So much of what life is spent on is worth little in the long haul
without God IN CHRIST.  There is reason for optimism if you have
your lifestyle focused on what really matters, Jesus, God, Bible, and
Life on the New Earth. No matter what the continuing lack of peace
in the world, you can keep the stable peace of optimism within a
soul that is full of the "fountain of living waters" of God through and
HOPE for this life and the next}.  During the
realistic days of Jerusalem, just before captivity and destruction,
there were a few like Daniel and his friends who built new lives
based on the convictions of the Word of God.  Which in turn
reminds us of IN Christ and new creation"  "Therefore if any man be
in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold,
all things are become new."  (II Corinthians 5:17

NOTE:  No matter how beautiful a cistern of bright blue water may be,
it like today's religious substitutes for obedience in worship and
service, if it does not faithfully hold flawlessly the water of God's
Word, it is non-functional.  Even a little and seemingly harmless leak
in a dedicated vessel can lose it all.   
"Behold, to obey is better than
to sacrifice." (I Samuel 15:22)
Like a lovely and enthusiastic church
of shouting, empty people, any Temple of God with a broken cistern,
can be full of air as a substitute for obedience and faithfulness to the
Word of God.  Unfortunately in America no matter how beautiful the
flowers planted around the cisterns, like in the rest of the world, we
will see increasingly this "backsliding" {a word native to the book of
Jeremiah} of the present great apostasy called in the Bible, the
Falling Away.  Are you focused on the flowers or the broken cistern--
"My people have committed two evils.  The have forsaken Me the
fountain of living waters, and hewn out cisterns, broken cisterns that
can hold no water."
Those broken cisterns are National buildings of government and
politics, thousands of churches and denominations meant to be
houses of prayer but "dens of thieves" as profit dominates, cisterns
of national business, economics, and sociology.  Even as church
members today ignore the realities of the great Falling Away, even of
its present existence, so the leaks in all national institutions, just like
in Jeremiah, are losing drop by drop and trickle by trickle the
precious waters of the Word of God.  As in the time of Jeremiah, in
the national temple of worship their confidence was in the size and
the beauty and the activity of this magnificent building of God as
they sang in praise songs, "the temple of the Lord, the temple of the
Lord, the temple of the Lord are these"  {something of their heritage
but no longer true}, so today what God's people think is no longer
true.  Jeremiah is being repeated but this time destruction does not
come from a foreign power but directly from God as He destroys this
old earth to bring in
a new earth, creating a new earth where real
righteousness dwells with Him.

Progress Chart on the New Jeremiah

1.  Peace and Optimism, Dreamers and Gimmicks.

 "Peace" in Jeremiah, equivalent of optimism for future.

Mumbling in an Unknown Language Versus Habitual Walking or
Living in the Spirit, a practice of dreams of special revelation not the
total context of the Bible.

4.  The National Path of Broken Cisterns,
the Temple Message of
Jeremiah 7.

5.  A Public Service Announcement.

6.   You are welcome to download a free PDF
copy of The Forever Kingdom, in two parts because of the size.

a.  The
Forever Kingdom Part 1.

(1).  Introduction to the Gospel of the Kingdom.
(2).  Jeremiah and the Forever Kingdom.
(3).  A Conspiracy against the Kingdom of God.
(4).  The Millennium Movement Crashes on Truth.
(5).  History, Prophesy, and Prediction.
(6).  “...Then The End Will Come.” (Jesus in Matthew 24:14) Part I.
(7).  “...Then The End Will Come.”  (Jesus in Matthew 24:14)  Part II.
(8).  Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy.
(9).  Background for Studies in Jeremiah.

b.  The Forever Kingdom Part 2.

(10).  A Study Outline of Jeremiah with Quotes and Notes.
(11).  One Baptism (Ephesians 4:5) is the One Salvation.
(12).  Top 12 Topics of the Bible as Outlined in Total Bible.
(13).  THE Kingdom.
(14).  Gospel of the King and the Kingdom.
(15).  The King and Kingdom from Romans and Hebrews.
(16).  Parables of the Golden Nugget (Kingdom) with the History Sweeps
of Daniel.