Ministry of SunGrist_Bible:

now you can download a free copy in PDF format of the e-book FRIENDS OF JESUS
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I.  Promote Bible Understanding.

God's Message for the Nation in 2009:
Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophecy
Backsliding At the House of God

1.  Free online Bible Course, "Top 12 Topics of the Bible".  
Complete Outline of the OT quotes in the NT and in order of OT
books is now available free in PDF format. Order by email from .  
It will sent to you free of charge by return email.  You will need this outline to assist in
this Bible survey course. You must have Adobe Reader on your computer.  Click on the
GET ADOBE READER button to the left to get it free from Adobe.
2.  Research and/or Order 8 volumes of LEARN CHRIST FROM
3.  Bible QandA:  
read Answers to Bible Search Questions.  {newest search
questions are in Table 20 of and on the Answers Page 20,
if you desire to research the original Bible questions that others are asking, they
are on this website on the
BibleAnswers0 page.}

II.  Extend the Influence of Christ.

download free PDF Ebook copy of CUP OF WATER, A Condensed Version of
Mark with comments  AND/OR
read or download "Christian Faith, Church, and Stumbling Block"

7 Messages from Jesus For 7 Miracles of Jesus

III.  Present "Friends of Jesus" as a Challenge
Sufficient for the Falling Away.

Read and/or download chapters from FRIENDS OF JESUS IN THIS AGE OF
BIBLE AND COMPUTER, or order by email from

IV.  With the Holy Spirit {much like "With Christ
After the Lost"} and with  REPORTS TO BELIEVE

read chapters, the Table of Contents, or cover of REPORTS TO BELIEVE AND
FOR BELIEVING, and/or Order
What Can Happen to Unbelievers in this Life!  
"Continuing Faith" with discussions on the American Economy
and how churches are responsible

V.  Rescue Sound Doctrine.

Look at the E-book HIDEOUT FOR BAD HABITS, the next to the last chapter of
which is "Rescue Sound Doctrine" with other free downloads available on cover,
title page, Table of Contents, and chapters.
Sound Living Is Sound Doctrine

"How Do You ID False Prophets and False Teachers?"

VI.  Prep {Make Ready} for "the end" of the Final
Stages of the Falling Away and the Final Tribulation.
"Prep for 'the End' of Final Stages of the Falling Away and Final Tribulation"

VII.  Bible Missions Through Distribution of Bibles and Christian
Literature, Home and Foreign, and assistance where possible, and with your
help, to other Christian Missions such as in Norway, Nigeria, and Myanmar
{formerly Burma}.  Please go to our sister Google website to see photos and read
about "Who Is My Neighbor:  Yangon, Myanmar?"
Christ for Christmas  or

Reasons You Should Give Now to this Christian Mission in Yangon.

1.  Demo and Distribute the best Study Bible Available, also easy for carrying,
teaching, preaching, and witnessing; and with Bible Study Aids Online, in Homes,
and Abroad.
2.  Audio Bible Message CDs preached
Online, to Homes, and Abroad.
3.  Another
Challenge in Nigeria for Basement Missionaries, or wherever you
have your computer.
4.  Set before American churches, as in the Bible for God's people, an
accountability for the series of intense calamities on the American land and
people since 9/11, composing a Curse, versus the previous blessings in American
history of a Blessing from God, based on righteousness and real, effectual, and
fervent prayer from Houses of Prayer, not a
"Den of Thieves".
(1).    "Leaky Barriers to Strong Delusion".
 "Sound Doctrines of the Second Coming".
5.  Can you be a
"good Samaritan", like Jesus taught, to a Christian brother in
the Buddhist country of Myanmar {formerly Burma} as he sets up a Christian
mission in the city of Yangon?

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