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SunGrist Bible Commentaries
P. O. Box 960, Cloudcroft, NM  88317
Bible Teachings,
Click this link for a statement of the purposes and goals of SunGrist_Bible commentaries.
There are probably 3 things you want to know ABOUT US. One, where do we stand on
beliefs such as incorporated in a Statement of Faith; two, why chose SunGrist Bible
Commentaries over other commentaries; and three, what is the orientation with respect
to the dominant trends in religious faith and practice today such as fundamentalists,
evangelicals, Pentecostals, conservatives, and liberals.

I.  About US on the first count as related to beliefs or doctrines.  There is no excuse for
you not to know about this, since Bible "doctrine" or Bible "teachings", almost
synonymous words, is a primary theme of this website.  For example "Some Sounds of
Sound Faith", a cornerstone book of this website, can more appropriately be called
"Some Sounds of Sound
Doctrine".  Since Doctrine as teachings has received a bad
rap during this last generation for reasons which I will go into later, faith was chosen
over doctrine although in reality sound Faith is a sub-set of sound doctrine.  Consider
for example the famous "doctrine of Christ" of the Bible; yes, that is faith in Christ and
the Bible calls it doctrine.  And when we are told to "test the spirits" in I John, that is a
test of faith and doctrine!  {It is the attitudes of those who call themselves by the name of
Christ, as well as their words and actions, that reveal what they really are.  You know,
"as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."}  This website has been extensively laid out so
that you can test for yourself, with many free chapters, messages, and books, whether
the Bible here rings with a true sound or sounds in your ears.  However below is
repeated the main Bible doctrines shown on the Product page for Sound Faith.  Judge
for yourselves!

10 most important things for you to know about the Bible for your own welfare:

1.  God:  He knows and desires the best for you life; and He demands a priority
for Himself, His kingdom, and a seeking after His righteousness over all else in
2.  Christ:  the proper learning of Christ according to the Bible is to hear Him
and be taught by Him.
3.  Holy Spirit:  He came to take the place of Jesus on earth after the
Ascension with the restraining work against sin, for righteousness, and a
reminder of God's inevitable judgment; and will do so until when withdrawn
during the short period of the Falling Away before the Second Coming.
4.  Bible:  the Bible {contrary to popular opinion and Satan, and certain
experts that would steal from you your God authorized "priesthood of
can be understood using the Authorized Semi-Public Interpretation
(ASI).  Also with help from the 5 volume set of  Study Guides, LEARN CHRIST
5.  Salvation:  God only choses a remnant from each church, denomination,
and generation of the many that try to call themselves by the name of Christ
and God so "beware lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in
departing from the living God".  (Hebrews xx:xx)
6.  The Falling Away:  Must come with a visual of the man of sin before the
Second Coming; is not a falling way from church as during this period church
attendance may go up, but is a falling away from God, Christ, and the Bible; is
not a criticism of youth as all under 20 years of age are safe if the Falling Away
is like that of the children of Israel in the wilderness.
7.  The Day of the LORD and Lord:  all inclusive phrase to describe when
God rectifies wrongs and rewards rights, sometimes with immediate disasters
but more often with the final great final disaster that shakes heaven and earth
{blood, fire, and vapor of smoke with diminished light from sun, moon,
and stars}
; Christ comes again with a gathering of sheep and goats; and the
kingdom of Christ is delivered to God with a new heaven and earth.
8.  Faith:  "faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the {real}  Word of God";
and "faith is the substance of things
{legitimately according to the Bible}
hoped for".
9.  Gospel:  Jesus died on the cross for our sins; was raised from the dead by
God with the same kind of power that both used in the beginning to make the
universe; and the Ascended Jesus now lives at the right hand of God to make
intercession for the sins of believers.
10.  Assembly:  the church assembly that you must be most concerned about
is the assembly of the Firstborn Jesus, written in heaven.
Click on this link for a larger "Statement of Faith and Practice"
Two, why buy SunGrist Bible Commentaries?   First of all they are Bible
teaching and preaching in written form, rather than following the dominant
trend today of "talking about the Bible", or the trend of taking one verse and
going everywhere preaching, or of the little devotionalnettes that are more
isogesis than exegesis in that they come to the Bible with conclusions to prove
rather than just letting the Bible say what it wants to say.  However, some
more specific reasons are given below.

Why SunGrist Bible Commentaries?

  • without any axe to grind or organizational committments, except to
    Christ and a conservative loyalty to the Bible, you will read certain
    Bible truths only here
  • surveys indicate that many Americans are disgusted with churches
    and denominations but interested in Christ and the Bible
  • all books are professional published in FrameMaker, Adobe
    InDeisgn, QuarkXPress, and Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • through the Bible in only 5 commentaries in the LEARN CHRIST five
    volume set
  • what is sound doctrine, the clear teachings of the Bible from Christ,
    the Apostles, and Prophets; and that is what you will find in the 4
    books on Bible teachings
  • books are available here for immediate download or to order in 3
    configurations--bound paper hard copy, CD, or PDF.
  • each book is 200-300 colorful pages with main text in black large
    print, with Bible quotes in green, and comments in blue
  • Click this link to look at a sample page/chapter of the books
Why SunGrist Bible commentaries?  "This is THE PROPER format for Bible Study."

The testimony of Jerry McMichael based on experience as a Principal Systems Engineer,
University and Junior College professor, and interim pastor of over 16 interdenominational
and Baptist churches.  Jerry continues...

"Based on continuing education computer courses for Engineers as for example on
MATLAB, based on over 50 years of Bible study, and based on experience as an educator, for
content and publication format in easy to turn and easy to read 8 and 1/2 by 11 colorful
pages, this is the format!.  From many years of seeking out and finding the best conservative
books and commentators, both my wife and I agree that you can find nothing else on the
market like this.  If you like B. H. Carroll, F.F. Bruce, and technical books by MathWorks, you
will enjoy this Bible study.  By the way, there is significant Christian Apologetics, Christian
Evidences, and physics in
"CHRIST FOR INDIVIDUALS", a commentary on Revelation, the
Gospel of John, and the little epistles."
Three with respect to the dominant trends in religious faith and expression today, it is very hard to make an exact Statement of
Faith without support from the total context of the Bible--and that total context is covered well in the 9 commentaries of this
website--since it is already done in these commentaries, since when you make a limited statement of faith you must exclude so
much of the Bible; and since it is the conviction of this website that we are well into the Falling Away of the church and church
members, popularity of beliefs and teachings is a bad sign.  Sorry, although:  "this is the age of the half read page, the lamp tan
in a short span, the quick stops and the short hops, the spring snaps and the funs done", there is no short stop of quick food for
the spiritually hungry to learn and understand Bible.  In short, most of these dominant religious expressions as charismatics,
fundamentalists, and liberals such as with the Jesus Seminar, have ignored completely the total context of the Bible; and this is
just one of many contemporary evidences that we are in the Falling Away.  About the only real orientation left toward the Bible
today is the conservative approach which cuts across denomination boundaries being shown by men like F.F. Bruce, B.H.
Carroll, and The New International Commentaries for the most part.
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