17.        Is There Secrecy in the Bible?

Absolutely not; for the whole purpose of God in the writing of the Bible through Prophets
and Apostles, also in assuring that they would speak a common faith, is in order to
communicate to man. {That is generic man like male and female in Genesis, and
includes men, women, and children.}  God stated through one of the oldest Prophets of
the OT, Obadiah, that “I will not do anything without letting my people know first.”  Brother,
that is communications from the God of this Universe.  I know there are some who
foolishly mind all kind of codes and computer hidden codes in the Bible, but this is rather
a tribute to the imagination of man {his perchance for fiction is greater than for reality}
rather than on any purpose of  God as He wrote and assured a proper interpretation of
the Bible, that is “no scripture is of any private interpretation”.

When Paul wrote in II Timothy that “all scripture is inspired of God, and is profitable for
doctrine, for reproof, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect,
fully equipped unto all God works, the fundamental assumption on which this verse is
based, and surely, you can see it, is that God communicates these things out in the open
for the profit of man, for the instruction of man, and for the proper good works of man.  No
more than a human teacher would hide code in their daily communications as they teach
students, would God hide any code in His 66 books of the Bible.

Now, the manner in which God has chosen to assure the proper interpretation of the
Bible—which I like to call the ASPI for Authorized Semi-Public Interpretation—makes the
Bible a closed book to certain and an open book to others; and that is what is inherent in
the teaching of the Scripture, “no scripture is of any private interpretation”.  God is
concerned that it be public, or at least semi-public, the single interpretation that He has
put in the Bible for every teaching or verse.  The wise of the world {partly because God
holds in contempt the wise and wisdom of the world and partly because God has through
Christ primarily sent the Gospel for the poor of the world, excluding in most cases the
wise of the world and the rich} and those who do not meet other guidelines that the Bible
Itself establishes for proper understanding of the Bible such as the guidance of the Spirit
in understanding, etc., just do not get it.  This is sort of what Paul meant when he wrote in
Romans that before a personal experience with Christ, the meaning of the Bible—that is
the deep and spiritual meaning—was hidden from him.  He wrote that also of his fellow
Jews who did not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.  “In the reading of the scriptures, there
is a veil over their eyes, which is done away with in Christ.”

18.        What are some Christian Bible Studies?

This question can be answered on several levels.  First, the intellectual level where you
would be interested in the books by C.S. Lewis, former professor of literature at
Cambridge, such as CASE FOR CHRISTIANITY and MERE CHRISTIANITY.  But I think
you are already committed to Christ and Christian teachings, so that you are looking for
a summary of Christian teachings as given in the Bible.  From www.biblecombibleman.
com/product_somesounds/, short for the book SOME SOUNDS OF SOUND FAITH, you
will find the following summary of the very basic teachings of the Bible which are
Christian teachings, most often called major doctrines of the Bible.

10 most important things for you to know about the Bible for your own

1.  God:  He knows and desires the best for you life; and He demands a
priority for Himself, His kingdom, and a seeking after His righteousness over
all else in life.
2.  Christ:  the proper learning of Christ according to the Bible is to hear
Him and be taught by Him.
3.  Holy Spirit:  He came to take the place of Jesus on earth after the
Ascension with the restraining work against sin, for righteousness, and a
reminder of God's inevitable judgment; and will do so until when withdrawn
during the short period of the Falling Away before the Second Coming. {See
"Satan versus Holy Spirit".
4.  Bible:  the Bible {contrary to popular opinion and Satan, and certain
experts that would steal from you your God authorized "priesthood of
} can be understood using the Authorized Semi-Public
Interpretation (ASPI).  Also with help from the
5 volume set of  Study Guides,
5.  Salvation:  God only choses a remnant from each church, denomination,
and generation of the many that try to call themselves by the name of Christ
and God so "beware lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in
departing from the living God".  (Hebrews 3:12)
6.  The Falling Away:  Must come with a visual of the man of sin before the
Second Coming; is not a falling way from church as during this period
church attendance may go up, but is a falling away from God, Christ, and
the Bible; is not a criticism of youth as all under 20 years of age are safe if
the Falling Away is like that of the children of Israel in the wilderness.
7.  The Day of the LORD and Lord:  all inclusive phrase to describe when
God rectifies wrongs and rewards rights, sometimes with immediate
disasters but more often with the final great final disaster that shakes
heaven and earth
{blood, fire, and vapor of smoke with diminished
light from sun, moon, and stars}
; Christ comes again with a gathering of
sheep and goats; and the kingdom of Christ is delivered to God with a new
heaven and earth.
8.  Faith:  "faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the {real}  Word of God";
and "faith is the substance of things
{legitimately according to the Bible}
hoped for".
9.  Gospel:  Jesus died on the cross for our sins; was raised from the dead
by God with the same kind of power that both used in the beginning to make
the universe; and the Ascended Jesus now lives at the right hand of God to
make intercession for the sins of believers.
10.  Assembly:  the church assembly that you must be most concerned
about is the assembly of the Firstborn Jesus, written in heaven.

