Guideline and Progress Chart for study of ONE COMMENTARY ON

{Each study session below, 18 in number, is available as underlined
with a link for PDF viewing and/or Saving.}

1.  Preface and Table of Contents.

2.  Devotional Comments.

3.  The Theme of ONE and history of the church at Ephesus.

4.  Ephesians is a short commentary.

5.  A practical commentary on life and Ultimate Integration.

6.  Ephesians Chapter 1, IN CHRIST.

7.  Ephesians Chapter 2, BEFORE/AFTER.

8.  Ephesians Chapter 3, WITH THIS IN MIND.

9.  Ephesians Chapter 4, The Mystery of the Ideal Body.

10.  Ephesians 4-6, GOD'S PSYCHOLOGY part 1.

11. Ephesians 4-6, GOD'S PSYCHOLOGY continued part 2.

12.  Essence of Ephesians part 1.

13.  Essence of Ephesians part 2.

14.  A Final Check (Colossians).