NOTE:  Preliminary explanations of above statements:  (1) The ASPI version of
the Bible is a summary of II Peter 1:20,21.  Authorized as from God through
Apostles and Prophets, Semi-Public in that the access to the Spirit of God is
required, and Interpretation since there is only one ASP interpretation and
version, like Peter wrote "no private" interpretation, thus diverse
interpretations come from human frailties to practice these good hermeneutics
{rules for understanding} of the Bible; and (2) Paul was held at Caesarea for 2
years before taken to Rome where tradition has it that he was eventually
crucified upside down with Peter, and about the 4 dimensions of the love of

"That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and
grounded in love,
May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the
breadth, and length, and
depth, and height
And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be
filled with all the fulness
of God."  (Ephesians 3:17-19)

Parts of the Outline underlined below are available for viewing and/or
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Progress Chart for One Commentary on Ephesians

I.  Preface and Outline of Exegesis.

Integration of Life Introduction.

1.  Purpose.
2.  Justification.
3.  Security,
4.  The Christian Vocation.

III.  Basics of Life and Ephesians.

1.  One.
2.  History of a Church.
3.  History and History of Ephesus.
4. Christian Life History.
 Christ is Our Peace.
6.  A Short Commentary of 197 pages.

IV.  Ephesians chapter 1:  IN CHRIST.

1.  Count your Blessings.
2.  Outlines of Ephesians 1 {for Bible teachers}.
3.  A Prayer for All Christians.

Ephesians chapter 2:   BEFORE AND AFTER {BIC and AIC}.

1.  The Contrasts of time, memory, and Christ.
2.  "With all the rest", Inclusive Again.
3.  More about the Contrasts.
4.  Living Doctrines in Ephesians 2.

VI.  Ephesians chapter 3:  "WITH THIS IN MIND".

1.  An Attitude of Worship.
2.  The Special Prayer.
3.  Benediction.

VII.  Ephesians chapter 4:   PEACE, UNITY, AND ONENESS.

1.  Unity in Diversity.
2.  Peace and Unity.
3.  Oneness.
4.  How to Promote?


1.  Ideal Characteristics.
2.  Application of Ideals.
3.  A Great Mystery.
4.  "What God hath Joined".

IX.  Ephesians chapters 4-6:   GOD'S PSYCHOLOGY.

1.  Implementation of the Teachings.
2.  Behavioral Modification, Walking.
3.  Fighting Sandals.
4.  Proverbs from Ephesians.
5.      Bad Attitudes.

X.  Ephesians chapters 4,5:   ESSENCE OF EPHESIANS.

1.  10 Commandments of Ephesians.
2.  Specifics of the 4:17 thru 5:9 Passage.
3.  A Liar?
4.  Love's Ingredients in Ephesians.
5.  Some Finals on the Exegesis

Below is previous study/reading sessions on Ephesians to
keep you busy until the above outline completed {scanned in
from a typewritten text document done in 1984}, and
provided background for the above in-depth study of
Ephesus today from Bible Places