Preventive Calamities Beat Corrective Calamities.

What does the recent Arkansas flood of campers in a park have in
common with the Gulf Oil disaster, the worse environmental disaster in U.
S. history? Well, it may seem brutal--but preventive is better than
corrective--but it is just two more, and immediately behind the also
unprecedented disaster of economic collapse in this country, in a long
series of intense calamities since 9/11. Everyone of these calamities--
and you recall many of them as fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc,
all of which can be characterized with "we have never seen it like this
before"; and that is what is meant by intense, perhaps this series of
intense calamities in the United States should be labeled "unprecedented
and intense". They have a saying in Tennessee which applies, "We ain’t
ne’r seed nutin like it!".

God’s people of America need not repeat the lesson of God’s people of
Jeremiah where for at least 163 years they ignored a series of intense
{See Calamities Since 911 and 163 years of plenty.} God
stated through Jeremiah and in the early chapters before the bottom line
Temple Message of Jeremiah 7, that during the last more-than-a-hundred
years, in fact since the wilderness wanderings that so many
chastisements for corrections had been placed on the backs of God’s
people that there was no room left. Two evils, then and now, have been
committed, and continue to daily be committed, by God’s people: (1)
God’s people in Jeremiah and America today have forsaken God as the
only fountain of living waters; and (2) many broken cisterns like Messianic
Judaism, extra-biblical doctrines of Roman Catholicism--their own
documents have been given authority over the Bible as the Word of God
{just one unsound doctrine} and which like Peter said of other works for
salvation that places "a burden on Gentile Christians that neither we nor
our forefathers were able to bear" (Acts 15:10), and in sexual scandals a
priority of preservation of their own world-wide organization is given
priority for the righteousness of God and His kingdom--the official
reformed gospel of Mormonism where works becomes more important
than grace, clearly recorded in one of their extra and non-Christian Bibles
called THE DOCTRINE AND THE COVENANTS, and the heresies of
the Millennium Movement. {What you will find if you run the historical
references online, especially in Wikipedia, is that Darby the originator of
Millenniums before Scofield was on the "Brethren Movement", the same
group that started a kibutz and village in early Palestinian settlement that
is now noted for Messianic Judaism. In fact, what you will find today is
that the same false and popular prophets of today who teach the
Millennium Movement also teach Messianic Judaism as well as related
false doctrines on the Pentecostal movement and the Modified Gospel
of Prosperity. Yes, false doctrine goes in bundles as anything false
prophets can use to attract and retain the attention of God’s people, and
of course get support. Look it up in Wikipedia, the facts given there are
that dispensationalism or millenniumism is dominant among: pentecosts,
fundamentalists Baptists, and community churches.}

In all these contemporary broken cisterns of America, you will find a
simple repeat of what Peter, Paul, and James condemned in first century
Christianity as (1) troubling the souls of Gentile Christians (Acts 15:19),
and (2) "why do you test God by putting a yoke on the neck of the
disciples which neither our fathers nor we were able to hear?" (Acts 15:9)
We never learn; or rather Satan has learned long ago what is most
effective in troubling the souls of Christians, testing God, and putting a
yoke on disciples.

Would you not agree that any time, or any movement, that troubles the
souls of Christians, in Eastern New Mexico and West Texas or
elsewhere, is a broken cistern that can not hold water, a substitute of
works over grace, and a substitute for daily acknowledgment of God as
the fountain of living waters, a steady each day violation of the teaching
of Jesus to give priority to the kingdom of God and the righteousness of
God? (Matthew 6:33) So much religion today, an obvious sign of the
great last apostasy called the Falling Away (II Timothy 4:4,5 and II
Thessalonians), might be considered good if they did not take the first
place that God demands of all His people for Christ’s kingdom and
righteousness. Even a local church can be a violation of Matthew 5:xx, if
takes priority over the kingdom of Christ and His righteousness.

20-1: "Astonishing and Horrible Thing" in the Land of God’s People.

