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Den of Thieves            
New Projects of 2008, Introduced by "Den of Thieves"

Bible on Den of Thieves:
 "And He {Jesus} said to them, 'It
is written, My House shall be called a house of prayer, but
you have made it a den of thieves.'"  (Jeremiah 7:11 and
Matthew 21:13)

This will introduce you to 3 new ebooks from
SunGrist_Bible:  (new projects for 2008)

"Den of Thieves".
Hideout for Bad Habits.
Reports for Believing.
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1.  Live Green, Think Green and Read Green with Ebooks in PDF from
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3.  Hopefully you know about the Free Online Bible course of "Top 12 Topics of the
Bible", the Old Testament according to the New Testament and therefore a survey of
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5.  Some of these 13 Bible commentaries in PDF format can be downloaded
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{$12 for "DEN OF THIEVES", $7 for
6.  Home Demos of Bibles and Bible Commentaries are only available in New Mexico
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