Introduction to American Creativity for Greed and Cover-Up

So large is the American creativity for cover-up and greed,
some call it "just business", the free enterprise system, or
entrepreneurship, that it takes an introduction and much
Bible to deal with it.

While it during the last year has became more popular to
somewhat remove the veil of the hideout cover-up on
business, education, and cities, where they have bankrupt
for years without letting the public know; it is still not
popular to disclose the cover up in churches and
denominations, yet these institutions have been during this
Falling Away since 1968 more creative practitioners of the
National "Den of Thieves" habits and "Hideout for Bad
Habits" (Jeremiah 7:11, John 2:16, Matthew 21:13, and Isaiah
56:7)  As the Falling Away moves deeper into the 5 stages (II
Timothy 4:3,4)--the present stage after having passed
through (1) intolerance toward sound doctrine, (2) churches
primarily driven by a motivation in personal desires, (3) the
heaping up of Bible teachers, preachers, and evangelists
with "itching ears"--American churches and the national
American church is about to go over the precipice of the
fourth stage, where churches led the nation in "turning away
from truth".  It is so subtle and natural that those closest can
not see it!  Substitute Gospels, "which are not a gospel of
the same kind", have been accepted so naturally as to "if it
were possible deceive even the elect", like The Gospel of
Prosperity, Messianic Judaism, and other misguided
philosophies of works for salvation like Mormonism with the
official Reformed Gospel of the Doctrine and Covenants, the
work of baptism by the church of Christ, and sprinkling plus
many other doctrines of works in catholicism. The extent to
which leaders in these churches and denominations have
allowed these salvations by works, instead of by the grace of
God (Ephesians 2:8,9), to dominate their organizations, is
directly proportional to the extent that they have turned and
the rate at which they are continuing to turn away from the
truth.  This is no personal attack on the "flesh and blood" of
these churches and denominations, and their cover-ups; but
rather on (1) principalities, and powers, and spiritual
wickedness in high places, and (2) and the trends toward
greed and cover-up that will in the 5th stage of the Falling
Away (II Timothy 4:4,5) turn churches into fables. {Never
forget that these national leaders of the NATIONAL "DEN OF
THIEVES" are also church members; and if not, they claim
the moral and ethical high ground of the American
Democratic Faith.}

While America is still the greatest country and greatest
government in the world, all we have to do in order to lose
what truly in sound Bible doctrine made it great, is to sit
back overcome by the spiritual inertia of the Falling Away,
ignoring the obvious present signs of the 5 stages of the
Falling Away.