Proclaim the Faith "Once for all Delivered
to the Saints"

Revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ
thru the Bible
The Prophet Messiah
The Prophet Messiah and the Holy Spirit.
Contend for the Faith "Once for all
Delivered to the Saints"

What Sort?
Based on a "That Sort" Outline
of II Timothy
or download a free
PDF copy of
II Timothy Outline.
Focal points, from the Bible, for emphasis on the Refreshing
Evangelism of the 2013 Holiday season and the New Year of
An Awakening in 2014, Why Not!
1. God the Father.
2.  Christ, Son of
3.  The Spirit of God.
Holy Spirit
Power to Witness
4.  Bible, Word of
5.  Salvation.
6.  Faith.
7.  Gospel.
8.  Assembly.
9.  Hope.
10.  Day of the LORD
and Lord.
Bible Study Series that
you can continue to enjoy
and profit from in 2014.
And they are all free in the
original Bible sense of the
word free as in "Freely we
have received, freely we

NOTE:  The emphasis and
focus on new Bible study
series for 2014 will be on
"A Condensed Doctrinal
History of Christianity"
with also teachings and
predictions from the
Prophet Messiah, the
Lord Jesus Christ.

1.  Jeremiah and Prophesy.

Times of Refreshing from
the Presence of the Lord.

3.  Life and Letters of Paul.

4.  Prophets.

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These five volumes, free for
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and gracefully take you through
the Bible in 3 years, or less!
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What is your major Bible interest?
More than the importance of Bible
study to please God and profit in
righteousness, is Bible study
according to the self-interpretative
rules of the Bible, often called
hermeneutics.  Many fundamentalists
are not bad people necessarily, only
practitioners of bad hermeneutics.  
Please do not waste your time in Bible
study without comprehending the
self-interpretative rules of the Bible.
The Bible as the Word of God is
divine in origin, absolute in authority,
sufficient in message, dynamically
alive, high in fidelity, and
self-interpretative.  Getting away from
the hunt and peek Bible with cut and
paste, and the dividing up the Bible as
if God, the great rock and foundation,
is a variable.  God does not change,
and He does not change His
character or self revelations during
time periods in the Bible.  To get
yourself a start on how the Bible with
the help of the Holy Spirit is self
interpretative, you can start with the
ASPI version of the Bible as declared
by the Apostle Peter in II Peter
1:20,21.  Also check on
another way to describe the rules the
Bible Itself lays down for
understanding; and the
ALL Scripture
approach and method.
It will also help you to overcome hunt
and peek and cut and paste
hermeneutics if you will get the major
flow of the Bible as in
Top 12 Topics
of the Bible!
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Looking for the SIGNS in the news that
are already in the Bible, NEWS SIGNS on
TV, online, and what we see revealed in
our own environments--

NEWS NOW SIGNS.  Headline News
from this last month.

SIGNS FROM THE BIBLE to look for.  
Some Bible and News signs already
presented during the past 7 years of
SunGrist_Bible on

churches and the lives of Christians,
signs of the Falling Away.

"Let no one deceive you by an means, for
that Day will not come unless the falling
away comes first, and the man of sin is
revealed, the son of perdition...."  (II
Thessalonians 2:3)

MAN OF SIN SIGNS.  Possible signs in
the news of the "man of sin, the son of

will come suddenly as Israel is attacked
by those who seek its destruction, the
famous battle of Armagaddeon, and which
will trigger the intervention of God and

Mystery of the Rising Tide of Sin and