Your Faith
1.  The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
{Psalm 23:1}

As you read from Jesus, "Your Father {the Great
Shepherd of Psalms} knows your needs..." (
), you may think only that Jesus in Matthew 6 is
speaking of your food and clothing needs, and He is
primarily; however His memories are long and
convictions strong as He remembers how He helped in
the writing of Psalm 23, and with the great convictions of

(1)  The Great Lord God of the universe, the Father of
the Lord Jesus Christ is "MY SHEPHERD".  An
awareness and conviction of this alone will increase your
faith, however there is much more;

(2)That Great Shepherd of God the Father of the Lord
Jesus Christ guarantees you that you will not want any

It is a blanket statement that all your needs will be met of
any kind.  You just absolutely will not want for the meeting
of any of your needs.  
And for more
faith awareness,
listen to Danny
Gaither singing
"Forever with

Danny Gaither Forever With Jesus from sheepwoman on GodTube.