Even as Emerson defines genuine scholarship
and the American Scholar with disdain for the
number of degrees and pieces of paper as a
false proof that many flaunt in our faces today in
order to snow and impress, so American
Studies must be defined more in terms of the
“History of American Thought” (from history or
literature}, updated all the way to the New
generations of the New World; and in the words
of Spurgeon “let none be such a wiseacre as to
think they have nothing to learn from the past”,
American studies returning to  the classical
trends, like an anchor for scholarship, of men
like Commager in “The American Mind”,
Persons in “American Minds”, Parrington in
“Main Currents of American Thought”, Gabriel in
"The Course of American Democratic Thought"
and Merle Curti in "The Growth of American

NOTE:  “Main Doctrines of the American
Democratic Faith” should be the standard for
Christians as it points out effectively the
difference between The American Democratic
Faith which as citizens we all love and respect,
and Christian Faith which must have the priority.

Bare min as these men and their books did for
American scholarship and American Scholars,
so American Studies must include American
religion, literature, economics, history, political
science, pure science and math with computers,
and sociology. Those today who desire to make
real scholastic contributions to American society
should consider ways to relief the economic
pressures on most Americans created by the
disparity between the 10% wealthy and the rest,
and strive to deal with the greed and wealth that
grows and creates all this disparity and pressure!
Amazingly Jeremiah and Prophesy dealt with
the similar problems, and you can read about it
and Prophesy, NDT for short.  The prosperous
and Gospel of Prosperity preachers of today
would justify and spread their philosophy like a
virus, especially in churches and denominations
{this keeps the world and worldly happy even as
the false Prophets of Jeremiah's days only
preached “peace” and “prosperity”}...

...they promote greed and more greed in terms
of competition as the American way, as “it is
just business”, as blessings from God, and they
even have the gall to quote prosperity often
from Jeremiah, which is both out of context and
a lie.  Daily needs, not wants and greed is a
promised blessing from God with obedience.
American Studies and
The American Scholar

"To be an American is of itself
almost a moral condition, an
education, and a career."  
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