ALL SCRIPTURE (II Timothy 3:16,17),
Through the Bible in 3 years.

{Yes, it is all free!  "Freely we have received, freely we
give."  We are mixed up on "double honor" (I Timothy 5:17)
in that it goes to pastors and administrators more than to
those that "labor in the word and doctrine", the prophets
(Ephesians 4:11) of prophesy (I Corinthians 14:3) from the
Ascended Christ.}

You have been told for years on the necessity of ALL SCRIPTURE
as compared to discriminative teaching of itching ears which
selectively chooses and harps on a very small percent of the Bible.  
The emphasis in this 3 year program and plan is on the ALL as
much as on SCRIPTURE.  Even as in the history of Christianity, and
in more recent years in American churches, denominations and
divisions have been created from SELECTIVE Scriptures, a focus
and emphasis on ALL SCRIPTURE should be the opposite, or the
"spare no effort at peace and unity" of Ephesians 4:3 that provides
both depth, balance, and a spread on the 7 Ones that lessens the
trend of the great apostasy called the Falling Away (II Timothy 4:3,4),
whereby:  (1) churches and denominations "will not endure sound
doctrine' (2) church members become more driven in motivations
by their "wants" and "desires" than purpose driven by Christ and
the Spirit; (3) the heaping out of teachers of sound doctrine and the
heaping in of teachers with "Itching ears" as all part of the process
of the "heaping up" of teachers with itching ears"; the obvious
turning away from truth in churches as they lead America the same
way, or vice versa; and the inevitable consequences in FABLES
that come with a practice of the first 4 stages of the Falling Away.

On the more positive side of this plan and program to go through
the Bible in 3 years, a counter is offered to both the Falling Away
and to the lack of ALL Scripture balance that comes from a
selective teaching and preaching in American churches, on
television, and in books.  In short, people are hearing more what the
leaders want them to hear in order to be manipulated for the benefit
of the institution or to promote their status and prosperity, than they
are hearing what they really need for these difficult times of the
Falling Away and the economic trials and sufferings.

It certainly can not be said that, "Selective teaching and preaching
of Scripture is worse than no Bible at all"; but it can be stated
emphatically that "Preventive Maintenance with the Bible of All
Scripture, whereby the man of God gets "instruction in all
righteousness" even before the need for corrective maintenance in
"doctrine, reproof, and correction"--not also according to the Bible
to be neglected; but the preventive of all scripture more adequately
provides the BALANCE and SPREAD of the seven required for
peace and unity.  Today, you will notice that while individuals,
preachers, and churches stray away from a courage of convictions
in order to achieve some temporal, superficial, and functionally
pragmatic sense of peace and unity, this only creates more

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