PTB #14: The Accepted Time and Purpose of God the Father, not Scofield Part II.
Posted on July 24, 2019

PTB #14: The Accepted Time and Purpose of God the Father, not Scofield Part II.

Outline of this message:
I. INTRODUCTION: Hideout for Bad Habits.
II. Exegesis of the Lord Jesus Christ versus Isogesis of Scofield notes and theology.
NOTE: The name of Lord Jesus Christ summarizes Son of Man/Son of God.
III. Some of the many mistakes of Scofield Theology on the Son of God.
IV. CONCLUSION: Some Sounds of Sound Faith, Christ.

hideout cover

I. Hideout for Bad Habits. Preface
“Many churches think they are hiding…” like you saw on the cover, hiding behind the American respect of the Bible teachings on church as “a house of prayer”; however Jesus reminded the religious people of His time that while a temple or church was meant by God to be a “house of prayer” and worship, among other thing as actual described in the Bible about the New Testament meaning of church, it had been turned into God’s own people as a “Den of Thieves”. Many churches think they are hiding, not from a single sin of the past but from weekly bad habits, in the church and out. They hide within the walls of the church where God can not see, they think, because He is inside, they think. What they are really hiding behind is the respect Americans have for religion and churches. History has changed the world we live in: with the advent of the last great apostasy, the Falling Away, the world in our churches and outside is no longer the same; and therefore the perceptions of the present, much different from earlier times, have to be adjusted to accommodate what God’s people in churches today are truly like. One of the major problems is that the follies or bad habits of church members, as listed on the cover from II Timothy 3:1-5, are no longer considered as sin. Things like “lack of self-control”, pride, and boasting are most generally considered as natural expressions of an aggressive (perhaps type A) and friendly personality; and those characteristics of character and personality deemed so important for success in the world are within the church expressions of a lack of self-discipline and self control. Also what church members today are hiding from is the reality of the difference of a single sin or a few sins committed in the past and bad habits that are repeated each week, in the church and outside. Quite often the self-righteous robe is put on which says that God will overlook while in the church a few sins of the past without the admission that those sins are really habitual, repeated week after week without repentance. After all, they are really “follies” or “bad habits”, not sins!

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