"when times of refreshing come from the presence of the
Lord" (Acts 3:19)

1.  What Is Refreshing Evangelism?

2.  6th Anniversary Message:  A Refreshing Textual
Look at Acts 3:19-21.

Preview of Coming Attractions:
(1)  "Top 12 Topics of the Bible", a refreshing look at ALL
(2)  A Refreshing Look at Gospel Pride from the book of

3.  Fundamentals of Refreshing Evangelism.

4.  Refreshing Bible principles for the 2012 Election.

5.  The Hideous Assault of Mormonism on Truth and the
American Heritage.

6.  Refreshing Evangelism Adds to the Church of the Firstborn.

7.  Who Adds Daily to THE Church?  and Where? (Acts

8.  Refreshing Evangelism om the First Middle Class (Acts
9.  The American Dream versus the American Nightmare.

NOTE on the American Dream from
preliminary to this ninth newsletter:
1.  the ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditional
held to be available to every American.
2.  a life of personal happiness and material comfort as
traditional sought by individuals in the U.S.

While the American Christian can support completely the first
definition, obviously for the Christian American the second
must be modified to include:
1.  the secret to real happiness as given by Jesus in the
Sermon on the Mount, "the blessed or happy"s if you recall
2.  Pastor James teachings in the book of James on a Biblical
and Christian attitude toward the rich, toward having riches and
wealth, and toward those who would desire success and

10.  Peter on "Refreshing" and "Restoration".

(1) Peter's second sermon, at the Temple, with the initial
annoucements that "times of refreshing from the presence of
the Lord" will exist in Christian history up to "the restoration of
all things."  (Acts 3:49-51)
(2)  More details about this period of history called the "last
days" from Peters first sermon, Acts 2:14-39.
(3)  The NT book, I Peter, written on the human side by the
Apostle Peter.
(4)  Refreshing and restoration continued in II Peter.

11.  Churches of the Bible belt, "Repent and be converted".

"Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be
blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the
presence of the Lord, and that He may send Jesus Christ who
was preached to you before {note below at **}, whom heaven
must receive until the times of restoration of all things..." (Acts

**NOTE:  Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ of Refreshing
Evangelism, the Jesus of both times of refreshing and the
Second Coming with the restoration of all things.  If you are
confused or mixed up here, you can also be on such
fundamentals as the Gospel.

12.  Salvation is the Most Obvious Time of Refreshing.
13.  Gospel Pride over "Pride of Life" is for the Glory of

NOTE:  Gospel Pride has two aspects:  (1) as humans we
exhibit it as we believe in our hearts and confess with our
mouth the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9,10); and (2) then
God is not ashamed of us, providing salvation and more
(Romans 10:11)

14.  Do you Know the Lord Jesus Christ of "times of
refreshing" and the end {and Second Coming} with the
"restoration of all things"?

NOTE:  If you doctrine is not sound on both the times of
refreshing and the restoration of all things with the Second
Coming of Christ, there is a good chance that also your
doctrine of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is unsound.

15.  Repentance and Conversion Dies to Self.
16.  "Even so, Come, Lord Jesus".  (Revelation 22:20)
17.  Assaults on Truth are Assaults on American Heritage
and Integrity.

"And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make
you free."  (John 8:32)

18.  "What is Truth?"  (John 18:38)
19.  An Outline of the Total Truth of the Bible,
according to the Bible, and under 12 Topics
20.  A Bible History Outline of "Last Things"  
Progress Chart on Refreshing Evangelism
RE Appendix

1.  Sound Bible is Sound Doctrine.

2.  WHO IS JESUS by the Apostle Peter and
John, and you.

a.  Testimony of Peter to Jesus.
b.  Other Sermons on Jesus b Peter in Acts.
c.  From John 6-10.
d.  Christ for Christmas.

3.  The 4 versions of the Learn Christ
commentaries, volume 1.

Version 1a:  Prophets and Apostles.
Version 1b:  Old Testament according to the
New Testament.
Version 1c:  Top 12 Topics of the Bible.
Version 1d:  Magic Outline of the Bible.

4.  Volume 2,
"Christ for Individuals", the 5
books of the Apostle John.

5.  Volume 3, "Believe and Be Baptized", 14
Letters of the Apostle Paul.

6.  Volume 4, "Christ, Paul, and the Falling
Away", book of Hebrews.

7.  Volume 5,
The Message of the Writing

NOTE:  Sorry, volume 6 on "Jeremiah and
is not free. It helps to pay the bills.  The link
below for volume 6 takes you to it on where you are welcome to
purchase or browse.

8.  Volume 6, "Jeremiah and Prophesy,

However, the Appendix to NDT, on the
"Forever Kingdom", and with more
information about NDT is available free.  
It is
so large that you must download it in two

9.  Courage of Convictions Is Sound Doctrine.

NOTE:  There is a new movement afloat in
American cities in the nature of "Up with
People", and probably from social workers
and educators, called " Kindness Matters".  
Sort of like the Scout laws and good PR, it
does matter; but Courage of Convictions
trumps kindness!

10.  Refreshing Evangelism (the spiritual) at
Sandy Hook.

NOTE:  Oh hurting one, when you see
this beloved child or loved one in the
arms of Jesus after either death or the
Second Coming, all these tears and
griefs will be wiped away!

“And God will wipe away every tear from
their eyes; there shall be no more death,
nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no
more pain, for the former things have
passed away.”  (Revelation 21:4)

In fact, the Bible promises believers that “the
former things will be remembered no more”.  
Granted Sandy Hook, one of the most
painful aspect of this tragedy is the horrible
memories that will not go away; but just
imagine the eternity where such memories
will be remembered no more.

NOTE:  I bet you can’t get your secular
psychologist or most advisors and
counselors to say “You will not
remember this tragedy in eternity,
goodness you will have this precious
child in your arms in your permament
new home, made by God, on the new

11.  Refreshings in 2013 for the Soul's
Senses.  {
Alias, "Against Hope, Believed
in Hope"}

View and/or Download this PDF here if
you wish after January 1, 2013. You have
been here before, you remember that the
footnotes come with the PDF copy, and
that you must have Adobe Reader or the
equivalent on your computer.  To get it
free click on the Adobe button below and

12.  HOPE Two.

13.  The Sceptic is Almost Doomed.

"He that cometh to God must believe that
He is, and that He is a rewarder of those
who diligently seek Him." (Hebrews 11:6

14.  Bread and Bible, A Balanced Life!

"But Jesus answered him, saying, It is
written, 'Man shall not live by bread alone
but by every word of God."  (Luke 4:4)

"BREAD and Bible In the World", a
call to you visitors and emailers to tell
something about living and Bible in your
life, your city, and your nation.

NOTE:  Due to the expansive
development of the Appendix of
Refreshing Evangelism into Bread and
Bible, further sessions will be added this
page on
"Refreshing Evangelism
Appendix". Among other Bible matters,
you will find page references to Bible
Q&As for 2013.
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