Few would disagree that now, but rapidly waning {few would question for
hundreds of years America has led in the spreading of the gospel to ever
nation, and at least until recently more of God’s people have been in the
US than anywhere else, but with many also evidences that the fullness of
the Gentiles provided with the US as the prime vehicle is about over} is
America as the land of God’s people which long ago took the place of
the land of Israel as the land of God’s people; but now with the many
national evidences that God has been forsaken as the eternal fountain
and provision, and with the testimony from God Himself with His control
over the universe as He has rained out on the United States a very
intense and unprecedented series of calamities since 9/11. The reality of
this "horrible and astonishing thing in the land" was hard to face for God’s
people in Jeremiah, and it is hard to face today. "Hard" that is an
inadequate word: it is impossible for God’s people then and now to face
up to. Instead the very signs of religious activities that America currently
lauds and God’s people of Jeremiah lauded, rested in, had confidence in--
that is, the broken cisterns--were the very first place activities that
diverted from the primary God-demanded priority of the kingdom and
God’s righteousness.

"An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in he land: the
prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule by their own power; and
My people love to have it so." (Jeremiah 5:30)

While many of us revelled in the grand ‘ole Gospel hour of Jerry Falwell
and appreciated the Moral Majority started by him, Charles Stanley, and
Tim LeHaye, just before his death Falwell was desperate to prove
religious revival in this nation by calling attention to many of this broken
cisterns which in reality were, and still are, diversions from the priority for
the kingdom and God’s righteousness, like Ted Haggard, Tim LeHaye,
and Rich Warren. Surely if Joel Osteen had written his best seller on the
priority of things and in his each Sunday presentation of the Gospel of
Prosperity {modified now by such popular preachers of prosperity as
"Gospel of Prosperity in 2 Years", and I suspect will have to be extended
a few more years after the Gulf Oil Spill, and whatever intense and
unprecedented calamity comes next}, they would have been considered
by church leaders, desperate to hide the fact that they are, and must be,
leaders in the Falling Away, as signs of revival instead of as, what they
are, broken cisterns of substitutes for God, Christ, the gospel, and the
fountain of living waters.

"We will live and die by our pastor", most Americans would respond, just
like they do about their own school system as the most effective
educators in this nation are saying: "The system is broken; teachers can’t
teach; and students can not -learn {did you know that now one-third of
high school students are a drop-out?}. Americans are that way, a
commendable loyalty but one that will led to more unprecedented
calamities sent from God to get our attention, about their nation, their
government, their past heritage, and their future.

Some national leaders and news leaders are right about all this talk
without action. There is talk about what America has been in the past,
what America will be in the future; but there is a dire shortage on the Gulf
Oil Spill of action right now!

And certainly it is commendable the way pastors and churches rushed
into the Arkansas wilderness where the flood killed so many campers, to
comfort and assist the people. Preachers, pastors, church members, and
priests are also extending such comfort, where possible, to the
fishermen, oil workers, suits in Houston, beach keepers, etc of the Gulf

BEATS CORRECTIVE CALAMITIES; and today, right at this time in
America, reminds us of what was happening among God’s people of

".they have healed the hurt of my people slightly."

While all these efforts of churches and church leaders to slightly heal the
hurt of the people of God, there is no real and permanent healing without
the full corrective measure of: (1) elimination of the substitute broken
cisterns of popular preachers for the kingdom of God and God’s
righteousness; and (2) a return to God as the only fountain of living
waters. Surely this may sound brutal to the parent that lost a child in the
Arkansas flood or the wife who lost a husband on the Gulf oil-rig disaster;
but far more brutal on all of God’s people of this nation is it going to be if
God, through this intense and unprecedented series of disasters since
9/11, the most recent of which respectively has been economic collapse,
the Gulf Oil Spill over 60 days ago, and the Arkansas flood, does not get
our attention. And while we here a lot about prayer and God mentioned in
relation to these disasters, it like from the prophets and priests of
Jeremiah, is healing the hurt of the people only marginal!

20-2: "Act of God" or "Accident of Man".

Not the Arkansas flood but the Gulf Oil Spill would be protested by many,
like James Carveille on TV news, as a man-made accident of greedy
men as they were trying to make more money without sufficient safety
considers; and as recently T. Bone Pickens told us that the cement was
cast incorrectly. However, granted that the explosion on the oil rig and the
subsequent beginning of the spill was man-made, it has only continued to
pollute the gulf and cause economic hardships to thousands along the
coast, because of "the lack of blessings of God" on their efforts to
correct the spill.

Several good news commentators and journalists have rightly informed
us that the ability to fix this problem has alluded these experts from
government, oil companies, and other leaders. And you know, when a
problem gets beyond the ability, even technological ability, of leaders and
workers to handle, the natural outlet is to call on God the Father for a
blessing and a solution.

