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Some News from SunGrist_Bible

1.  Welcome to the serious Bible students
from Nassau, Bahamas; Georgetown,
Guyana; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Fletcher,
Oklahoma; Houston, Texas; Addison,
Texas; Huntsville, Alabama; Demopolis,
Alabama; Mineola, New York; Laurens,
South Carolina; and Eastontown, New
Jersey.  The world must react and doesn't
know how to stop this interest in the Bible.

If you will email me at
biblecombibleman@yahoo.com or
SunGrist_Bible@netscape.com, I will send
you by return email a free complimentary
copy of the recently PDF published
"Friends of Jesus in the Age of Bible and

2.  Newest update on the online Bible
classes.  Since there are done in
PowerPoint, they will shortly be put on the
parent website of
SunGrist_Bible.  Please
check it out.

3.  Be patient--we are close--if you are
waiting for the online Bible classes to start.  
In the meantime, would you please read the
answer of "Foundational Studies of the
Bible" on
Answers8.  {Yes, the links within
the website do work!}  If you desire to find
some of these out of print classics and
have trouble finding them, please let me
know by email at
biblecombibleman@yahoo.com.  Also in the
meantime you may be interested in
Teachings from the Great Chapters of the

4.  ATTENTION:  Friends and Associates of
Jerry V. McMichael.  He has authored a new
and exciting book, "Friends of Jesus in this
Age of Bible and Computer", and he wants
you to have a free special edition PDF copy.

5. Decision has been made, the Bible
survey course of "Top 12 Topics", alias
"Old Testament According to the NT", alias
"The Magic Outline" will come first; and
further will shortly be put online at the
parent website of

Thank you.
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