Abraham and "The Promise"
Abraham and "The

"For the promise, that he should be the
heir of the world, was not to Abraham,
or to his seed, through the law, but
through the righteousness of faith."   
(Romans 4:13)
There has been so much new enthusiasm about Jesus and the Gospel, that
many have developed their own terminology difficult to understand by other
Christians.  Also with the Falling Away Christian   fables have “gone every
where preaching”, and we must be reminded that not only did the Apostle Paul
and the Word of God through the Apostle Paul admonish to sound doctrine but
also to “the pattern of sound words (II Timothy 1:14).  Yes, and some
evangelists and preachers have invented words and concepts in order to offer
to their listerners novelty, and get support, often make disciples to themselves
more than to Christ.  Of course Paul like to the Ephesian elders taught, there
will always be savage wolves that:  (1) work for personal gain, and (2) draw
disciples to themselves.  Even as the Bible speaks of such Christian workers
as following the example of Balaam and the doctrine of Balaam, so we also in
the continued Christian fables series let the Bible label them as Balaams.
It was true in the time of Paul, and it is even more so in this time of the great
apostasy called the Falling Away.  By developing their own terminology and
methods of worship, while they are in the very act of protesting
denominationalism, they have effectively, whether they will admit it or not,
developed another new denominations.  Two good examples in point are (1)
those of the interdenomination persuasion that through the years have
developed a common organization just like other denominations; and (2) the
Community church movement, which you will also find with so many common
associations and organizations has also become a denomination.  This world
label of the “Alternative Christians” must also be watched closely for still
another denomination, and kept without compromise close to the Bible.  In the
series on Christian Fables, World Labels, and Sound Doctrine, we have added
Bible support from the book of Romans, on Israel and Last Things, and now
we find it necessary to add another complementing study series,
simultaneously for many of us, on Abraham {Ibrahim to the Arabs in Saudi
This parallel series begins with “Abraham and the Promise”, and since we are
already deep into the book of Romans, we will naturally start with “The
Promise in Romans”.

I.  Abraham and The Promise as Heir of the World in Romans.

II.  Abraham and Promise in the New Testament.

III.  Abraham and Promise in the Old Testament.

IV.  Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael and Arabs, and Jacob and Israel,
and Christians grafted in.