SAGA of Inequality

I.  When equal time was demanded for Bible Believing Christians of respect for
Moses and God on the 10 commandments of the Bible versus the proposed 10
commandments of an Atheists, no rebuttal or even respect to listen and show was

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Jerry Admin
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"Proselytizing" is what Dan Eastwood of "Atheism Community" called it while refusing the
post below.  That is a double standard of equality.  Atheism can promote and proselyte
with missionary like efforts, their "Religion of Atheistic 10 Commandments" from a very
talented and effective spokesman of influence in "Alone, Asian, and Atheist", with critical
and insulting mimics of Moses and God about the original 10 commandments of the
Christian Bible, yet refuse equal time to a Bible Believing Christian.  "Closed minds are
certainly dangerous humans".

Atheists and sceptics have a good spokesman of their group religion in the 10
commandments of "Alone, Asian, and Aetheist" from   Phuong-Mai Nguyen: Vietnamese
Ethnic.  So here is an introductory open letter for all of you.  It is brief for the subject,
probably not read often just as your group do not generally read the Bible either, but a
longer answer will be given online at in the POR section.
Phuong-Mai Nguyen: Vietnamese Ethnic
Jerry Admin <>
10:12 AM (1 hour ago)
to dr.nguyenphuon., CultureMove

It must be stated up front about your little article "Alone, Asian, and Atheist" that you
certainly have a great abundance of gall and lack of humility to religiously propose your
own 10 commandments--probably much like the many that like to shock the Bible and
Christian world or those who show little or no respect for God to use OMG instead of
OMRG, Oh My Respect for God--when few if any of us could ever place you at the
world level of wisdom and leadership of Moses, much less at the level of the God the
Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and Creator.  However in case there is any intellectual
honesty left in you in the sense of the meaning in Trueblood's Phisophy of Religion, a
drop in your mental bucket is offered on
and, you are offered the
opportrunity of ABCs from an American, Believer, and the Community of a great host of
Christians, just as intellectual and academic as you think you are.  Just one is suggested
for now, Dr R. A  Millikan the Nobel prize winning Physicist and author of 'Evolution in
Science and Religion", also President of Cal Tech, who suggested that not only has
there been evolution in religion but also science in that just before Modern Physics, they
claimed all the discoveries had already been made, and it only remained for later
generations to fine tune, just before the discovery of radioactivity, x-rays, the breakdown
of the Michelson-Morley experiment to find a medium through which light traveled, and on
and on.
You know and I know there is no short answer, so through 2015 your Zingers of the
world, showing extreme ignorance of the Bible as the Word of God {another lack of
intellectual honesty} will be dealt with according to the best of POR and Bible.  Primarily
because you represent a very small group of society and the world with faith and with
your own unique religion; however as humans made in the image of God, deserve some
effort and answers to the convictions of your religion of the 10 commandments.  {In other
words, you represent one of the best of the worst.} Also surely you are among those
who has never read the Bible.  In classical Christian Evidences, a division of POR, Irwin
Linton that practices law before the Supreme Court of the US and wrote a book A
LAWYER EXAMINES THE BIBLE said he never met anyone not a Christian who could
say that they read even the 4 Gospels, much less the whole Bible.  {a failure in
pragmatism}  And further quoted Simon Greenleaf, former Dean of the Harvard Law
School, who stated that "the testimony of the Evangelists--Matthew, Mark, Luke, and
John" presents a prima facie case that would stand up in any court of law.

Jerry Admin for SunGrist_Bible

II.  You may want to see the response of Dan Eastwood of the Google Plus
Atheism Community when efforts above for the believing side were posted with
their community.

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{one way, and would
be outlawed if challenged in court like a man's college or Boy Scouts could not turn
down a female, or vice versa, etc.  you know the rest of the story, so that not only do
these Atheists feel free to violate Bible and  Christian faith but also the American
Democratic Faith.}

III.  The battle of debate begins with More Zingers, a combination of POR with Zingers
for 2015.  Actually it should be said that it continues from the first century, "But sanctify
the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that
asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear..."  (I Peter 3:15)

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