At this point is where the calamity from God comes in as in the long
sequence of intense and unprecedented calamities from God since 9/11.
God is not listening; and it is His plan and program to without a blessing
on the solution of the oil spill, at least for a while longer, until the message
sinks into the core of the nation that God is using this series of calamities
to get the attention of America and to rescue America from the
entrapment from popular and status-filled preachers of prosperity and
other works. Not only do God’s people of Houston, Texas, the south,
and all of America love to have these messages of broken cisterns; but
their church leaders and TV evangelists continue to pour out these
messages of little comfort, that heal the real deep hurt of the people

20-3: The Priority of God’s Message at Mount Sinai not for Sacrifice.

Before commending you to the continuing study of the book of Jeremiah,
the very key from the bottom line of God’s message in Jeremiah as
recorded in the Temple Message of Jeremiah 7, of how God’s people
substitute the good for the best, real revival for false signs of revival,
superficial religious solutions for the real solution, broken cisterns for
eternal living water, we must consider the primary purpose of God as He
made a covenant with His people, the same sort of covenant God has
made with all His people of any nation that would heed Him since; and
the same covenant God made with the people of God of the United

This will be hard for you; perhaps the hardest thing to understand of any
Bible study that you have ever done; and the reason that is so obvious is
because of the growing popularity, especially in Eastern New Mexico and
West Texas for these broken cisterns like: (1) Messianic Judaism; (2) the
Millennium Movement; (3) and works for salvation from the Roman
Catholic doctrines and Mormonism. You know every work for salvation
causes a little bit of sacrifice on the part of the adherent to the false
doctrine; and notice what God Himself says about "burt offerings and
sacrifices" in the Temple Message, Jeremiah 7:22,23.

And by the way, before we look closely at Jeremiah 7:22,23, consider in
Jeremiah 7:17-21 a preamble to what God has always primarily
considered of His people before laws, regulations, rules, rituals, and
religious revivals: "Thus says the LORD of hosts {already with this name
God called Himself, God is getting ready to make a people more out of
the Gentiles than the Jews}, the God of Israel: "Add your burnt offerings
to your sacrifices and eat meat." (Jeremiah 7:21)

Sarcasm from God Himself, yes; but from a God who feels forsaken by
a people of His own that He has so loved and cared for. What God is
saying is this, and read it carefully and you will agree: Since even
sacrifices to the Queen of Heaven had been added on every rooftop and
home in Jerusalem and Judea, and even in temple worship, God is
saying in effect, "Well, what is one more ritual, and sacrifice, and burnt
offering." Add it on, as one more will not make that much difference. All
these religious practices and rituals and works for salivating are for
nought anyway. In fact Jeremiah is instructed to no longer even pray for
the people; for God is not listening.

Now, if you think it is brutal for a temporary predictive prophet of the New
Testament and democratic kind to criticize churches and pastors for the
slight healing of the hurt people in the Arkansas flood and Gulf disaster,
how brutal is it going to be when God’s people of America reach the
point, if not already, where like for the people of Jeremiah, God will no
longer listen to their prayers!

NOTE: Here is the bottom line of the bottom line of Jeremiah.

"For I did not speak to your fathers, or command them in the day that I
brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings or

{all of this came later, was not primary to the relationship between God
as a Heavenly Father to His own people}. "But this is what I commanded
them, saying, ‘Obey My voice; and I will be your God, and you shall be
My people. And walk in all he ways that I have commanded you, that it
may be well with you.’" (Jeremiah 7:22,23)

You see: this is what the Apostle Peter had in mind when he told first
century Christians not to put a burden on disciples that neither "us or our
forefathers could bare". And how ridiculous for the adherents of
Messianic Judaism to repeat the follies of God’s people of Jeremiah, a
people by the way which never recovered from this fall of Jerusalem, and
never will in the sense of the a kingdom on earth of Messianic Judaism
and the Millennium Movement.

20-4: Blessings or Calamities as Determined by the LORD of Hosts.

Up front and now, before we begin to wrap up this intense series of Bible
Studies on the book of Jeremiah and Prophesy, along with the
supplemental studies on the kingdom of God, the golden nugget and the
kingdom, Official Prophets and Priests verbs the Prophet sent by God
(Jeremiah), here is how simple the bottom line message is:

{same as seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness as taught
by Jesus}:
1. God’s People of America: God wants you listening to His voice right
now and every day before the making of any sacrifice of Torah, works,
and service.

