The Atheist Sect {Cult} of Religion

GIST:  The fact alone that Atheist use their own sect or group as a
substitute for religion makes it a de facto religion.  The sect is a cesspool
of venom against God, Christ, the Bible, and all believers.  It says to
Christians at every turn that we are better than you, and it is the ultimate
religious expression of rebellion against any responsibility or
accountability to God the Father that made us, the sect itself becoming an
idol substitute for God since it creates within the collective mind an image
of God that is maligned, distorted, and far, far too small.  It like the works
of Mormonism, Islam, and any substitute for the Bible is a clever and
deceptive work of Satan to destroy all that is God and godliness.  It is a
leaven in the bread of humanity that can so grieve the Holy Spirit and
enrage God as to bring a swifter destruction on the human race than at
the great flood in the days of Noah.
America has more to fear from this sect way of  inward spiritual terrorism
than from the radical Islamic terrorism of ISIS because it is so embedded
among us through the toleration of the American Democratic Faith.  Not
only would they obliterate "In God we Trust" from our money and public
buildings, eliminate all prayer and creationism from our schools, but
rejoice if there was never a mention again of God, Christ, and the Bible
except from their anti- tirades that keeps the sect religion going.  Just
think, they would have nothing to say today had Christ, the Son of God,
not come to earth to be the blunt of all their tirades as in Drummond's
"Christ Conspiracy".  When Christians disappear at the Second Coming
of Christ, this sect will be at a loss of who to attack; and sonner than this
during the Falling Away, after the sect and other unbelievers, sceptics,
doubters, and fallen Christians have so grieved the Holy Spirit to inspire
His withdrawal back to heaven, just imagine even for a brief time a world
without any convictions on sin, righteousness, and judgment.  This is the
real devil inspired goal of the sect of atheism anyway, to rationalize,
justify, and eliminate the last bit of conscience on sin, righteousness, and

10 Commandments of The Atheist Religion

  1. Thou shalt make a confession of faith against God, Bible, and
  2. You shall support freedom of expression without any adverse
remarks against atheism.  
  3. Religion is a no-no except for the cult religion of the atheist
  4. Yield no quarters to believers, doubters, agnostics, and theist.
  5. Worship and magnify SELF with a pseudo intellect and
super-ficial humanism as a god in place of the first five original TEN.
  6. For the second ten originals, thou shalt believe and practice a
false humanism for the sake of appearance and toleration using the
best in PC and PR.
  7. Utilize your false humanism and a biased and pseudo science
method to cover a multitude of sins and offences against God.
  8. Thou shalt front with the buzz words and tenets of
self-development, self-love and self respect, awareness,
consciousness, and global evolution to cover up the personified sin
of selfishness in competition.
  9. Covet the American concepts of PC and the toleration of the
American Democratic Faith to advance our holy and righteous cause,
and the god of self-fulfillment.
 10.  Justify all profit and gain as natural to social evolution,
forbidding the contentment with only food and raiment of the Bible.
Witness to the American way and dream as an excuse.
 11.  Evangelize the beliefs: competition of social evolution, of the
gospel of wealth, and of the corollary of success.
 12.  Honor the survival of the fittest in order to take over with the
top 80 people of the world controlling 50% of the wealth, of course in
a behind the scene manner.

              Signed, "We rule the world",  
              By Proxy for the currently very active communities of
Atheist, Atheist Republic, Atheist Anonymous, Atheist Private, etc.
              Disclaimer:  We will quickly and automatically deny any tenet
of this belief/value system of religion as a falsehood against the truth;
after all, self-denial is at the foundation and core of our religion of