As far as some good Bible studies, I would naturally recommend the books published on
this website, www.biblecombibleman.com, all of which are listed on the page  www.
biblecombibleman.com/i_two/ , short for the second index page; that is, except for the
newly published and currently available in an advanced copy, FRIENDS OF JESUS IN
THIS AGE OF BIBLE AND COMPUTER.  You can order on the friends of Jesus page a
free copy, www.biblecombibleman.com
/Friends_of_Jesus_Page/ ; however if you are a
new Christian and new to serious Bible study, I would recommend first one of the book of
Christian Bible studies like CUP OF WATER, a condensed version of Mark with
comments.  You will also find it available as a free PDF download at www.
Free_Download_CUP/ .  Also you will see on several pages of
this website where to go to Adobe for a likewise free download of Adobe Reader if you
do not already have it on your computer.

To check other Bible Study products and services provided on this webiste, please go to
www.biblecombibleman.com/Summary_Services_Products/ .

19.        What are some Bible Teachings on God?

This is perhaps the most important Bible question that can be asked as with respect for
and knowledge of God, there is nothing:  no religion, no spirituality, no Christianity, and
no belief.  When Jesus came to earth approximately 2000 years ago, and by the way
sent to earth by God the Father, it was in order to let humanity know what God is really
like and let humanity know the proper approach to God through His Son the Lord Jesus
Christ.  Jesus taught men in the Sermon on the Mount of Matthew to pray to God the
Father only, and taught men to pray to God the Father with the beginning address of “Our
Father which art in heaven”, then to start praying with respect for the name of God,
“hallowed be thy name”.  Jesus made it clear as recorded in the 4 Gospels, especially in
the Gospel of John, that all the answers and other teachings that He brought to humanity
were given to Him of God.  Jesus did not originate them, only repeated them.

The Bible itself is a book about God, especially on the God that “was in Christ,
reconciling the world unto himself.”  As one Bible scholar said, “The Bible is a
progressive revelation of God coming to an eternal climax in Christ”.  Slowly God reveals
Himself to man, after so much of the direct communications was lost between God and
man that previously existed in the Garden of Eden, lost because of sin and Satan, and
the fact that God as a holy God has never been able to stand unconfessed and
uncleansed sin in His presence; and one of the reasons that we primarily confess our
sins through the fact that Jesus Christ is at the right hand of God ever living and ever
making intercession for our sins.  Back to the gradual revelation of Himself, each time
God made a vocal appearance to men after the Garden and most generally through an
angel, He revealed something of Himself to man as for example when He told Moses at
the burning bush that He was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and indeed as
recorded in Genesis during those previous encounters with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  
{You have the whole Bible to learn in each book and chapter and verse, something about
God; however, if I were you I would start with the short, more simple Gospel of Mark, and
on the teachings of Jesus about God.  Since Jesus came from God, and came loaded
with much information and answers from God, this is your best source to learn what the
Bible teaches about God.  And you can download free from this website “A Condensed
Version of Mark with Comments”, called A CUP OF WATER, on the page www.
Free_Download_CUP/ }

There are many other helps to learning the Bible teachings about God on the
SunGrist_Bible website, www.biblecombibleman.com,  of which I would hope that you
will avail yourself, most on those are listed on the page www.biblecombibleman.
com/Summary_Services_Products/ .  More specifically on the subject of God, I would
recommend the reading of
SOME SOUNDS OF A SOUND FAITH, available at the www.
biblecombibleman/PPP/ page for a almost free PDF download, and in hard copy
workbook format at the page, www.biblecombibleman.com/
product_somesounds .  
Lastly, you are invited to join the SunGrist_Bible free email list, generally each month,
which goes through one each month of the 12 Top Topics of the Bible, most of those are
teachings on God.  Simply email us at
SunGrist_Bible@netscape.com or
biblecombibleman@yahoo.com telling us that you want on the newsletter list.  Again,
there is no charge for this service, and your email address stays with only

In closing I would like to mention some of the more recent trends in Christian literature  to
deal with the always present problem of idols and images of God placed in front of the
God of the Bible, the God of the Universe, and the God who is the Father of the Lord
Jesus Christ.  If you do not learn about and get in touch with this God of the Lord Jesus
Christ, then all others are idols and most often put you in touch with the only other
supernatural being of this universe, Satan himself.  Beyond that, J.B.Phillips dealt with
years ago in a book by that title that YOUR GOD IS TOO SMALL, how we create images
in our mind of a God that is not the God of the Bible, of the Universe, and of the Lord
Jesus Christ.  {By the way which is also a God that doesn’t understand radar and
computers, etc.} More recently in my books such as FRIENDS OF JESUS IN THIS AGE
OF BIBLE AND COMPUTER {an advanced copy is available free by email and there is
info on such at www.biblecombibleman.com/Friends_of_Jesus_Page/ } I have tried to
deal with a more recent trend the history of American Thought whereby “The American
Conscience” has become a substitute for God in that Americans and even American
Christians without sufficient Bible understanding on God have made a God out of their
own conscience which correlates rather well with the collective American Conscience.
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