NOTE:  Here is one of the major changes in
presentation:  Now, instead of by month as
when the newsletters {same Bible Study was
put online at one of the pages of this
website} went out, the studies are organized
by chapters.

Nowhere else can you get such conservative
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the bluntless and eloquence of the Bible itself
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Chapter 1:  
Introduction to Bible Studies in
Jeremiah and Prophesy.

Chapter 2:  (Jan 2009)  "Prophets and Prophesy"

Chapter 3:  (Feb)  "Backsliding of God's People At
The House of God"

Chapter 4:  (March)  "Moving On Backwards"

Chapter 5:  (April)  "Rivers of Living Waters"

Chapter 6:  (May)  "National Den of Thieves"

Chapter 7:  (June)  "You and Your Church Stand
at the Precipice"

Chapter 8:  (July)  "Turning Away Finalizes the
Falling Away"

Chapter 9:  (August)  "Prophesy, Comfort, and

Chapter 10:  (September)  "Texas Drought and

Chapter 11:  (October)  LEARN CHRIST, 3 Ways of

Chapter 12:  (November)  Let's Get Serious,
Review and Forward.

Review:  Background For Jeremiah.
Coming Attractions:  Future From Jeremiah
Fall of Jerusalem in 587 B.C. {Put Yourself in
Judah's Shoes

Chapter 13:  "Backsliding Worse Than Falling

Chapter 14:  "Forsaken the Fountain of Living

Chapter 15:  "Doomsday in 163 Years"

NOTE:  By oversight, the pdf of this chapter was left off many of the
December Newsletters.  You may download it now under

Remember 2 important matters of logistics:  (1) only Internet Explorer 6.0
of the explorer versions works well for PDF; and (2) you must have Adobe
Reader on your computer, free from .

It is important that you read the PDF version of "Doomsday in 163 Years"
as it includes all the helpful footnotes from the original FrameMaker copy.

Chapter 16:  History, Prophesy, and Prediction.

NOTE:  At this point in the study it becomes obvious that
instead of just Bible Study for the per se sake of Bible Study,
the goals of Bible Study naturally lead to a more in total context
Study of the larger context of the Bible, namely on:  (1) the
Kingdom of God; and (2) the Gospel of the Kingdom.  So you
learn all that Bible knowledge like in the study of Jeremiah and
Prophesy, then where are you in your life if you are not
head-over-heels involved with the kingdom of God.  In other
words such simultaneous study of Jeremiah, Prophesy, and the
kingdom of God has more eternal worth.

For further simultaneous Bible Study please go to the following
two web pages, and then come back in the coming months to this
page for the concluding chapters on Jeremiah.  {One think that
will greatly enhance your study of Prophesy and Bible based
perspective on Prophesy will be the studies of the Old
Testament quotes in Romans.  Remember always, what God in His
administrative writing of the total Bible...what He considered
most important for Gentile and Jewish Christians to know from
the Old Testament was included as quotes in the New
Testament.  Well, you will see that in Romans!}

The Bible is not like any other book, and we dishonor God when
we attempt to study it in the context of more history or religion
to study as in any other scholarly work.  In short, the Bible is a
guidebook for living more than a scholarly treatise to study!

Chapter 17:  The Kingdom of God.

Chapter 18:  Gospel of the Kingdom.

Chapter 19:  Prophet Jeremiah versus Official

Chapter 20:  Preventive Calamities Beat
Corrective Calamities.

Chapter 21:  Revelation of the Concept of the New
Kingdom on the New earth in Jeremiah and other
Prophetic Books.  {For September of 2010}

Finally, we have a Kingdom of God and Gospel of God background,
primarily from the more easy to understand and fuller revelations
of the New Testament, so that we see where and how gradually
in the Old Testament God started to adjust His own people more
away from a fully established and completely kingdom on this
earth to an eternal New Kingdom of Jews and Gentiles on the
New Earth.  You, no doubt, are aware of how this preparation
of minds and hearts by God--and in the general nature of the
Word of God as a gradual revelation from God coming to an
eternal climax in Christ and the New Testament--started in
Jeremiah with warnings about:  (1) God was a God of hosts,
those hosts being Gentiles; (2) that God's kingdom would be of
Gentiles as well as Jews; (3) that responsibility for sin would
pass to more on a basis of individual responsibility--that is the
son would not bear the sins of the fathers, and vice versa; and
(4) that power to live righteously would be given to the new
constituents of the kingdom through the Holy Spirit and the new

Granted, there is a lot of confusion in the reading of Jeremiah
and the rest of the Bible on both the nature and the time and
place of the setting up of the full kingdom of God, and that is
the reason to simultaneously call on the New Testament as the
interpreter of Old Testament prophecies like in Jeremiah.  
However, there is more confusion on this subject of the kingdom
of God than there needs to be; but most of that can be easily
attributed to the motivations of those who seek to be experts
on it.  For example, in this day and time of the Falling Away, we
know the false prophets and teachers have become abundant on
the Bible teaching and preaching scene, more recognizable as you
face up to the words for them in II Timothy 4:3,4 as "itching
ears Bible teachers", at all levels and promoted by the personal
desires and goals of the majority of church members who
through lack of endurance of sound doctrine have also developed
itching ears.

22.  The Apostle Peter Exposes Messianic
Judaism.  {For August of 2010.}

23.  What Were God's People of Jeremiah
Thinking?  A PDF chapter download,
"For As
A Nation Thinks".

24:  Israel, Broken Off from God's People.  
{Also Top Topic #9 of the
Top 12 Topics of
the Bible as "What Happened to Israel as the
Chosen People of God?"

NOTE:    Shortly you will be able to start
"Advanced Studies in

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