The Hideous Assault of Mormonism on Truth and
American Heritage.

Even as “you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”,
from Jesus and along with the Constitution and Declaration of
Independence part of the foundational heritage of this nation, so also
hideous lies, half truth, deceptions, appearance over righteous
judgment can put individuals and a nation out of freedom and into
bondage.  Yes, you are impressed with Mormonism about the
appearance of evangelism {nice looking young men in  nice suits
traveling across the nation and the world seeming for a good cause},
with the impressions they make on you as family oriented because of
their large families, and their large prosperous looking churches and
temples that they build across the country.  Americans if you have
bought this malarkey, of course never having read their 4 Bibles,
especially that hideous “The Doctrine and the Covenants” Bible that you
have never read, you are duped against truth and freedom and in favor
of untruth and bondage.
5-1:  National and respected religious leaders have warned Christians
and other Americana for years, even as the Bible has done for over
two thousand years, about a risk of national and individual departure
from the truth.
1.  Perhaps you recall Peter Marshall, a famous Presbyterian minister,
from the book or movie named A MAN CALLED PETER, or from the
years that he was Chaplain of the Senate, or even the books from his
wife Cathryn Marshall; well we are indebted to him for saying “If we
stand for nothing we fall for any anything.”
2.  Dr R.G. Lee, former beloved pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church and
President of the Southern Baptist Convention and more noted for his
scholarly orations like “Payday Someday”, warned years ago before
the devastating split of the Southern Baptists into 3 conventions or
denominations, that:
a.  Communism, Mohammedanism, and materialism, and Mormonism
are “isms” that should be “wasms”; and
b.  In his book of published sermons entitled BREAD FROM
BELLEVUE OVEN presented to America in “The Menace of
Mediocrity”, the fact that we have been noticing more and more in
churches, denominations, and other national leadership that “Wrens
make prey where eagles dare not perch.”
3.  According to the Bible, Christianity and the whole world are now well
into the Falling Away.  You can hardly deny the reality presently that we
are in the 5 stages of the Falling Away--intolerance or lack of endurance
for sound doctrine, Christian and church member motivated more out
of personal desires and wants than driven by the Spirit of Christ,
heaping into the pulpits and other offices “teachers with itching ears”,
then in the fourth stage the very tragic “turning away from truth”, and
then where the nation loses control by being “turned into fables” (II
Timothy 3:3,4)
5-2:  The hideous assault of Mormonism on women’s rights and truth.
1.  A little group of us were assembled around an F-16 being modified
by civil service at the depot in Ogden, Utah {the depot at Hill Air Force
Base}, under the direction of a few Logistics Engineers out of General
Dynamics, Fort Worth, Texas.  Suddenly the representative from
Denmark said, “I think when you die, you just die.”  And most of us were
shocked, being more aare of the propaganda of Mormonism than the
realities of their 4 Bibles and practices, when a young lady who was an
experienced electrician and civil service worker there at the Dept, “Oh, I
wish I could believe that!”  So terrified was she by the male intimidation
against women for their salvation apart from them, that she preferred to
forget about a heaven or a hell.  {Her husband was one of those card
carrying Mormons that can get into the temple, and practice many such
unChristian practices and beliefs as baptism from the dead, the sealing
of a marriage, and men climbing their way up to becoming “gods”.  She
also complained because her 2 sons, both afraid of water, had to be
baptized  50 times each in this temple for 50 dead people.
2.  One can not help be enamored with the beauty of Utah {in reality
only approximately 50% are Mormons}, the area of Ogden and the Salt
Lake valley, and the magnitude of temple square with the Tabernacle
where most see Mormonism as a good sounding organ and choir and
tremendous, and the more secluded temples closed and hidden from all
the public except the card carrying Mormons; and all this beauty and
history of Utah, Mormonism has tried to use for their advantage by a
distortion of truth.  If you take the tour of temple square, you will see a
monument of early Mormon pioneers surrounded by sea gulls {if you
go to the Salt Lake, you know about the sea gulls} and then you can
read in the wording at the bottom how early Mormons prayed for
rescue from locusts and the Sea Gulls cane to the state in answer to
the prayer and faith of Mormonism.

TRUTH:  Read any history of Utah and you will find that when Peter
Skeine Ogden first explored Utah, in his journal he recorded that the
locusts and sea gulls were already there!

Question:  What do Mormons and Mormonism have in common?
Answer:  The both believe in making truth and re-writing history!