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Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul
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(Study Course Outline of The Life and 14 Letters of the Apostle Paul)

I. The Good Fight of Faith (I Timothy 6:12)

a.  PDF copy:   "We Don't Have to Win, We Just Have to Fight"

b.  Website Page:  "Fight the Good Fight of Faith".

{"Remember My Bonds" (Col. 4:18 KJV), The Epitaph of Paul.}

NOTE:  Is it confusing that the study of the life and letters of Paul can have
so many introductory and summarizing titles, but don't forget that Paul's
letters are 14 out of 27 of the books of the New Testament, and if you
include the 3 that he sponsored--Mark, Luke, and Acts--that is 17 out of 27
books of the NT.

II.  Group Self-Denial and Separation.

{Actually largely from the LCC vol 4 commentary, "Christ for Individuals",
and is considered a supplemental Appendix to this study}

NOTE:  Far from advising more splits in churches and denominations, the
emphasis is on the way Christ encourages separation for the overcomers
that would be different from the other members of the 5 out of 7 churches
like in Asia Minor that Christ is about to spew out of His mouth.

III.  A Harmony of Life.

NOTE:  Continuing with the admonition and necessity of church member
separation, reconciliation is made between the Bible on "love of life" and
the seeing of good days of I Peter 3:10 and the condemned "pride of life"
of I John 2:16.

IV.  "Spare No Effort to make fast with bonds of peace the unity which
the Spirit gives."  (Ephesians 4:3 NEV)

NOTE:  Peace and unity among all Christians is not and never has been
easy; and while many try to do it with organization, the only God blessed
and given way for such peace and unity is described in Ephesians, and
summarized in Ephesians 4:3 and following. The newest and most
superficial way recently has been as SBC churches, now under the control
of fundamentalists, see to deny the marvelous heritage of Baptists by
dropping like "First Baptist Church" in favor of community church. These
fundamentalists never have respected the heritage and donations of such
leaders as B. H. Carroll, George W. Truett, and R. G. Lee.  For one thing
as Bible Baptists, they were never part of this heritage.  But in real,
Bible-based peace and unity there is something much bigger at stake than
their petty motivations and ambitions:  it is an inherent unity that only the
Holy Spirit of God gives!

a.  Website Page:  "Spare No Effort At Peace and Unity"

b.  PDF download:  "SpareNoEffortAtPeaceAndUnity"

V.  Spare No Effort at Balance  Part 1.

Spare No Effort at Symmetry Part 2.

NOTE:  Or you can download both parts intact in PDF format.  Don't
forget that you must have Adobe Reader on your computer, free from .

Download "Spare No Effort at Balance and Symmetry" Complete.

NT Books of the Apostle Paul
7a.  Gifts and Skill in Understanding
Webpage:  Understand Bible in I Corinthians
Download a PDF copy:  7a First Corinthians
*as always the PDF copies include the footnotes

7b.  Demonic Veil of the "Rapture"***
*** Worse than the "Conspiracy Against The Kingdom"   And part of a
satanic veil that keeps Christians of this generation from understanding
Bible truth on last things!
a pdf copy:  
7c.  Hermeneutics, the Science of Biblical Interpretation.
download the PDF with footnotes

8.  Paul on Erosions of Doctrine
view or save a download in PDF
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