What can I say except what Jesus,
the Son of God and in the Sermon on
the M
ount said over 2,000 years ago:  if
you will do two things every day, that is
work on righteousness and participation in
the kingdom of God, you will receive all
these things automatically with fretting or
struggle like the lillies of the field and the

Of course this does not eliminate work as
work is righteous; nor doing good for that
is righteous; nor prayer and Bible
meditation and reading as that is righteous;
and so on and on in the trend of "he that
knoweth to do good and doeth it not, for
him it is sin".  And by no means is this the
message of current preachers of popular
prosperity, which was "if you have enough
faith, you will have an abundance of things
and health", recently modified by the
leading and popular spokesman in
Houston Texas, where we suspect the new
Satan's seat is located, with the words
demanded by all the calamities God has
sent the way of Texas--a hurricane,
tornadoes, the economic crisis, and now
the worst drought in Texas history;
modified to say "if you will have the faith
and hope to wait 2 years, then you will
discover an oil well or gold mine in your

Jesus in the context of Matthew 6,
promises you after obedience on these 2
conditions, the necessities of living like
food, clothing, and shelter.  Hardly the
same as prosperity.  Now, if you are a
Christian who claims to give a priority in
your life style to the kingdom of God, and
you are not receiving these necessities of
life, something is obviously wrong.  
According to Jesus, the advice to to daily
seek after righteousness in your life.  Try
exercising as many ways at creative
efforts at both righteousness and kingdom
participation that you put into the seeking
of first these other things.

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His
righteousness, and all these things shall be
added to you."  (Matthew 6:33)

It has worked for a lot of people all over
the world for a long time, although certainly
never the majority!




Turn away from the Song
and Dance of the Gospel
of Prosperity, even when
presented with a smile
and the approach in
Houston of "How to Win
Friends and Influence
People".  If a popular
preacher knows no Bible,
and under pressure as a
novice, it is natural to turn
to the prosperity you know
and Dale Carnegie.  
Besides in a city of
businessmen, it
pragmatically works!

The Advice of Jesus in
Matthew 6:33, long
profitable eternally
speaking than the
False Gospel of
How To Automatically Have...
Try "Righteousness"
Every Day