2. God backs the Apostle Peter, in His Word the Bible, by condemning
the placing on God’s people anywhere, anytime a burden of works and
sacrifice that they can not bear like the Torah and Messianic Judaism.

3. God says the relationship between any nation claiming to be God’s
people and Himself can only last as long as the people belong to Him
with their primary loyalty and allegiance; they walk in His ways; and they
forsake the broken cisterns which are substitutes for Him as the fountain
of living waters.

When this essential covenant of a relationship between God and God’s
people is kept, the blessings come; when violated, ignored, and given
second priority, the curses and calamities come. You can put that in your
book of laws, rules, and regulations with gravity and Neatens’ second
law, F = ma.

20-5: Broken Cisterns of Popular Preachers and Movements.

Yes, also brutal; but it could be said of churches and pastors today like of
education: "The system is broken; preachers can’t preach; and church
members can not learn sound doctrine".

You see, that is what the Great Apostasy of the Falling Away really is in
other words.

{Read II Timothy 4:4,5 and II Thessalonians.}
"They can’t all be bad", I hear the protest. Yes, they can; and as in
Jeremiah, "the people want it that way." You see that also is what the
Falling Away, the last great apostasy on earth, is according to II Timothy
4:3,4 and II Thessalonians, and many other Scriptures that are being
ignored by popular preachers today as not applying to today!

While the very few predictive prophets of today and of the democratic
New Testament type

{certainly not these many false prophets on TV today who claim to be of
the Old Testament type} may seem to be brutal as they call the following
list of Movements and false gospels BROKEN CISTERNS OF
AMERICA AND TODAY, most of your pastors, church leaders--these
official prophets and priests like in Jeremiah--are so enamored with their
popularity and status to tell you the whole truth! This is not to say that you
pastors and preachers and priests are not telling you some truth, but they
are withholding the WHOLE TRUTH from you. Like the official prophets
and priests of Jeremiah, while they are providing you some truth for
some comfort, they are "healing the hurt of the people only slightly". And
here are the movements that will be discussed, based on Jeremiah and
Prophesy", in the next Bible Study in Jeremiah.
1. Messianic Judaism.

2. The Millennium Movement.

3. The Modified Gospel of Prosperity.

4. The Reformed Gospel of Mormonism.

5. Unnecessary burdens and man-made doctrines the Roman Catholic
hierarchy put on their people.

Of course, all this will be done in the context of wrapping up as soon as
possible the Bible Studies on Jeremiah. Recall in the last session, how
Jeremiah once again delivering the famous Temple Message, this time in
Jeremiah 26, was taken captive and put on trail. We must discuss how
fickle the people of God were, yes also like today, as they first
demanded his death at the demand of the priests; then after the trial led
by the government, proclaimed his innocence

{with the slight modification by the elders}. Yes, it reminds one of the
fickle crowd of God’s people at the triumphant entry of Christ, the same
crowd who later demanded "Crucify Him, Crucify Him."
20-6: What Happened to the Jews as the Called People of God?

Before the conclusion of Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy, we
must in view of all this confusion from Messianic Judaism and the
Millennium Movement lay out from the Bible itself, especially in the book
of Romans, what has happened to the Jews as the Called People of
God. You must distinguish between "called" and "chosen" as the New
Testament does; for the called people of God of Mount Sinai and
Jeremiah were not the same as the actual chosen for eternal life people
of God; nor in the days of Jesus; nor now in America. While America
can, at least for a little while longer, be considered as the called people of
God and nation of God like Israel was at Sinai and up to the end of such
during the days of Jeremiah.

{Also in Daniel concurrent with Jeremiah, and Zechariah, and Jeremiah
and other Prophets which eliminated after a few years in the first century
all of the Jews as the chosen people of God except one third, that one
third with persecution.}
If you have been following the TOP 12 TOPICS OF THE BIBLE on then you are aware that of the twelve topics that
summarize the whole Bible, Old and New Testaments, that one of those
is on this very subject of "What Happened to the Jews as the Called
People of God?" In fact, much of the Old Testament Prophets, as far as
major subjects, can be summarized under this topic; and as explained
and quoted in the New Testament.


See "Top 12 Topics of the Bible".}