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Present Friends of Jesus, a
challenge to overcome the
Falling Away.
Day of the LORD and
Falling Away
Magic Outline of
the Bible
Holy Spirit
Ephesians 4:  Major
doctrines of the
Bible as ONEs.
Summary of Ephesians:  
Paul's Statement of
Faith in Ephesians
How to
Learn Christ
Ephesians 4:11:  The
Ascended Christ gave the
gifts to men of Apostles,
Evangelists, and Pastors.
Conscience:  The
answer of a good
conscience toward
God is the washing
of regeneration, the
one baptism.
Seared Conscience
Social Conscience:  all
civilizations show the
presence of a conscience
in the excusing and
acusssing of one another.  
(Romans 2:14,15)
Conscience:  The American Conscience
and "God is greater than the
Bible Teachings
Teachings of Christ in the Bible
Doctrine:   another word
for teachings.
Christian doctrine: "the faith once for
all delivered to the saints"  (Jude)
Bible doctrine:  the teachings
of the Bible and summarized
by Paul in the book of
Reconciliation from the Bible of the
Security of the Believer and the
Falling Away
SNATCHING (by Satan of seed sown),
STUMBLING (caused by cares of this
world, deceitfulness of riches, and
other things) AND THE FALLING AWAY.
"Friends of Jesus":  a
challenge to overcome the
Falling Away
Things from the Bible you should
about the Falling Away
because you are not hearing it in
pulpits and on TV.
Goals of this website:  
promote Bible
understanding, extend
influence of Christ, rescue
sound doctrine, and
"Friends of
Jesus" as a challenge to
overcome the Falling Away.
You should know as a Christian and
church member: about "the time will
come when they will not endure sound
doctrine" {and that we are already in it
as indicated by many signs.
What happens with intolerance
toward sound doctrine:  (1) a
vast heaping up in pulpits,
classrooms, colleges,
seminaries, and on TV of
"itching ears Bible teachers";
(2) church members motivated
by the personal desires more
than Christ; (3) church
members will literally,
according to II Timothy 4:3,4,
turn away from the truth of the
Bible; (4) turn into fables, and
you can see many in this day
and time without a naming of
Security of the Believer in the little
epistles of John and harmonized
with some of the last books written
by the Apostle Paul on this subject
of the Security of the Believer
Christ for Individuals: in
the book of Revelation
and in all four of the books
written by the Apostle
John--Revelation, Gospel
of John, and I,II, and III
Eschatalogy is "last things" or deals
with end time events, at the end of this
world age, at the great and notable day
of the Lord.
"Last Days":  defined clearly in
the Bible by the Apostle Peter,
in Acts 2:17-21 as quoted from
Joel 2:28-32 as beginning on
the Day of Pentecost and
ending with the great and
notable day of the Lord.
Near the end of this Great and
Notable Day of the Lord, according
to II Thessalonians,
the Holy Spirit is
withdrawn from the earth.
The famous 1000 years:  
from the Scoffield
Reference Bible is
defined, where falsely
claimed to be of peace on
earth, in Acts 2:17-21 as
the beginning and end of
the last days:  Satan is
bound with the coming of
the Spirit and loosed with
the withdrawal of the Spirit.
Christian teachings must be based on
Bible teachings:  lest some claim new
revelations, committing the same
wrongs of I and II Corinthians that "the
Word of God came to them only, or that
the Word of God came out of them."
Apostle Paul: chief editor of
the New Testament, writing 14
letters of the New Testament
and sponsoring through
manuscripts 3 other
books--Mark, Luke, and Acts.
The ASPI method of Bible
interpretation and understanding:  
the authorized Semi-Public
Interpretation of the Bible carries
out the admonition of "no scripture
is of any private interpretation.
The Apostles and Jesus in
the New Testament quote,
explain, and interpret the
Old Testament; and the
Prophets of the Old
Testament explain and
interpret the New
The little Epistles of John:  teach us
faith and faith contending as well as
the Security of the Believer, and how to
test other spirits that claim to be
Christians or Prophets.
World News and the Bible:  
todays news sounds each
week more and more like the
pages of the Bible.
The kingdom of God versus other
things, God over mammom, words
that proceed out of the mouth of
God over bread.
Clean Disciples, the new
commandment, humble
unselfish service as
phases on the way to
being called by Jesus
Friends of Jesus

Christian Apologetics with a
contemporary flavor, Bible based, and
demanded by today's environment.