Definition of Sound Doctrine in Titus 2

The Titus 2 portion of the Word of God provides one of the
best and most complete definitions of what sound doctrine
is.  It is some sound doctrine on sound doctrine, we might
say.  When Paul writes to the young evangelist and pastor
Titus to "speak the things which are proper for sound
doctrine" (Titus 2:1) he starts a string of Scriptures where
"sound" is used 4 times.
1.  Sound Speaking as in Preaching is Sound Doctrine.  We
are hearing a lot of novel teachings today from pulpits and
TV in a rush for popularity as itching ears Bible teachers are
"heaped up" {you might say amassed as these itching ears
Bible teachers like Warren and Olsteen come out of the
woodwork to say new things in a new way}, hence we go
back to the Bible in Titus 2 for the kind of speaking from the
pulpit that is "proper for sound doctrine.
2.  Sound Doctrine is Sound Faith. Even as always in the
blogs of SunGrist_Bible, the answers to Bible questions, and
in the books promoted, a basic and inclusive definition of
sound doctrine starts with the "faith once for all delivered to
the saints", doctrine and faith used synonymously, so Paul
starts the short treatise of Titus 2 on a definition of sound
doctrine with it's basis in a sound faith.  To be "sound in
faith" {Titus 2:2) as a basis for sound doctrine is:  (1) be
sober, reverent, temperate, loving, and patience {perhaps it
has never dawned on you the extent that sound living has to
do with sound doctrine}; (2) reverent in behavior (Titus 2:3),
thus making it clear that sound doctrine has to do with
sound living or behavior, absence of slander, an absence of
much wine {obviously more on behavior}, "teachers of good
things"--certainly a good behavior; (3) by example and words
the older women admonish the younger women to love their
husbands {how long has it been since anybody admonished
you to love your husband as part of sound doctrine and
sound faith?} and to love their children, to be {being and
becoming on behavior and character} discrete, chaste,
homemakers, good, and obedient to their husbands {of
course outdated unless you still hold to the Bible as the
authoritative Word of God over current tendencies and
movements in American Society, but most often for concern
of the thought patterns of our neighbors we have less
concern that "the Word of God may not be blasphemed"
(Titus 2:5)}; and (4) with a emphasis for youth sober-minded,
showing a pattern of good behavior that is a "pattern of
good works" {yes, that is sound faith and sound doctrine}.
3.  Showing "Doctrine" of Life that is noble is sound
doctrine.  (Titus 2:7).  Such noble displays of sound doctrine
and sound faith are listed as:  (1) integrity, (2) reverence
{notice how often "reverence" as sound doctrine and sound
faith comes up in Titus 2}, and (3) incorruptibility.
4.  Sound Speech is Sound Doctrine.  Surely in the category
of sound living or behaviour would be sound speech.  
"sound speech that can not be condemned", or above
reproach, Paul writes under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
in Titus 2:8.  Sound speech will not only exhibit to the world
a sound faith of sound doctrine, but also will:  (1) prevent
condemnation from others, (2) shame your opponents, and
(3) leave them without evil to speak of you.
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