Bad Mathematical Hermeneutics by Scofield.

he made it with his photo on the old bible

Don’t Be Any Part of This Bad Mathematical Hermeneutics

“…so any study of that Word which ignores those divisions must be in large measure profitless and confusing.” (From Cyrus’s Hermeneutics I course called “Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth”.)


This is part of the bad hermeneutics of Scofield, and helps to explain both the haughty nature of Scofield mites and their bad hermeneutics, a condemning and seductive spirit that not only condemns all the Bible students of the word today but also in the long history of Bible study. What a bad attitude! Many, many, many of us can testify to 50 plus years of beneficial and fruitful, blessed of God, Bible reading and study without even knowing either the 7 dispensations (or “divisions” as he calls them), or without knowing about them. For 13 hours flying over the Atlantic in Naval Aviation at low altitude in all weather, my red Scofield Reference Bible was read without looking at his notes, and honestly until today many years later of Christian life and service, this is the first day I have allowed myself to look at the mud of Scofield’s original dispensations.

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