All Scripture approach of II Timothy 3:16, 17 and
enhanced by
the Index to SunGrist on .
5.  Integrate the balanced life with reveling in
EPHESIANS.  And integrate your Bible Prophesy with total Bible context
"Prophets and Prophesy" and "Predictions of the Future".
SunGrist on Newsletter for February 2013.